natural gas grills The BTUs of Natural Gas Vs. Propane

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-11
Both natural gas and propane are clean energy options.Each can be used for home heating and fuel supply, including a fireplace, stove, an indoor stove, and an outdoor barbecue grill.Natural gas is the mother of propane because propane is extracted from natural gas during refining.
In order to decide whether it is beneficial to use one or the other, you need to use the standard measurement of heating-BTU to calculate the heating requirements in your home.BTU (British unit of heat) is the standard measurement of heat.It takes 55 BTUs an hour to heat up 1 cubic foot of space.
To calculate cubic feet, you can multiply the length by the height of the room.For example, a 10 feet wide, 20 feet long, has 8-foot-The high ceiling will have a cubic foot measurement of 1,600 cubic feet.Therefore, 29 rooms are needed.Increase the temperature by 1 degree per hour.
Assuming the temperature of the room is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the desired temperature of the room is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.You will subtract the actual temperature from the desired temperature to determine how many degrees it will take to increase the temperature, in which case the temperature is 8 degrees F.It will cost 232.8 BTUs per hour, a total of 5,587.2 BTUs over 24 hourshour period.Propane is sold in gallons, which can also be converted into cubic feet and then into BTUs.
One cubic foot of propane contains 2,516 BTUs.Example using 1,600-cubic-Walking Room, a little more than 2.2 BTUs heat the room every day to keep the room temperature at 68 F.
The BTU equivalent of natural gas is 1,027 BTU per cubic foot.To compare the number of BTUs required for natural gas heating, let's use the same 1,600-cubic-It's another walk.By dividing by 5,5872 -Total number of BTUs required to heat the room for 24 hours-by 1,027 -Quantity of BTUs per cubic foot of natural gas-It takes about 5 minutes.
4 barrels of natural gas heating room per day.For a 1,600-cubic-150% BTUs gas is also required for the heated room.However, while it may take more gas than propane to heat the room, the next thing to consider is whether that means the cost will be higher.
Gas prices vary in each city.
The cost of propane gas is also different.Now that you know how to measure BTUs, you can check and compare the local prices of natural gas and propane in your area to determine which price is the best option for you
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