nature glo lump charcoal grill The Secrets to Achieving That True Smoky Barbecue Flavor

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-10
Have you ever been to the spareribs or backyard BBQ to find out how they get this beautiful smoky flavor in their food?Well, it's not as difficult as it seems.I will share with you some tips and tricks that will (with a little practice) make you a real "BBQ shop owner ".It all started with the choice of fuel.While gas (propane and natural gas) is very fast and convenient, in essence, it can't bring you what mos t is lookingSmoke afterThis is not the best fuel option for our goal today.Charcoal fire is the most traditional and popular way to barbecue.Charcoal is made of hard wood, which is the key to getting the right flavor.There is also a choice of bouquets or pieces of (natural) charcoal.I usually fire in a charcoal chimney with a bouquet and then add a piece of charcoal when needed.The reason for this is that a block of charcoal will ignite the cleaner and will not emit pungent smoke and possibly bad smell.Wood charcoal is also hotter and shorter than a bouquet.Oh, by the way, don't light your fire with lighter liquid.It tends to provide diesel for food --like\' flavor.Always make a fire in a charcoal chimney.This is a more efficient and eco-friendly way.The heat is rising in a straight line, making charcoal burn more evenly and quickly.Some people don't have anything but Wood in their grills and smokers.Many kinds of hard wood can be used separately and the effect is amazing.I will tell you the different types of wood in a minute.But American barbecue enthusiasts use a combination of charcoal and hardwood floors.Combine these two fuels and you get the best of both.Charcoal ensures continuous burning for a longer period of time, while hardwood floors add to the smoky flavor.Now let's talk about the hardwood floors.There are also many varieties to choose from.I will introduce the most popular suggestions for use, but don't be limited to them.Try to try with others.ALDER Alder is a very delicate wood with a hint of sweetness.The poultry, fish, pork and some wild birds are delicious.Apple is my favorite dish to eat with pecans when making ribs.It tastes slightly sweet.Good for poultry too.Cherry is another fruit and a gentle hard wood.The pork and some beef are also delicious.Hickory is the most commonly used hardwood floor for barbecue at present.The taste of ham, pork and beef is very sweet and strong.The steak is a good choice.Maple is a mellow smoked wood with a hint of sweetness.This is the wood for you if you like cheese.Pork, poultry and wild birds are also delicious.The MESQUITE Mesquite wood is burning with a strong earthy flavor.It is very popular in the South, especially in Texas.The beef, fish, chicken and some wild birds are delicious.The smoke of oak is very strong.The red oak is very good on the ribs, and the White Oak is a wood that burns for a longer period of time.Use oak on red meat, pork and fish.Pecans are a good choice for smoking.It has a subtle sweet and gentle taste.Pecans go well with poultry, beef and pork.Cheese is also very effective.Some of the other smoky trees are: almonds, ash, birch, vines, mulberry, pears and sweet fruit trees such as apricots, plums, peaches and peaches.These are suitable for smoking, so do some experiments.Here are some woods that are not suitable for barbecue and smoking, which may even be toxic.Far Away: pine, fir, spruce, Redwood, cedar and cypress.In addition, the wood that is not used is also elm, eucalyptus, sass and sycamore trees.I believe that if you follow these guidelines, with a little practice, you will achieve the wonderful smoky flavor that we all strive to pursue.Good luck, good food.
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