New propane standards aim to make grilling safer - gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
New propane standards aim to make grilling safer  -  gas grill
Washington (CNN) Consumer Security Editor-Consumer activists say new industry standards designed to prevent a gas grill from catching fire or exploding should make cooking safer."Since the new rules will prevent excessive use, families can use their gas grills more safely"Ann Brown, chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Committee, said on Tuesday the filling of propane gas tanks.About 600 gas grills fire or explode each year, injuring at least 30 people."CPSC pushes these safety standards to help prevent casualties," Brown said .".The current standard requires the new propane gas tank to be "excessive""Anti-filling device" on the tank ".Compared to the old five claw type, the new tank will now have three "leaf" or claw type valve handles.Consumers of old models should use them in exchange for newer tanks.In 1995, different safety standards were adopted in the industry, including gas grills, hoses and connections.These measures include limiting the flow of gas and closing if the hose breaksIf the grill is overheated, turn off the switch; if the hose and grill are not properly connected, turn off the device for the airflow.Since summer is the peak of the gas barbecue season, CPSC reminds consumers of the following safety precautions :-Check the grill hose for cracks, holes or leaks and fix any damaged parts.-Keep the gas hose away from the hot surface or dripping grease.-Keep the propane tank upright.-Do not store spare propane containers or other flammable liquids near the grill.-Never put a filled propane container in the trunk of the car.
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