new rules on propane seek safer bbq grills - propane gas grill with grill cover

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
new rules on propane seek safer bbq grills  -  propane gas grill with grill cover
The government said on Thursday it may be safer for outdoor chefs this spring as new rules are designed to prevent gas barbecues from exploding.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission says about 600 fires and explosions involving gas grills each year have injured about 30 people.
However, the agency said that since April 1, changes to the national fire regulations require propane gas tanks sold to consumers for "over-filled prevention" devices for grills.
When the tank is 80% full, these devices help prevent gas leakage by preventing gas from flowing to the tank.
The National Fire Protection Association announced the fire code.
And adopted by most local governments and institutions.
The agency said it also requested that old tanks be brought in to replace them with tanks equipped with these devices.
"As people change to new ones with old propane tanks, we will see fewer fires," said Thomas Moore, acting chairman of the agency . ".
Propane Cylinders manufactured after.
According to the fire Association, 1998 already has safety devices.
The improved propane tank has a valve handle with three spires, while the handle on the old tank is round or star-shaped
There are five sharp shapes.
The government says while some dealers trade old tanks for free, other dealers may charge up to $20.
The safety board also provides these tips to prevent gas grill accidents: * check whether the grill hose is broken, brittle, perforated and leaking.
* Always keep the propane gas container upright.
* Do not store spare gas containers under or near the grill, indoors or in hot cars.
* Move the gas hose from the hot surface and drip hot grease as much as possible.
* Make sure that a flame is generated when the spark ignition works, otherwise the leaking gas may explode.
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