natural wood charcoal briquettes How to Make Fuel Briquettes – Charcoal Dust – Carbonization and Pyrolysis of Biomass

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natural wood charcoal briquettes How to Make Fuel Briquettes – Charcoal Dust – Carbonization and Pyrolysis of Biomass
Fuel prices are very high today.The benefit of these high fuel prices is that you can now save money by making fuel coal balls for your own home cooking, and in addition, you can also save money by going to your neighborsSince most of the raw materials used are almost free, making fuel coal balls can be a sustainable business.Your customers will be happy to buy cheap and clean fuel from you and your neighbors will be happy that you help them keep the environment clean.Molding fuel is a block consisting of compressed coal dust, charcoal dust, sawdust, wood chips or biomass used as fuel in stoves and boilers.
The anthracite ball is made of carbide or pyrotechnics.Coal balls made of non-carbonated materials are a bit smoky.Thermal crackingCarbon is to convert organic matter into carbon without oxygen, as in the production of a block of charcoal.
Thermal cracking is defined as thermal cracking.In the absence of oxygen, start at 200 °c, especially above 450 °c.Carbon is actually an extreme pyrolysis that uses carbon as a residue.
Biomass as a renewable energy source is defined as biological material from living or recently living organisms.In many countries, people grow crops and raise animals.Waste from crops and animals is a biomass material that can be used to make fuel coal balls.
Agricultural waste such as grain shells, coffee shells, Coconut Skins, jute bars, sugar cane (sugar cane waste), peanut shells, sawdust, mustard poles, cotton poles, corn/corn, when producing fuel coal balls, wheat Peel, cattle scrap, grass, leaves and cassava can be used.In the case of not carbonizing biomass, coal balls can be made from biomass.(Fermentation) one to two weeks.Then, dry the material before crushing it into small pieces.
The fragments are then mixed in the water into a paste, and then the mixture is pressed in the press machine (press machine.Before introducing the mixture into the press machine (press machine), the fuel coal ball is also made of a mixture of charcoal dust and adhesive.You don't need to carbonize the charcoal dust as the block of charcoal from which the dust comes has been carbonized.
In each bag of hard pieces of charcoal, a charcoal fine is created when the charcoal is damaged.The average number of these charcoal powders ranges from 10% to 20% of all the lump charcoal produced.In many countries, all of these fines are wasted because they are too small to be used for charcoal stoves.
These charcoal powders already contain a large amount of charcoal powder, which can be further crushed to produce fine powder.These charcoal fines are available almost free of charge from charcoal suppliers.Carbon Biomass can become messy and dirty, as smoke can be emitted during the burning of materials and charcoal dust.
This is what you want to do.
you must be mentally prepared.
In this case, you need to wear protective work clothes that are usually worn on regular clothes, dust shields and gloves.1.You need to get yourself 190-Rise the metal drum as shown on the right side of the photo.Once you have the drum, make a wide opening on the top of the drum to load the dry biomass material.
Make a metal plate for the opening of the drum as the cover.At the bottom of the drum, hit a few holes with a large nail that should be evenly distributed.2.Let the drum stand on three or four stone heads so that when the drum gets hot, the drum should be easily removed.
The dry biomass material is loaded into the drum through the opening at the top.Under the drum, through the four stones on the drum, the fire is ignited with some paper or very dry leaves.3.The fire will soon enter the biomass inside the drum.
The air (oxygen) will pass through the hole at the bottom of the drum to support the combustion of biomass within the drum.Biomass produces a lot of black smoke.Let it burn for about 10 to 15 minutes and soon the smoke will get cleaner and cleaner.4.After 10 -After 15 minutes, the smoke will become less and cleaner.
This is the time to close the top opening of the drum and the bottom hole of the drum.Remove Three-There are four stones under the drum, so that the drum stops on the ground.Cover the side of the drum with soil to contact the ground.
At the same time, cover the top opening with a metal cover and seal it using some soil.Leave the drum in this way and let the burning biomass burn (break down) without air ).After about 4 hours, but according to the material of the biomass, the burning biomass will cool down and let you open it.
In the end, you open your drum and you have the biomass that is carbonized.You need to crush it into dust before making a charcoal coal ball.You might want to use a charcoal pulverizer.
Use it if you have it.
But believe me, the easiest way to crush charcoal and sound rough is to put it in a bag and hit it with a heavy metal stick until it turns dust.At this point, the position of farm jack can be good.Use it if you have it.When it comes to farm jacks, it has a lot of use in making charcoal coal balls, as we will be in another article on how to make coal balls, wooden balls, fuel coal balls, and press blocksIn conclusion, we can say that the carbon and pyrolysis of biomass can produce enough charcoal dust that only needs to be mixed with the adhesive and then run in the press and then dry in the sun, make a charcoal coal ball.
In the future, charcoal pellets may replace pieces of charcoal made from trees and firewood.Charcoal and firewood are natural and it is wrong to try to compare charcoal and coal balls.The idea is for people to stop using charcoal and switch to agricultural waste coal balls.
By training people, especially in developing countries, how to turn their agricultural waste into charcoal coal balls;We will take another step towards reducing deforestation, which has become very common in many countries.The advantage of forming agricultural waste into fuel is that if constructed under the supervision of a carbon credit advisor, it can earn additional revenue from carbon credit.The carbon credit market is expected to become the most profitable market in the future.
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