on the grill - charcoal grill

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on the grill  -  charcoal grill
As we know, the barbecue dates back to Henry Ford.
At the beginning, in the early 30 s, there was already something called a camping grill: a gadget made of sheet metal, when you were ready to cook, you can take it to the camp and spread it out.
It happened that the charcoal coal ball was invented by Ford Motor Company.
As a way to use the hardwood floors left over from the top of the building folding, its Model Ts and model.
Ford initially regarded them as industrial fuel, but he also cleverly signed a contract with a company in Eden, New York, to build a camping grill with Ford's name on it.
You have one or two bags of introductory coal balls on your grill.
The next stage came after World War II, when the suburban backyard turned into its own, and most importantly in Southern California.
On the terrace-
Initially, the origin of the larger, heavier outdoor barbecue style was often made from the remaining oil barrels of the war.
Big Boy company 1951
A wheeled van invented by Burbankstyle grill.
Sears department store, Roebuck department store and backyard barbecue are spread all over the country.
Soon, shelves, hoods and all the models--
Not far from our style today. -were available.
Gas and Electric Grill models were launched in their late 50 s.
The style of the grill may not have changed much since then, but the wide selection of brands and sizes is notableboggling.
Budget and demand, frequency of use may affect your decision.
Cheap portable grills have limited capacity and functionality, but are useful for picnics, boats and trailing.
The bigger and more refined Grill and all the fancy features are a bigger decision.
Look for safety features when purchasing any type of grill, as prompted
Proof base or trolley, strong leg Post and accommodation-cool handles.
Shake the grill car in the store-
You will be surprised how unstable some of them are. A higher-
The dome hood helps with higher food.
When off, the Hood should hardly touch the grate area so that precious BBQ space is not lost.
The grille should be sturdy and adjustable to better control the heat.
Ideal grate surface is cast iron due to energy
Save heat.
And those special restaurants.
The food is marked with a grill.
The disadvantage is that cast iron needs attention before and after use to prevent rust.
Newer device models offer some of these innovative features: bottom ash traps for neat and cleanup.
Ceramic cast iron grille to reduce rust. Range-
Stylish Side Burner for outdoor sauce heating or outdoor frying so the smell does not linger indoors.
Heavy duty rotisseries roasted in Turkey.
Can smoke and cook food. Built-
In the tray of the cigarette pieces so they don't plug the gas pipe.
Toast plate or basket.
There's a monster for the crowd party giver-
The size of the grill, such as Weber's huge Ranch Kettle.
You can enlarge about 20 Cornwall hens and about 10 potatoes in 1,104 inch of the cooking space.
The most popular way to barbecue today is charcoal and gas.
Charcoal supporters who don't believe in the flavor quality brought by gas or electric barbecues may check out two premium charcoal grills: The brand new Kingsford Pro charcoal grill from Clorox Co. and the high-
Technical style Char-Broil from W. C.
Bradley Enterprises Limited
Both units provide features that are lacking in the ordinary charcoal grill.
Gas Grill (
Whether it's propane or natural)
Neat and convenient for those who don't have time to make a fire.
If the price is not appropriate, you may be interested in these two premium models.
From the place of the "Barbie" party is a turbine Australian gas grill with lava rock imported from the ground by Stewart McDonald.
There is also the Weber Genesis series with seasoning sticks.
Weber keeps adding to the series, and every year they introduce new accessories.
The most important thing is Genesis 5.
A change in Origin is Perma-
Mount Gas Barbecue is a fixed Gas grill that replaces the old grill attached to the natural Gas source.
This is the camping grill.
Weber Smokey Joe TuckerN-
Both the charcoal grill and the indoor/outdoor rock Valley box Feu Gas hiachi, which uses small dingbenzene cylinders, are portable.
Don't forget, hiachi is perfect for cooking at the table;
It's like a Korean barbecue.
Our test found that we were satisfied with all these grills.
Here is a summary of their features.
Judge by yourself.
199 grillskingsford Pro charcoal grill $1997 black kettle grill on metal rolling car with bottom and mahogany rack on both ends.
Cooking area: 400 square inches.
Advantages: Oval cooking area. High-
The dome hood holds large pieces of meat.
Top and bottom vents. Easy-
Clean ceramic grate.
The middle part of the grid is hinged and opened separately to enter the coal.
Ash catcher under the grill
Disadvantages: the height of the grate is not adjustable;
Food can only be cooked 6 inch more than coal.
There are Gelson's, specialty stores and hardware stores. Or call toll-free 800-537-2823. Char-
$ 300A charcoal grill with black mink Aluminum Grill body, hardwood floor, vinyl-
Bottom shelf of coated wire.
Four separate grilles.
Cooking area: 581 square inches.
Advantages: the cooking grate is adjusted to four heights.
Large front door loaded with charcoal.
Hood thermometer
Large gray drawer
Disadvantages: cast iron grille needs to be paid attention to prevent rust (
Rub generously with oil and place at 350
Oven 2 to 3 hours).
The bottom ash drawer is bulky and hard to clean.
There are specialty stores and hardware stores.
Turbo Australian gas grill from $699 to $ 789An enamel-
Double covered black porcelain gas grill
Deck Jarrah wood;
Can be built in.
Cooking area: 500 to 725 square inches depending on the number of burners (
Three, four, five
60,000 to 100,000 BTUs).
Advantages: only one burner can be used for small work.
Hood thermometerAdd-
The accessories include an iron pan, a meat grill, a bar sink, a baking tray instead of a grille, and even a refrigerator.
Disadvantages: high price.
The cast iron gr needs storage care and regular seasoning (
Ceramic grinding plates available: $50 extra).
Lava accumulates grease.
Offered in a rich BBQ.
Weber Genesis 5 gas grill with 8,000 BTU range burner $ 899A gas grill (
Independent firearms and controls).
Gray or burgundy porcelain metal hood with pin stripes are available. Grey-
Color wood frame, tempered glass
Closed bottom storage area.
Cooking area: 420 square inches, 36,000 BTUs.
Advantages: porcelain glaze, wood chips and water can be placed. Removable 213-square-
Warm basket.
Dual purpose thermometer: Read the type of food and the temperature of the cooking room. Funnel-
Take out the molded bottom tray of grease from the burner. Patented heat-
Tilt the stick under the cooking grate to eliminate the grase torch-ups.
The safety system turns off the gas when the flame goes out.
The spider shield that keeps the gas path open.
The gas gauge measures the gas in the tank by hanging the weight instead of the pressure.
Cons: lower BTUs requires a slightly longer preheating stage to get the high temperature.
Bottom bar needs to be cleaned separatelyup.
There are specialty stores, hardware stores, lawn stores and garden stores. Or call (800)323-7598.
There are also smaller Genesis models that are less complex and less expensive.
Century of Weber Perma-
Mount Gas Grill $899 is the same as Genesis 5, but can be permanently fixed on a terrace or deck with a Gas outlet.
Joe Tucker-WeberN-
Carry $ 39A portable black kettle grill with removable bowl and lid, zinc-plated legs.
Cooking area: 150 square inches.
Advantages: reasonable price for strong portable. Space saving (14 1/2-
Inches in diameter, 16 1/2 high).
The lid lock keeps the top during handling and is lowered to serve as a cover holder, helping to prevent wind.
Disadvantages: Limited (Square inch 150
Cooking ability. Non-Adjustable mesh.
It's available in Gelson's, hardware and barbecue.
Iwatani cassette Feu Gas hiachi Type G
Lightweight rectangular black and gray metal grill for $146.
Use only the Rock Valley (
Use 1 can every 1/2 hours).
The flame flows at the edge of the steel burner and adjusts the heat through the switch control;
7,619 BTUs per hour.
Advantages: Convenient operation and convenient cleaning.
Automatic Electric ignition.
It is suitable for indoor table top cooking and outdoor dining.
Disadvantages: limited space capacity.
Not good for larger poultry.
The drip tray will find oil spills but must be refilled on a regular basis.
Ding benzene tank (about $3. 50 per can)
If cooked for a long time, the cost will increase.
In the Japanese market, there are hardware stores. Or call 324-
The store close to you is 9174
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