make the ultimate ham on your grill - grill with side burner

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make the ultimate ham on your grill  -  grill with side burner
The world of ham is confusing, it's understatement, but it's worth it to deal with things because a little bit of knowledge will make your ham dinner better.
Ham from the top of the hind legs of the pig, from the knees to the hips, including the hip muscles of large pieces of meat, they can be divided into three categories: fresh ham, dry-cured ham and wet-cured ham.
Alas, when you buy ham, it is usually labeled with other labels such as boiled ham, canned ham, Iberian ham, picnic ham, Smithfield ham, smoked ham. Spiral cut ham, Virginia ham, etc.
If your head starts to turn, my article Zen of Ham explains almost all the different types of ham, which is worth reading if you want to be a hamster master.
By far, the most popular ham in the United StatesS. are wet-
Marinated ham, ham that is then pre-treated by soaking in salt water or injecting salt watercooked.
Salt water usually has salt, sugar and spices, everything is good, and smoking is usually included in cooking.
This is a method developed long before the cold storage invention to preserve large pieces of meat like pig rum.
On the right is the salt water ham from Vie Restaurant, the Michelin star winner of IL Xiquan, one of my
Time faves is also one of the few restaurants to make their own bacon, ham, sausage and other pastries from scratch.
Alas, a lot of business wet
Pickled ham is made quickly by simply injecting salt water and a lot of preservatives. Wet-
The marinated ham is pink-purple in color, usually baked with sweet glaze, and is often placed on a lathe, and the blade can screw cut them when turning.
This makes it very simple to carve them at the Easter table.
They are usually packed in plastic wrap, and if it says "cooked" on the package, you can eat it cold directly from the bag.
However, pickled ham is best heated with sweet glaze to offset the salty taste of the salt water injected into it.
Since the wet pickled ham is precooked, in theory, you only need to keep warm throughout the process, avoid high temperatures and avoid cooking for too long to dry.
Standard cooking techniques on packaging and all cooking books say heat at 325 degrees F until it reaches 140 degrees F.
But this is the recipe for dry meat.
If you're a little bit careful, you can really put 11 on the grill (
Although the same method works well indoors). Here's how.
The wettest problem
Cured Ham is when you cook them according to the instructions on the package, they are dry and the smell of smoke is barely noticeable.
So we're going to make our cooking lower and slower to keep moisture, add a little bit of fresh smoke, wrap it up with foil and moisturize further, make a thin sauce on the glaze sizzsizz, penetrate into the meat and replenish the water.
You can use the glaze wrapped in ham, but I throw it away and use the recipe by Chris Lili, executive chef at Decatur's Big Bob Gibson restaurant, AL, the BBQ Book by Big Bob Gibson: the author of the recipe and Secret of the legendary barbecue shop.
It is a sweet and delicious mix with apricot sauce, honey, brown sugar, mustard, Worcester County, soy sauce and herbs and spices.
Below is a link to the recipe.
Remember to save the bones and make the pea soup, there will be leftovers if you play well, which means the sandwiches are served with South Carolina mustard sauce, fritatta, Hoppin John beans, Egg Benedict Hawaiian pizza ham salad. . Makes.
8 preparation times
10 minutes Cooking time
If you wrap it in tin paper, 10 to 12 minutes per pound, 225 degrees F.
Grilled asparagus and roasted sweet potato steak and French fries.
The sweet rosé is traditional and has a good reason.
A hint of sweetness is balanced with glaze and salty taste.
My favorite is rieslings from Finger Lake, Pacific Northwest, or 1 to 2% sweetness range from Germany and camperte, Austria.
Material 8 pound Bone
1 cup chicken broth method 1 for spicy apricot glaze by Chris Lilly)
You can do this well in advance.
Make a glass of spicy apricot glaze from Chris.
Put the chicken soup in the pan and stir 4 tablespoons of glaze with medium fire until dissolved.
Put the rest of the glaze and sauce in the fridge. 2)
Prepare a grill for 2-
Cook in the area and preheat indirectly to about 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
If the skin is not removed, remove it, trim off almost all the fat, leaving only a thin layer of fat.
If it's pre-packaged glaze, throw it away.
If there is already glaze on the meat, rinse it off.
The glaze of Chriss is better.
If it's spiral
Slice and get some water into the slice area to help reduce moisture loss. 3)
Place the meat on the indirect side of the grill, as described in my article on the best setting of the charcoal grill, add one or two pieces of wood for smoking, the best setting for the gas grill, the best setting for bullet smokers and the best setting to offset smokers.
You don't need too much smoke because the meat has been smoked once.
Cover and smoke for about 1 hour. 4)
If you have double strength, it would be better to tear off the aluminum foil of about 5.
Fold it in half to make it about 1/2 long '.
Take the ham off the grill, place the flat cut end on the foil, make sure you don't puncture the foil, pour 1/2 of the water on the meat, seal the meat and water on the foil, make it look like a huge candy kiss.
Press the seam tight.
We don't want steam leaks and leaks.
This technique helps it cook faster by generating a little steam, which penetrates faster than dry heat and keeps the meat moist.
Put the package back on the indirect side of about 225 degrees F.
If you ask for leave
In the meat thermometer, now insert it into the fat end by foil, so that the tip is about 1 "from the bone ".
Observe the oven temperature and try to keep it around 225 degrees F. 5)
When the meat temperature reaches about 130 degrees F, open the foil, draw on the glaze, open the foil to capture the water droplets, close the grill and bake for about 10 minutes until the glaze becomes thicker.
When the glaze is solidified, take out the sauce and place it on the hot side or indoor heating of the grill or side burner. 6)
After about 10 minutes, open the grill, dip the grill brush into the glaze pool on the foil, and paint the meat again.
Add more glaze if you want.
Now remove the tin paper and pour any drop into the sauce pan.
Open the lid, remove the thermometer and move the ham to the hot side.
Stand there and watch so that the glaze will not burn.
Don't even walk away with beer.
Let the glaze hiss, but don't turn black.
You just want to caramel the sugar and add flavor.
After about 3 or 4 minutes, roll a little and keep rolling until all sides hissing except the bare meat side. Leave it bare.
The temperature should have risen to 140 degrees Fahrenheit so far.
If you want, go and have a look, but trust me, it's there. 7)
Try the sauce.
More glaze can be added if you want it to be sweeter, but no more sugar is needed.
Pour the sauce into the gravy boat and move the ham onto the bare board.
Carve it by cutting from the side to the bone in the center of the top.
Then slice down the bone to release the slice.
Serve, put a little sauce on the meat.
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