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by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-25
Matt Preston snags himself a hit | Adelaide Now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0A0871E9-1636-49F4-9041-2E36E2BB5333 b  -  grill with side burner
There are things we take for granted: Season, electricity, mother, fresh sausage.
Yes, few things are as accommodating as humble obstacles, but not much appreciated in this country labeled "mystery bag.
Oh, what a pity Australia!
This hurdle will help you raise money for local kindergartens in sausage sizzle without making a fuss about it, or cheap enough to feed kids.
It will be happy to spill the internal organs so you can sprinkle it on a pizza or throw its meat stuffing into the tomato sauce to make pasta like a lazy meatball.
However, behind this humble appearance lies a nobility, a nobility, which was inherent in the original flesh and enhanced by the decoration that steak would never have.
Sausage is decorated with spices, like a budding Princess wearing the best jewelry of the family.
So, with this in mind, I arranged a charming and dignified food team member to study the perfect way to make sausages.
"There is a secret Sausage Association talking online about how they fry, grill, bake, dig (really), grill and casserole.
We're talking about bath temperature, fat. to-
She later told me: "The proportion of meat and the core temperature have different degrees of obsessive-compulsive disorder . ".
"I'm pretty sure there's no female voice in the discussion.
It feels a bit like an invasion of "secret man's business ".
It must be a man's business, because I believe no woman on earth will spend 45 minutes watching sausages slowly fry under low heat.
"So, guys, let's evaluate four different cooking methods.
Your sausage is more common than you think.
There are two schools of thought here.
One way is to gently dig the sausage away with a small amount of water and then bake it in a pan or on a barbecue.
To do this, put the sausage in a pot of about half a centimeter of water and bring it to a boil.
Before the water is completely boiling, cook the sausages evenly and then let them continue to cook in the pan to make the skin yellow.
This is a sausage that does a good job but has no fat
Reduce the benefits of this poaching method.
The second method of digging sausages is to immerse the sausage in a cold water bath with medium fire.
Just raise the internal temperature of the sausage to 65 degrees and put it there. 6C.
Then scorched in a hot pot and Brown outside.
The danger here is that if you want to get a good color on the obstacle, you will have the possibility to overcook the sausage in the pan.
But I'm not a fan.
Mainly here to avoid quick cooking or too-
Hot pot, which can lead to grilled sausage with raw center, or worse, the sausage explodes when the moisture in the barrier turns to steam and breaks the skin.
The secret of frying is to cook the sausage slowly as low as mid-fire until it's just cooked, while getting a nice brown on the outside.
It may take 45 minutes.
Grilled sausages are often considered the easiest way to cook, especially when there are a large number of sausages that need to be cooked.
It's also the most dynamic.
An effective way to do so.
The danger here is that grilled sausages can dry them, but put them in a baking tray with some chopped vegetables and canned tomatoes to make one --
Pot meal is a good solution.
For me, barbecue has the greatest affinity with obstacles.
There are many heating areas for the barbecue, great for uniform cooking obstacles regardless of size.
Also, any fat that gets out of the barrier doesn't flow to your waist.
Note, however, that fat causes flash
Ups that can burn your obstacles.
The skinny on the cooking barrier during the barbecue is first to remove the sausage from the refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking.
This makes the internal temperature rise and leads to more even cookingthrough snags.
It also reduces cooking time.
Next, adjust the external burner on the barbecue to high, and the internal burner to low to create a hot and cool side.
Now separate the sausage from their link and oil them a little.
Start cooking obstacles on hot burners to seal them.
Leave them there until they become a good medium
Brown but stay away from random flames and flashesups.
At this point, move the thick barrier between the low burner (and the close burner next to it) so that they can continue cooking without burning.
The thin sausage can be moved directly to the low burner to complete the cooking.
In order to reduce the cooking time of the thicker sausage, you can try poaching in the pan for four to five minutes first and then bake on the grill.
But don't limit yourself to water, why not try red wine, beer, stock, and even flavored o soup as a poached liquid to add extra flavor.
After all the research, there is still a prominent problem in cooking.
All sites are talking about using a calibrated meat thermometer or termo-
The probe determines when the sausage reaches the expected internal temperature of 65.
But they also agreed that the skin of the cooked sausage should not be pierced under any circumstances.
This is a real obstacle! --
My favorite is the clams in the hole.
The secret here, like Yorkshire pudding, when added to the "hole" batter, the hot fat in the baking tray will boil.
First Set the oven to bubble 242c, then pop up a standard 35 cm by 25 cm cheap baking tray in the oven with 2 tablespoons sunflower oil.
Add fresh rosemary.
When the oil is hot, remove the rosemary and carefully place it in 8 fat sausages.
Brown on one side for about 3 minutes.
Put them in the pan with pliers and turn them.
When the sn fish is fried into a lovely golden yellow, make a batter.
Sift 115 grams of plain flour, 1 teaspoon of mustard powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt together.
Add 2 eggs and 300 ml milk to stir until you have a smooth batter.
This is where things get interesting.
So it's dangerous to use oven gloves.
Carefully remove the baking tray from the oven and pour the batter around the sausage.
Please note that the batter will bubble and the fat in the pan may spit.
Bake back in the oven for about 25 minutes or until it expands into gold.
Delicious onion gravy is a traditional side dish for Toad clams.
Also, take the time to clean and refuel-
Edible oil-
Mechanical kits such as tin openers.
When we were nesting, it was time to think about making jam and queensjelly, so it was time to sneak into the storage room and the fridge and get all the old half
I have eaten jam and hot and sour sauce.
Plus those weird sauces that friends send you because "kumquat kasundi sounds fun ".
This will reduce the pressure on storage space to make your refrigerator or pantry look cleaner and give up a bunch of jars that can be cleaned, disinfected and filled with new yumminess.
Powder POWEROLD grandma Matt used to love sharing her kitchen wisdom on a glass of Russian RV and an extra gentle embassy.
Her favorite sentence is "old baking powder is the enemy of a good cake ".
You see, like a husband, it loses its effectiveness when the baking powder is aging.
It loses the ability to provide the bubble gas lift needed for baking.
This is an area of strength where husbands seem to grow rather than decrease.
To see if your baking powder still has what it needs, put a teaspoon in hot water-
Use it if it hisses.
If not, buy more.
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