new york vs. miami: the $50 million penthouse battle from zaha hadid - barbecue grill outdoor

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
new york vs. miami: the $50 million penthouse battle from zaha hadid  -  barbecue grill outdoor
The Anglo-
Iraqi star Zaha Hadid has designed only two residential buildings in the United States. S.
One in New York (
Chelsea gallery area, 520 West 28 Street)
In Miami (
Close to Pam, thousand people Museum overlooking Biscayne Bay).
Neither has been completed yet, and it happens that the price of a penthouse in the area is $50 million.
Two trophies for the Pritzker Award-
Two price tags that are almost the same? (
The price of Miami penthouse is only $49 million, and the price of New York penthouse is even $50 million. )
It's actually begging for a head. to-Head contrast.
They all went to the usual floor. to-
Ceiling windows, big room cleaning, library, and that unspeakable space. Agey Zaha touch.
Definitely in Miami you will get more in return, it's no secret anymore
According to Douglas Elliman, the average price per square foot on the coastal continent was only $234 in 2015;
In Manhattan in the same period, the average is eye-popping.
However, the convenience facilities and personalized design of the two money made the other party a lot of money.
No further trouble, we give you the Hadid North.
Hadid South: $50 million.
Miami: 15,200 square feet New York: 6,853 square feet New York: 1,270 square feet New York: 2,552 square feet although the view can use some work.
Miami: $2, 993New York: $5,316 winner: dessmiami: TheMiami skyline, Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean from nearly 60 stories of New York Airlines: The skyline of New York and many
High end park frequented: MiamiMiami: 6 bedrooms, 6 full baths, 2 half baths New York 5 bedrooms, 6 full baths, 1 half bath: Miami58th and 59th)New York: 3 (
9 to 11)
Winner: Miami, New York: Yes, there are three in the apartment-
The main elevator serving the building, the apartment's own elevator from the 58 th floor to the 59 th floor, and another private elevator to the helipad.
New York: That's right. a bit like a draw?
Yes, the building has its own helicopter yard.
This is New York, so no, there's no heliport here.
However, the rooftop terrace has its own outdoor kitchen, refrigerator, sink and barbecue grill.
Winner: Miami, if you are.
Miami: YesNew York: No, but there is a spa in the building champion: MiamiMiami: YesNew York: YesWinner: the person who created the word "media room. ”Miami: No. New York: Yes.
Winner: Miami, New York: The building is definitely her design.
Not so many apartments.
Look at the windows, the terraces, the kitchen . . . . . .
Winner: Miami, New York: The building will be completed on 2017 and the penthouse will be completed on 2018 (
Due to the buyer's expected level of customization)
New York: The winner in early 2017: New York, and a lucky billionaire.
The indoor pool almost contributed to the deal.
Still, in the near future, there will be much more water than it wants, so. . .
We want people who buy it to play tricks on the ipad.
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