making kuih kapit the traditional way - charcoal pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
making kuih kapit the traditional way  -  charcoal pit
Georgetown: in an apartment in Gat Lebuh Noordin, the aroma is pungent and the crisp kuih kapit is filled in the air as the family bake the Spring Festival food.
The 63-year-old housewife Toh chiooi GNH says she has been baking love letters since she inherited recipes from her mother 20 years ago.
"This year, after receiving the order, we started baking from last November.
"We can produce about 30 cans a day, about 50 pieces per can," she said yesterday . ".
Her neighbor, Geh, saw the 72-year-old Eng help fold the delicious food and put it in a can.
Toh said she is still practicing traditional methods using metal molds and charcoal pits.
"I will prepare the egg and coconut milk batter before the Charcoal Pit fires.
"Before we put the metal mold on it, the charcoal must burn first.
"It's a formula that takes years of practice to master," she said when she flipped a row of clipper molds over the fire.
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