Orlando Basketball Stars Engage in 'Planking War' - barbecue grill machine

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
Orlando Basketball Stars Engage in \'Planking War\'  -  barbecue grill machine
ORLANDO, Fla.--Planking --Internet fashion, including lying face-down in an unusual space with photographic evidence to prove this ---Florida Fox Sports reported Tuesday that it has entered the Orlando Magic locker room.Late Monday evening, Magic guard Gilbert Arenas posted multiple photos of himself flying around at home on Twitter.Don't be surpassed by his friends and teammates.Star center Dwight Howard wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon: "Plank waaaaaaaaaaaalimrrr."This message is followed by some photos of himself flying around his sprawling Orlando mansion.Howard's photos include 6-foot 11-The inch man lying flat on the bread roll-Among other items, there are Royce, barbecue grills, water machines and toilets.He also posted photos of himself at the Amway Center.Food restaurant and top of lawn mower.So far, Gilbert has released photos of himself planning at the gym and by the pool.
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