Make Hairpin Table Legs - square charcoal briquettes

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
Make Hairpin Table Legs  -  square charcoal briquettes
Hairpin table legs are very popular now and very easy to make.Here we will show you how to do it in just a few steps.We also sell them on www.Steel legs.These legs are very simple and the most valuable thing we offer here is how to make each one the same.In our case, we took about 18 photos, so we cut 4 36 photos of 3/8Rolling steel bars.There are several ways to bend your legs.The easiest way to produce the most reliable and repeatable results is to use a rod bending machine.As of this article, they were about $80 before any discount and had to be bolted to the floor for use.However, there are other ways to accomplish this task.If you have the torch, you can heat the rod manually and bend it.This may or may not produce the same result every time.There are other ways to heat the rod.If you 've ever seen Weed burners, they get hot enough to bend steel rods of 3/8.The same is true for charcoal coal balls, so you can take a break at the barbecue.If you heat the rod to bend it, there are two things each time that can help bend the same rod.1.Heat the same area of each rod to the same temperature (do your best ).2.Bend the rod like a tube placed in the vise.Some people are strong enough to bend them to a radius with a hammer.Each leg must be the same, and the way to measure it is to lay a measuring grid on a flat surface.Draw a center line and put the hairpin in.Mark the position of the end of the rod and measure the length from the bend.If it is not uniform, it is likely that it will, trim the long end to match the short end.Before doing so, it is better to bend all four legs as you will want to trim them to the length of the shortest edge.Use some angle iron to make assembly fixtures.One thing to make sure is to build the fixture in a way that the corner brace can slide in and along the sides firmly in contact.It helps to keep the corner of the fixture open.Then install a vertical angle to let the hairpin lean against it when welding.Make sure this is square to where the corner brace is located.Put the corner brace into the fixture and clamp it.Place the hairpin on the corner stand against the upright horn.The end of the nail welding hairpin.Check again if the hairpin is still in the position you want and finish the welding.Repeat this with the rest of the legs.CAUTION!Most of the corner brace we found is galvanized, and zinc welding produces more toxic gases than ordinary welding smoke, so be extra careful in well ventilated areas.This is not to say don't do this because all welding smoke is toxic so be extra careful.After that, just paint them in the color of your choice and then fix them on the desktop.This video explains better.These legs can now be purchased on www.Steel legs.
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