Mission Declutter: How to clean up your messy kitchen in 5 easy steps - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-05
Mission Declutter: How to clean up your messy kitchen in 5 easy steps  -  how to clean cast iron
This is how you can start the new year with a clean and organized space.
When my cabinet seams burst and I quickly couldn't control where I was, I decided to put all the work aside and plunge in one head to solve the problem.
In the chores that make me feel scared, it is most important to organize the wardrobe and kitchen cabinet.
I tend to postpone the housework before I can no longer postpone it.
But now is the inevitable time. after about four hours of hard work, I am quite satisfied with the success I have achieved.
Here are my tips on how to handle the messy kitchen.
If you start now, you can start the new year with a clean and organized space.
Choose a free slot when you will not be disturbed by your child, pet or doorbell.
Pour yourself a glass of wine.
This is optional, of course.
Conduct a round inspection of the cabinets you plan to disassemble.
A wise start.
For example, if you have 3 sets of cabinets in your kitchen, one at a time.
Nothing is more terrible than your entire kitchen storage on the floor, giving you a sense of the end of the world.
Then you may just want to give up the mission organization and check yourself out at the nearest hotel!
Indian cooking is different from American or European cooking, it has no minimalism.
36 kinds of whole spices, 23 kinds of masala powder (15 more in the refrigerator), 11 kinds of pickles, 7 kinds of lentils, 4 kinds of rice (at least 5 kinds of breakfast cereals for regular, basmati, various kinds of flour.
Come to the south Indian kitchen and more.
There are 5 more pickles.
To be honest, what are we thinking!
This Mahabharata-there is not much room for bottles, jars or kitchenlike star cast.
Make weekly menus (also make monthly menus if you are organized) and run out of stock of pulses and other dry groceries.
If you have a problem with repeating dishes, you can always Google the "chana dal recipe" and you can make a new chana dal recipe in your next life.
Some of my blog friends have made some good suggestions.
Aparna at Says Her mantra is to control the kitchen pantry.
"In any case, use up things with a shorter expiration date first.
Food is never eaten on rainy days!
Cupcakes and Vasunthara at the Curry Shop shared, "put a list in your cabinet, list all the groceries and their quantity, and keep track of them when you use them.
In this way, you will not repeat the order and use up the item systematically.
Shreya Ravi Kumar said, "anything that needs to be used up immediately is placed on your kitchen counter or where you can see it.
In this way, you will be reminded to use it "before it goes bad ".
Reader Lakshmi Raman did something similar, but she took the bottles to the front row of the shelf or refrigerator to make sure they were used in the first place.
I just found a special Thai sauce imported in 2009.
A little smaller than my son.
The bottle survived two moves and still sits beautifully on my kitchen rack.
The positive thing is that it still smells good.
No fungus. nothing.
Ah, horror!
We love cooking and don't feel guilty about storing chili sauce from Peru or rice paper in bulk from Thailand.
Also, when we find stock in a local supermarket, we go to all the "Kal ho na ho" and store a dozen cans.
Come to my kitchen, baby!
Give up all these impulse purchases that you haven't used for more than 6 months.
Or as suggested by my blog reader, Krishna nasvami.
Make a quick meal or a hearty meal and invite all your friends and neighbors to run out of everything you have in reserve.
Discard everything that has expired even if it looks or smells good.
This will make a lot of space on your shelf. It did for me.
Also, if you have a slight tendency to hoard like me, you will stick to some expensive gourmet ingredients for special occasions before the kingdom arrives.
These things lose their potency and freshness and will eventually become a relic on your kitchen shelf.
Use or lose them.
This is actually a statement of the self, more important than anything else.
Too many plastic boxes are the bane of our lives.
If you have hope and hope that you can find some use for them at some point in the future, forget it.
You don't need this garbage in your life.
Recycle, give it away and don't let them block your precious kitchen real estate. 4-
It is good to use high quality containers made of glass or plastic to store the rest of the food, other than that, it is more like preparing the famine by storing leftovers in the refrigerator.
I bought a dozen Mason jars more than 10 years ago and I wish I had bought more.
I store spices and lentils in these jars and they have been around me for so long.
Imagine how much plastic is saved by entering the landfill.
Use good quality glass on plastic.
My mother and aunts store all of their and other various ingredients in recycled Hornet honeycomb bottles, neatly arranged on open shelves, and for the past 30 years these bottles have looked
With online stores attracting us, attractive newsletters and occasional blowout sales, our kitchen is growing rapidly with beautiful appliances --
Idli steamer, waffle machine, sandwich machine, juicer, Air Fryer, regular coffee machine, gourmet coffee machine, countertop grill and more.
This is a bad idea unless you have a large kitchen and a designated electrical "officer.
Anything we buy because it's a bad idea to sell.
If you haven't used an appliance in a year, it might be a good idea to sell it online or donate it to an orphanage or nursing home with a kitchen.
The extra waffle machine or the sandwich machine will provide a lot of food for those who deserve it.
Do all of the above, say hello to the beautifully organized kitchen and enjoy the extra shelf space!
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