natural wood charcoal briquettes Competition Quality Ribs in Your Back Yard

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-02
natural wood charcoal briquettes Competition Quality Ribs in Your Back Yard
Prepare a barbecue...Almost everyone has a Webb Kettle Charcoal Grill in their backyard.You can take some good ribs on these things.Here's how to set it up so you can "offset smoking" instead of a barbecue.
..I just started it by doing two piles of charcoal coal balls across the grill (away from the center.Make sure that the vent at the bottom of the Grill is open and will not be blocked by Ashes.Then I spray my lighter liquid on the coal ball and light them up.
Start soaking your wood chips at least an hour before you need them.Before I start smoking, I make sure the charcoal is white so that all the lighter liquids are burnt and don't give your meat a lighter liquid flavor.It doesn't matter if you want to start your charcoal with a charcoal chimney --Some people hate to use lighter liquids.
When the grill is ready, pour your "white" charcoal out of the chimney opposite the grill.If you want, you can put a disposable aluminum pan between your charcoal stacks and fill it with about an inch of warm water or beer.Prepare your ribs...You can buy ribs, or you can buy the so-called tenderloin (also known as St.
Louis cut ).
If you buy big ribs, cut the cow bris off the ribs of the joint.Then trim the meat off the skirt.Don't throw this away.You can cook it separately or you can eat it.You also want to pull the membrane down from the back of the rib.
You can put your favorite dry friction on either side of the ribs at this time, if you wish.I prefer the more natural flavor of smoked and bacon, with a little barbecue sauce, so I won't apply any rubbing or any other seasoning before smoking.Let's start smoking...When you are ready to start smoking, put your grate on the grill so that the hole near your handle will be on your charcoal stack.
This way, you can add charcoal as needed to keep the heat.For this purpose, some newer models have hinge grilles.Now all you do is put your meat in the middle of the grate.
Away from the charcoal pile.
When I smoke, I use a rib rack at the top of the grate.Weber made a nice rib rack that you can buy at any of the good shops that sell Weber grills.Put your trim anywhere not directly on the coal.
Throw some soaked mesquite potato chips directly on the charcoal and cover them (don't overdo mesquite potato chips --I love the strong smell of smoke so it's a bit far away ).Feel free to use the soaked pecans, oak, apples or any other piece of wood "flavor" that suits your taste buds ".I personally like mesquite because I feel like it's the only smoke flavor that won't be covered up by your sauce.
The taste is not very strong if it is right, but you can still taste the delicious smell of smoke.Open the vent on the lid all the way and insert the thermometer through one of the vents.This is important!I used a candy/fried thermometer with clip and long handle.
It is important to get as close as possible to the temperature of the meat.Smoke your ribs in 230-240 deg F.If the temperature is too high (about 300 degrees) for the first 30 minutes, don't worry too much.If the temperature is over 300 degrees, then open the lid a little and let some heat escape.
When the temperature is too low, just open the lid and put in some new coal balls and/or soaked wood chips.In terms of heat, try to stay "ahead" because it's easier to cool a hot smoker than to get it back to temperature if your fire goes out.Cook the ribs for 3 hours.Do not open the lid unless absolutely necessaryRemember, "You can't cook if you're watching ".
When you add charcoal, you can also spray the ribs with apple juice to keep the ribs moist.After 3 hours, remove the ribs, wrap tightly with tin paper, and then return to the grill for an hour.Ready to Light...After spending an hour on the foil, take your rib out of the foil and put it back on the grill.
When the meat is removed from the bone, you will know that your ribs are readyThis is a clear sign that your ribs are doing.Maybe pull a bone gently and see if it's "loose ".Also...If you pick up one end of a plate with a pair of pliers and your plate is bent 90 degrees down, then this is another sign that your ribs are completing.
After removing from the foil, apply your favorite BBQ sauce and glaze the ribs for an hour.If you like, you can make sweet glaze with honey cut BBQ sauce.Apply the glaze to both sides, flip after 15 minutes, and re-apply the glaze every 15 minutes.
After an hour of light, rest your ribs for at least 15 minutes and slice between each bone.You are now ready to dip your teeth into the best ribs you have ever tasted!Mouth-watering, tender, good to fall from the bones!
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