my fiery barbecuing adventure - the best charcoal grill to buy

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
my fiery barbecuing adventure  -  the best charcoal grill to buy
I had a large, almost unused terrace on the third floor, sheltered by a majestic maple tree.
My squirrel friends are bouncing around the deck every day, basking in the sun, and they may get more action than I do from the deck.
As another incredibly hot summer approaches, it's obviously time to buy a barbecue.
The first decision was natural gas.
Charcoal, underwear.
Boxer for barbecue
It turned out to be charcoal.
But there's a third option: cheap.
Craigslist always gets a lot of loot from failed marriages and reduced families.
But after careful thought, an innate sense of cheapness took me to the chef's charcoal grill.
$75 Canadian tyres)
A slightly better imitation of Weber 22.
Barbecue, a bit like a flip-over Brazier on stilts.
The first recipe I wanted to try was something I did many times in a low heat oven.
Cochinita, which is usually used to fill the tortillas, is a light-colored pig shoulder that is baked slowly until the meat is loose.
I am eager to taste the depth of flavor added by carefully applied smoke.
But the large bag of charcoal I bought did not have an indication that it was accurate to 300F.
Some experiments are normal.
With the help of chimney starters (
A metal cylinder that combines charcoal in a tightly ventilated space to speed up the heating time)
I fired the first batch.
Too much.
The load of burning coal quickly lifts the cooking area to a flashing explosion equivalent to the YPF oven.
OK, the barbecue has not established an instant rapport with me. Fine.
Plan B is to keep heating small batches and shoveling coal like the 19 thcentury coolie.
This will be tricky as cochinita usually takes at least three hours in the oven.
It started well.
It takes about 10 minutes in the chimney to reach the white heat.
My pig shoulder was wrapped in tin paper to keep it fat and citrus marinade so it was easy to move on the grill.
When the coal is whiteto-
Red, I put the meat a few inches away, and then the meat gets closer and closer as the heat goes down.
About half an hour later, I opened a new shipment.
As the sun sets, the chef and I continue to work this way.
About 3 hours, just as the collagen in the pig's shoulder began to break down into melted delicacies, I began to form a real rhythm with the maintenance of the residual temperature, manipulating the pork around the grill, and feel the right moment to freshen the charcoal.
At about the same time, I felt a little dull about a stable group of salty dogs (
Grapefruit juice with salt and vodka)
I looked passively at drones in western Italy.
It was about this time that my barbecue broke down.
The sun went down.
I poured a batch of fresh glowing nuggets on one side of the shelf.
With the crackling carbon of crack and the soundtrack of moro Morricone harmonica, the smoke of the rendering pig and the forest is mixed in the heat wave.
I put the grill on the handle next to it in order to move it to a few inches in the light.
The four legs swayed below.
Now I squat on the deck with a big bowl of fire.
I can't put it down because the legs will twist and the grill will flip over the sides and pour out White
Heat coal in the space of the deck board.
The image of my house swallowed up by Flames had a slight paralyzing effect on me, a few days ago when I "supervised" a friend who assembled a barbecue for me.
"Ivan, are you worried that the screws on the legs will not be flush with the base?
"It will be a good time to have a wife, a child, a very smart dog or Batman to save me.
But it's up to me to be a hero.
Keep the grip on the side handle and raise the grill a few inches, I gently shake it back and forth so the legs swing a bit.
Carefully, I put the two legs in the space between the decks, the other two legs, the legs on the wheels, slipped about 6 inch and started an unstable, squeaky break
The leg was kicked, and the pot was already drunk at 45-
Degree angle, the content is threatening to slide to one side.
I grabbed two wicker tables with my bare hands and held them on both sides of the barbecue. The set-
In Bernie's balance, up has an unlikely weekend.
The pig shoulder was rescued and the coal cooled overnight.
When Henry Fonda kicked the crutches of his former master, I separated the meat, fat and bones.
He sneered: "Who knows how far you have gone with two legs . "
I didn't burn my bridge with the chef so soon.
In the morning, I did it with a screwdriver and Krazy Glue.
After tightening, he was as good as the new one.
In my opinion, we are partners and we must support each other.
Until next spring, I threw him away for a younger, sexier barbecue.
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