natural gas grills How to Make a Water Manometer

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-11
If you have a faint flame on your propane grill, but the tank is full and the valve is running all the time, your next step is to track the mysterious gas under pressure.The water pressure gauge is a handy gadget that can be used, among other things, to test the pressure of propane and gas appliances.You can buy one, but it is simple to make one, cheap, just need some simple tools.
Drill two small holes with plastic or wooden feet.Make a hole near the top and a hole near the bottom so it doesn't interfere with the visibility of the inch scale.Place a 6-by-24-1/2 inchLongitudinal inch plywood on a solid working surface.
Align the edge of the ruler with the right side of the plywood and the top of the ruler with the top of the board.Make sure that the internal scale on the ruler reads from 0 at the low end to 12 at the top.Fix the ruler on plywood with two small screws.
Place one end of 6-The foot length of the vinyl pipe comes with the ruler, even at the top of the pipe.Use two 1/2-connect the pipe to the plywoodInch tube clamps and screws.Screw one clip at the top of the tubing and twist another in the middle of the plywood.
Make sure the clip does not interfere with the ruler.Connect the tubing with two other clips near the bottom of the board, one on each side, so that the tubing forms an AmericanMake sure the bottom of U stays on plywood.Run the pipe to half of the other side of the board and connect it with a pipe clamp.
The rest of the pipe is allowed to hang freely.Place the plate upright and lean it against a solid surface.Mix two glasses of water with three drops of edible pigment in one measuring cup.
Pour colored water into the pipe until the water level reaches the 0 mark on the ruler.Connect the loose end of the tubing to lowCheck the pressure appliance or power supply line of the pressure.Each 1/2-The inch increment on the ruler is equal to 1 inch water column pressure, or 1 WC.
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