North Central Community Calendar - replacement stainless steel grill grates

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North Central Community Calendar  -  replacement stainless steel grill grates
Hold a regular meeting at 7: 00 in the eveningm.
The second Wednesday at 6904 West Street.
Castle HillCall: 342-4261.
At 300 Bushnell, a th'ai yoga course 10-11 a. m.
Tuesday to March 20 ($45 ).
Qigong 7-8 p. m.
Thursday through March 22.
"Dream care" provided by Withis 7-9 p. m.
Monday to March 26 (except March 12; cost -$35).
Cross-Cultural book Learning Group 10-11:30 a. m.
Wednesday this month ($35 ). Contact:or 732-9927. 6904 West Street
6: 15, the host "last sentence: Words of Hope", a series of lectures by Lentenm.
Wednesday to April 4. Call: 342-4261.
As of April 17, services are provided or less at three convenient Goodwill locations through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at 13311 San Pedro Avenue.
Interstate 10 12332 West, 3401 Fredericksburg Road.
Phone number: 924-8581 or visit .
At 21518 Blanco Road, various performances and dance classes and workshops are held.
A spring break camp was held on Sunday. March 16. Contact: 481-2400 or .
Presided over the free public demonstration of Chefof theinm.
At 3310 today.
New Brown falls Avenue
Admission is free and open to the public. Visit: .
Every day 6:30 held meeting. m.
On the second Tuesday at 12412 Judson Road (community meeting room) in Live Oak.
Contacts: or Imelda, 590-4634, or , 499-4929.
On Friday, 1100 W, the annual battle for rock for 32 sessions was shownBitters Road.
The association also held a 5 k entertainment event in Donovan at 8 in the morning. m.
It's Saturday at blackkenridge Park. Visit: . non-
On March 22, the champagne and sand rock event brought benefits to the profit, the elderly living community and charity organizations. Contact: 829-
7561, extension 150 OR.
10 a hotels outdoor marketm. -3 p. m.
Sunday in traditional American shopping centerS.
281 and Loop 1604. Contact:or 451-0603.
, 19239 Stone Oak Avenue, owner: free wine tasting at noon on Saturday;
Special tasting at 7: 00m.
Every TuesdayVisit: . is available 5-8 p. m.
Wednesday in yard 5300 McCullough Avenue. in Olmos Park.
Find a lovely cupcake boutique there, all at the deli, Irene's candles and intersections, dirty dogs, Boxcar Creamery, Wheeler food, Bistro six and roll
Admission is free and open to the public.
19141 Stone Oak Avenue will donate 15% of sales every Wednesday and Thursday of March 29.
Colonnade on 9,802nd Avenue.
Various nutrition and sports courses and seminars for mothersto-
In this month. Contact: 694-4692 or .
Benefits of annual bottle opener treatment 6-9 p. m.
Today at Interstate 10 west, 15447. Contact:or 829-7267.
16550 Huebner Road, honorary director-
Time synagogue leader Shari andat its annual gala and honors at 7 pmm. March 18. Tickets: $36-$250. Contact: 479-0307 or .
At the dinner and awards ceremony, Honor 6-for the winners of the architectural environmental history Protection Award and other special protectionism Awards-10 p. m.
In the Pearl Stable in March 28.
Pre-booking and payment are required before March 16. Contact: 224-
6163 or save @ saconservation. org.
You are encouraged to drop new or lightly used children's books in any place by March 31.
Donations will benefit local non-profit organizations.
Give it to the van. Through 4 p. m.
On March 31, visit the Lucy Hotel located at 2,250,000 Oaks, 200 suites Oster.
And drop the following items for SAHS: Dog and cat toys, cat/puppy milk replacement, canned food, crate (various sizes), stainless steel, water/food bowl, cleaning supplies, blankets/towels, dog cat snacks, cat furniture or clean pillows. —9 a. m. -1 p. m.
555 W on Saturday. Bitters Road.
Breakfast starts at 8 in the morning at Madexalli cultural cafe. m.
Dog Park and live music are included. Call: 494-3226. , 2009 N. W.
Military Highway, opening reception 5-8 p. m.
New works will be exhibited by local sculptors on Friday. Contact:or 348-0088.
"The" happened in 5-7 p. m. today at .
, 555 Funston Place, home flashlight night in the garden 6-8:30 p. m. Friday.
Bring your flashlight and enjoy everything the garden offers at night. Contact: 829-5100 or .
Starting from the opening reception 11 a, present their works of art in "transformation and regeneration"m. -1 p. m.
On Sunday, at the settlement church of 8900 Starcrest.
The exhibition is open to the public at 8: 30. m. -12:30 p. m.
Make an appointment on Sunday and April.
The percentage of sales will be reached. Call: 655-2731.
930 Hosts Road, Suite 202, owner "be careful!
"By Saturday, the second city-wide art competition and art exhibition will be held for high school students.
Bismarck also held an opening reception. 10 p. m.
March 15 exhibition of new works by international artists. Contact: 314-7747 or . , 18130 U. S.
281 North, mixed exhibition-
Media works produced by the seventh sessionand eighth-
Students majoring in art will be in March 31.
1015 Navarro, host artistand and filmmakerin premiered the trailer for their ongoing work, the mysterious Lites, live shows and more 6-9 p. m. Wednesday.
Admission is free and open to the public. ,Ave.
Host these events: "The second Friday of SAMA happy hour 5: 30"7:30 p. m.
Friday (free admission to the museum );
Meditation in Japanese gallery11 a. m.
This Saturday (free admission to the Museum );
Sketch at SAMA's Gallery8 p. m. Tuesday (free). Contact: 978-8100 or . , 255 E.
Basse Road, between 5 and 8. m.
Dine or dine out and place the receipt in the live drop of the San Antonio pet-box.
EZ's will donate a 20% receipt to SAPA.
Will be at 1923 Encino Rio 3-6 p. m. today; and 10 a. m. -2 p. m. Tuesday at ARC-
13430 West Street SA, 800 W.
Ashby, host the final performance of the drama "premium donuts" 8 pm.
Friday, Saturday and 2: 30. m. Sunday. Contact:or 733-7258.
Debut of Mozart's comic masterpiece "Cosi fan tutte", but held an original stage in San Antonio a few days before the battle of Alamo.
The screening time is 7: 30. m.
Friday, Saturday and 2m.
Sunday to March 18Tickets: $45-$50. Call: 233-8682. held 6-10 p. m.
Every two Friday, the Tobin Mountain Art Alliance gives residents and visitors near Tobin Mountain a chance to explore different families, businesses and galleries between the United StatesS.
281 and downtown.
Free Studio, artist reception, dim sum and music will be provided for this event.
This featured site includes the Josephine Gallery, the high silk art gallery, the villa, the fashion house, the blank studio garden, the San Antonio College Visual Art Gallery and the SAC Library. Contact: 785-0743 or .
The annual scholarship luncheon and fashion show "Dream of Spring" was held at 10: 30 ". m.
Located at Oak Hill Country Club, 5403 Fredericksburg Road.
Special event items will be provided along with silent auctions and door prizes.
The lolloe Memorial Scholarship Fund provides three or four scholarships for outstanding students majoring in music. Cost: $45.
Welcome to the public. Call: 858-4721. offers low-
Cost of vaccinating dogs and cats at these times and locations: Saturday-9-11 a. m. at H-E-
Interstate 12777 No. 10 West; 12:30-2:30 p. m.
Pet Supplies Plus at 15034 San Pedro Avenue. , Suite A; Sunday —9-11 a. m. at H-E-
9900 Wurzbach Road; 12:30-2:30 p. m. at H-E-B, 1150 N. Loop 1604 West; Wednesday —6-8 p. m. at H-E-
14087 O'Connor Road.
VVA also offers heart worm screening and prevention, Flea and worm drugs, and cat leukemia and AIDS testing. Visit: .
618 N. DeVry University held a military appreciation tribute to the public and a replica of the Vietnam Memorial WallW.
Suite 410, Loop 202.
The unveiling ceremony began at 11: 00. m. ;
11 a wall can be seen. m. -3 p. m.
Soldiers in active service are required to come in uniform.
Contact number: 524-Le Gonzales
5400 or lgonzales @ De Rui. edu.
Hold a healthy body/healthy family fair open to the public for freem. -2 p. m.
Oppenheimer education and training center is located at 1300 San Pedro Avenue.
The fair includes a seminar on blood glucose testing, blood pressure testing, body mass index, healthy diet and dietary supplements, supplementary plans and medical insurance information, as well as family Improvement and Gardening meetings. , 2800 U. S.
281 North, 9 a in spring. m. -1 p. m.
Free family
Friendly gardening activities give visitors the opportunity to learn about local landscape themes, buy unique plants and herbs, and hear from local gardening and landscape experts.
There will also be pet adoption opportunities.
Free drought for the first 1,500 guests
Plants, and supply last. Visit: .
10: 30 host a public free project on "revitalizing the lawn"m. -12:30 p. m.
Schulz nursery at 3700 Broadway
At dusk this year, the first film was shown in the garden at the dorar club community garden at 7750 Culebra Road.
The alliance will screen "dirt!
A documentary about soil.
Admission is free and open to the public. Bring a chair.
Snacks will be served.
To register or for details, visit. At 7 in the evening. m. -1 a. m.
At HemisFair Park.
Luminaria is an annual art and artist celebration in San Antonio.
Free family
Friendly activities include exhibitions and displays of visual arts, live music, dance performances, food, children's activities, etc. Visit: . , 1420 S. Alamo St.
(Blue Star Art Center) 9: 30m.
"Small run to the Tower on Saturday.
This is a free family.
Friendly walk through some popular attractions-
Visit your destination from South city to the Tower of America and enjoy free coffee and juice.
The San Antonio natural Hound and the tail worked together at the event.
All dogs with ropes are welcome. .
Perform "raisins in the Sun" at 6: 00 in the evening"m.
339 W theater in Josephine. Josephine St.
Cash rewards and refreshments. Contact: 734-4646 or 533-0577.
Show sneakers Palooza roll 3 from 5-11 p. m.
Shriner Auditorium, San Antonio, 901Loop 1604 West.
This is a street.
Showcase cultural events for future artists in San Antonio (musicians, art, graffiti artists, local fashion designers and sneakers enthusiasts.
Tickets: $40sale; $60 gate. Contact: 880-4591 or .
Introducing the project "duegna de las fronteras/women without borders" to help start the 25 th anniversary of the Esperanza Centre for Peace and Justice at 6: 00m.
Laurie Hall, Trinity College.
Downes is also on tour to promote her new album. Tickets: $12-$27. Call: 228-0201.
The congregation of San Antonio invites interested people to attend the 2 p Information Conferencem.
Comfort Suites Airport North, conference room 14202 San Pedro Avenue.
Contact: thenalcsatx @ att. net or 505-3144.
Learn more about that music or a visit to the Lutheran Church.
Kaplan Jackson Road 11441, a partner of Kaplan exam preparation company, offers free SAT practice exams for high school studentsm.
Admission is free, but registration is required. Call: 696-6396.
Hosted by chef Johnny Hernandez of La Gloria, return to Pearl winery, 200 E. Grayson St. , from 11 a. m. -4 p. m.
Guests will be invited to enjoy paella prepared by top chefs from all over the country and Latin America.
Benefits to the American Culinary Association
Education Foundation for the Western-born Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio and San Antonio.
Tickets: $50sale;
$25 for 12 year oldsunder. Visit: .
Fundraising Activity 1-3 p. m.
In a friendly place, 943Alamo St. The pet-
The activities include live music, pet games, catering, raffles, gifts, pet photos, etc.
Each participating pet will receive a donation of $5 or a bag of pet food will be entered for free.
The proceeds benefit the summer Jurney of Texas pet friends and El Rey Fido 2012 sports fund.
Documentary screening of the Alzheimer's program caregivers 2-3:30 p. m.
Located at Stone Oak Inn Franklin Park, 21802 franklinino Commons.
After the speech, a group discussion will be held focusing on simple communication technology.
Admission is free and open to the public. Call: 884-4955.
The Easter Bunny will greet visitors with friendly waves, hugs and even 10 a treats. m. -8 p. m. Mondays-At 10 on Thursday. m. -9 p. m.
Friday, Saturday and noon6 p. m.
Sunday, March 14-
7400 San Pedro Avenue, April 8.
Please come and take a photo;
The commemorative photo package starts at $20.
Children aged 12 and under receive free surprises.
Located on Interstate 10 west, 10110, it has a live music collection of Toyota canvind.
Live country music and American music every Wednesday10 p. m.
The performer Ryan Beaver began performing.
Tickets are free, but you can donate food or money to the San Antonio Food Bank.
The 6 th tail wind kite festival and dog show are held every year. m. -3 p. m.
At McAlester Park (Dog Park near Starcrest entrance ).
Free admission for families-
Friendly activities include dog parade, pet adoption, kite flying demonstration, children's kite --
Production workshops, music and food.
Bring blankets and lawn chairs. Contact: 827-2180 or .
11441 Vance Jackson Road hosts a release party for the movie Hunger Games, which includes trivia, games, prizes and food. m.
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