navy replacing urinals with unisex toilets - replacement stainless steel grill grates

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-24
navy replacing urinals with unisex toilets  -  replacement stainless steel grill grates
For the Navy, this is a way to make warships smell more fragrant and more comfortable for today's increasingly diverse crew.
For critics, this is a social project and a sad proof of the Navy's tradition of moving forward to wooden boats.
The Navy has issued an order using "gender-
"Neutral" toilet which is called "stainless steel sanitary space system.
"In a few years, 3,000" heads "or bathrooms will be transformed into a new modular design that is easier to clean, with an estimated cost of $187,000 per person, cheaper maintenance, and more suitable for the female crew.
A bathroom can accommodate several brigadiers.
"Our goal is to make all the sanitary spaces
"Neutral to facilitate changes in crew composition," said a naval memo distributed in the fleet this week.
The news caused panic in some areas. Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett (R-Md. )
He said he intends to open an investigation because he is concerned that such a shift is an example of the Clinton administration's goal of pursuing a goal that could compromise military preparedness.
House Armed Forces sub-committee member batlitt, who said he did not reach a final conclusion on the policy, but "the government will certainly advance the social engineering experiment militarily and give [them]
Higher priority than core functions.
"The government opened most of the combat ships to women in 1995, and the number of them in the fleet is increasing.
However, the change of culture on board is still a sensitive topic.
Navy officials insist that caring for about 13% of women in service is only a goal of the new policy, which The Washington Times first disclosed.
From an engineering point of view, the urinal is actually
The Navy says the board's disaster.
Due to the design of low water flow, the small urinal on board produces more odor than the standard toilet.
They have a bigger "over"
The officials said the spray "corrupts the problems of the floors and walls, their pipes are easily blocked by mineral buildings, and when these problems occur, it is difficult and expensive to replace the pipes.
The replacement equipment was built by a San Diego company called corrosion engineering services, made of stainless steel, in a modular design, without cracks or seams that are difficult to clean.
The Navy says the maintenance personnel can come in and quickly flush the bathroom space with a hose and finish cleaning the traditional head in about half the time.
David Karski, spokesman for the Navy's Maritime Systems Command, said he did not object to the conversion proposed by male sailors, and 11,000 women assigned to the ship did not have any pressure to change the arrangement.
"What we hear from the fleet is more like, 'Can you give this to us earlier? '? ' " he said.
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