mayan food, a respectful modernization - wood burning fire pit with grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
mayan food, a respectful modernization  -  wood burning fire pit with grill
488 Calle 27 A | Merida, 999 944 3377, Mexico.
Calais 39, baradolide, Mexico52 985 104 1605.
Recently, after visiting friends in Naples, Florida, we came to Merida and Valladolid in Mexico, where there are many refrigerated Canadians.
There are several food experiences here.
Both cities have deep roots in the dominant Mayan culture, so in the food-rich kuying restaurant --
The traditional concept and modernism of Yucatecan.
In a colonial mansion, the building is an iconic monument to sculpture, depicting the story of Mexico, a beautiful building, however, the restaurant was cut into no one with institutional decoration.
Chef Pedro Evia blends his style and substance into the food. His multi-
The course tasting menu changes every few months, and one of the rooms in the house is the lab where the chef plays the crazy scientist. A walk-
By revealing the honey bee swarm and some macarons made of honey and nitrogenbased freeze-
Dryer, and a huge piece of natural gum they planned.
You can choose to order or taste the menu.
The latter is $119 Cdn and 16-
Sure, but you can't leave. it feels like a bag of potatoes.
On the night of our visit, burgers were being prepared in the open kitchen.
I think, right?
Ah, on the ground floor, an underground activity is under way.
"Special burger," said one of the chefs . "
This means an explanation is acceptable.
We chose the tasting menu because it was more sophisticated.
The first dish is five different dishes.
Spain, South Korea, France, Lebanon and Maya are shown in a newspaper cut
Bamboo stem-
They can't say they have very strong opening shots.
Falafel is not so exciting for a foreigner.
But things improved quickly.
I like "pib"
Boiled vegetables with mini pumpkin (
Seeds in good condition)
Sweet potato and yogurt.
Pib is usually cooked in an outdoor pit, so pib uses an apostrophe.
Custom Kitchenmade wood-
A large green egg rack/smoker/oven stand inside. Pib-
There is a carved wooden hand in a gourd cup. (
For delicate bowls like porcelain, gourd varieties are often used. )
For the course of fish, amberjack brought a black reccado (like a mole)
The crisp decoration of black Lacey and the spots of avocado mousse;
Another amberjack dish topped with black garlic "caviar --
The second time I poured the avocado spicy soup.
Then perform a taste cleaning to transition to the meat portion of the dinner.
A black persimmon lime and honey pudding is served on a ceramic Persimmon plate with black persimmons, herbal tea and lemon grass, a refreshing bottle of Mayan cola soda.
A perfect tamal cube wrapped in a piece of clay, like a gift in a banana leaf --like cooker.
The server opens the package and is coated with pork liver sauce.
I prefer the next course, a perfect cochinita (pork)
Bill taco of a pig
The skin in the crack is decorated. So yummy!
Nice dessert.
One looks like a butterfly landed.
Under the wings, all kinds of things are happening --
White cucumber (cocktail), worm salt (yep)
Pumpkin, coconut, edam cheese, lemon, orange.
A small cup of nine-fold GE and honey mixture is simply a sky-high price.
There's also a dessert that's art.
Plaintain flan with "banana foam", white chocolate chips and yogurt ice cream.
So far, I have reached the stage of a bag of potatoes, so I rejected the MiG Nadi you chose from a box with many rooms.
The meal is imaginative and labor intensive, but most importantly, the chef will pay attention to the taste.
It's a huge expense for Merida, but I think the art of cooking is worth it.
In order to get a more affordable experience in Merida, La Chaya Maya has become a very good choice with delicious and affordable food, good service and vivid experience.
There are two locations.
On a few hours away from Valladolid, we enjoyed taking a taxi to leave the Ix Cat Ik in the central area.
Country Style outdoor seating area-
Two women sat in front of a cottage. griddle)
Heated by wood fire, skillfully make tortillas.
I watched a grilled egg man slide between the two tortillas and send them to the kitchen for ixymk chili and chaya ingredients.
Nice to know: there is a red open fire pit
From the heat of the day's bill-
Cooking, as I almost did, a pit can easily walk in.
I didn't see it until the owner pointed it out.
Vancouver Coast health inspectors have a heart attack.
Traditional Mayan herbs and vegetables (
Like Chaya, archport and marcoolan)
Plant dishes and delicious cocktails in and around this restaurant.
The owner's father brought his experience as a farmer to the task.
I ate a meal of lima a de lima (
Delicate and clean taste)
And tortillas full of eggs.
My husband said that bill, his beautiful pork skin, is by far the best.
We ate a lot. .
Metate for kitchen (
Flat stone grinder)
Mashed, ground, and fragrant.
The owner explained his food and vision to every guest at the hospital.
I like this place.
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