new wave butchers, part 3 and recipe - charcoal barbecue london

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new wave butchers, part 3 and recipe  -  charcoal barbecue london
VANCOUVER —It’s like born-again butchery.
Sebastian Cortes is part of the rebirth of the butcher's shop.
He runs Sebastian.
In Dundarave Village, West Vancouver, it took nearly three years for people to understand why his meat is more expensive than that of a local supermarket.
Cortez said: "The trend of slaughter is returning, but it is slow, and he is one of the few butchers who have custom cut meat.
He is very famous for his beef.
An incredible 40 days.
Small meat shops are generally aged 21 to 24 days.
"Most of the tenderization processes occur within the first 10 to 14 days, and enzymes break down the tenderization process to about 21 days," he said . ".
"After that, the richness of flavor became the main goal of air drying. ”Dry-
Aging also means losing weight, which means less kilograms to sell and therefore more costly.
"When dry every day, the weight will be reduced by about half. aging.
More than 21 days, 21-per-
Than nonaged.
"After that, the loss of moisture will slow down," he said . ".
"Modern processing plants break down the bodies and send them to the grocery store in a day. Meat is vacuum-
Sealed and issued after broken or wet
Aging in vacuum
Sealed bag to maintain weight.
The meat is tender, but the taste is not increased.
"Cortes is inspired by artisan butchers in Europe and South America.
After immigrating from Chile in 1999, Cortes worked as a chef at The Jamie Kennedy bar in Toronto and Jamie Kennedy Gardner.
Then he decided to learn to slaughter and work with an old farm on an organic farm
Old fashioned butcher's shop
"My store was very quiet from the beginning," he said . ".
"Nothing happened. Now I’m busy.
People support sustainable development and are willing to try new things.
They came back and asked me for a cheaper recipe.
Cortes bought grass. fed, grain-
In a 70-mile House, quality organic beef from Blue Goose ranch.
At first, he broke both sides of the beef himself.
"Do the work of both parties for a whole day
900 pounds each].
"I did it myself for two or three months.
I will start at 6 in the evening. m.
Work until 3 in the morningm.
In my business Kitchen.
Then, when I was running the store, I hired some people to do it.
"Now, he buys meat in smaller areas.
"Every time I pick up the beef delivered to North Vancouver, I shake hands with the ranchers.
I was told what the animal was eating because it depends on the animal's personality.
"Some people decided to eat more grass than grain," he said . ".
Some of the cuts he shared with clients came from his home country, Chile.
"We grew up in different positions.
Here, consumer demand is the highest.
End up in New York, Sharon, or maybe flank steak.
I introduced vacio, an interesting cut from the top of the flank.
It usually falls to the ground.
"The cool thing about my store is that I introduced the customers to the cuts in Argentina and Chile that you couldn't find.
They usually end up with ground beef here.
In Chile, everything is cooked at a low temperature of a charcoal barbecue, tender as a barbecue.
He also sells skirts, flat irons and rack steaks, as well as cattle bris and chuck.
"Hanger steak is at the end of the ribs and at the beginning of the waist," he said . ".
"This is the muscle that supports the diaphragm. there is only one animal in each animal.
It will be very popular, but people are not used to the taste and texture of it.
Usually, the harder meat will have more flavor.
Collagen and gri mean more flavor.
Interestingly, two of his staff are cooking in the restaurant and they want to learn how to customize the cut meat before going back to cooking.
Zach Campbell moved here from Prince Edward Island, where he served as a chef.
"Vancouver is a culinary mecca and I have always been interested in the slaughter, but I have no chance to learn.
This is not an ordinary thing.
Sebastian is a real butcher.
He does everything by hand. school.
Campbell plans to open his own restaurant one day, make his own meat shop, make meat shop (
Hans, pancettas, prosciuttos)
This is what he learned from Cortes.
"Slaughter is definitely a topic of interest to chefs.
Everyone wants to learn these skills for their restaurant, but there is no place to learn the right technology.
If I tell you what I learned from Sebastian, I will spend the afternoon.
Cortez said that as a sign of how good his product is, a customer has just bought 10 rooms to bring back to Singapore.
Cortes said: "I don't even know if this is legal, but I do know if it has been checked --
It will be cold in the luggage.
This is one of Cortes's favorite recipes: Sebastian & Co.
The cut of Miami BBQ pork ribs is the same as the cut of Maui pork ribs, but the marinade in this recipe has Cuban flavor.
At Sebastian.
As the barbecue season approached, customers poured in.
1 pound short ribs, cut-
Inch stripe ps3 tbsp finely chopped garlic11/2 tbsp grated cumin1 tbsp grated Anko chili powder 11/2 cup orange juicing 2 teaspoon honey 2 tbsp pepper soak the meat in the ingredients for the night.
When preparing for the barbecue, place the barbecue on a high level, and bake short ribs to crisp, about 2 minutes each side.
2 copies.
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