Marketplace: Outdoor gas fire pits - patio fire pit with grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
Marketplace: Outdoor gas fire pits  -  patio fire pit with grill
It's over, and every time you want to get together with family and friends to relax around the fire pit, you have to make sure you have enough fire wood.
Here are some gas and propane fire pits and tables that create beautiful flames with just a little switch, adding a lot of charm to your yard.
Enjoy this contemporary glow-
Monaco-style fire pit table with terrace comfort store, 881 Richmond Road.
It is made of solid cast aluminum and finished in a rich dark rum.
Its 127 cm-inch-wide rectangular table top is perfect for providing comfortable outdoor dining, and the output of the 60,000 BTU will ensure that everyone stays warm.
Propane or natural gas can be used.
Buy one for $2,286.
If you already have a rustic theme in your backyard, this wooden rectangular one
The shape of the gas fire fighting table will fit.
Decorative lava can allow more air to flow, thus enhancing the flame.
It has dimensions of 122 cm long, 67 cm wide and 46 cm high.
It sent out 50,000 BTU.
Find it at the Canadian Tire Store, 2010 Ogilive Road. for $699. 99.
This fire pit table showcases bronze, copper and gold reflective shades that add some warmth to your outdoor space.
Anti-rust capability-
The coated metal finish will keep it fresh in the coming years.
When propane gas is used, it produces up to 65,000 BTUs and 80,000 BTUs if natural gas is used.
The diameter of the table is about 52 cm and 96 cm.
The Palason Games billiards and decor at unit 19, 2000 Thurston Drive costs $2,911.
Add a bit of atmosphere to your next dinner.
When your guests gather around this propane terrace flame table, they will enjoy relaxing.
Made of durable aluminum, this means it can withstand these elements.
It has a simple start-up ignition that just flick the switch and you can relax in a few seconds.
It offers 50,000 BTUs, a table size of 122 cm square feet, providing plenty of space for plates and utensils.
Find one at the fireplace center and Terrace store at 1722 Carling Avenue or 1452 West Ville Road. for $1,299.
This stylish propane fire table from the Rona Home & Garden Store, 585 West Hunter club Road adds comfort and style to your backyard.
It offers 50,000 BTUs heat and is perfect for those cool summer nights.
The enclosed protective cover will make it look new.
About 46 cm metres from the ground. Cost is $339.
Gather your friends for a relaxing night in the warm fire.
This propane fire table is made of warm, plain stones and will definitely be the focus of your backyard.
The 86 cm round table top is made of durable granite and therefore can withstand any overflow.
With a heat output of 50,000 BTU, there is no need to enter the room when the cold strikes.
The Home Depot store on line 1900 is priced at $598.
With its pulse ignition, there is no need to wait when the firewood is collected and eventually on fire.
The cottage exterior decoration adds a rustic look to the table top, while also providing plenty of room for plate setup and drinks.
This Courtland fire table will be your ideal accommodation option for a night in the backyard with family and friends.
The heat output of the table is 50,000 BTUs, the size is 46 cm high and the width is 96 cm.
Find it for $589.
99 on this rectangular propane fire pit in Lao store, 5577 Hazeldean Road, Kanata, the real man-made stone adds personality and texture.
Only you know it's not a real stone.
It is about 50 cm high and about 127 cm long.
Enjoy the Four Seasons as this charming pit exudes a 65,000 BTU roast heat. Cost is $599.
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