outdoor fire pit b&q How to Build a Brick Fire Pit in Your Backyard

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-15
outdoor fire pit b&q How to Build a Brick Fire Pit in Your Backyard
Whether it's a hot summer night or a cool autumn night, an outdoor bonfire is an intimate way to enjoy outdoor fun.You don't need to take a vacation to do it either!Building your own brick fire pit is a cheap addition to your backyard and can leave you with many warm memories.Add the color of the kaleidoscope to make it more unique and feel free to use any shade that suits your style.
Talk all year round.
First of all, brick with the pattern you want to measure how much you need.This example requires 33 bricks, but you may need more for the depth, width, and style you choose.After creating the outline, please set aside a layer to mark how large the circle is needed (the top layer is used in this example ).
Mark the circle with paint or lawn chalk.
As shown in the figure, you can also stand up and mark the outside of the circle, not the inside.If you mark the inside of the hole, you need to widen it in the next steps.If you mark the interior of the profile, you have to expand the holes with the width of the brick so that they can all be placed inside (see the tip above ).
In this example, the desired depth of the hole is first reached and then expanded to the appropriate size.First of all, lay out your bottom brick according to the desired pattern.Then, fill the area around the brick with stoneWhite marble is used for this project.
Set aside a few to help level the bricks and fill any remaining holes at the end.Next, layer the side bricks, and then use some remaining marble to level the bricks if necessary.After that, place the most advanced brick on it.
Use the dirt dug out of the hole to fill the obvious space behind and between the bricks.You can also fill empty places with small stones to prevent dust from falling between the bricks on marble.Adding color to bricks is a great way to give a pit personality!Pick the sample size of your favorite shades and alternative colors on each brick.
In this project, Behr Ultra samples from satin finish were used in these shades: guava jelly, Tidewater, pink mimosa, very navy, glitter and decorative caseFirst draw the bricks at the bottom and then continue to draw up with your own personal pattern.The paint will not be flammable, but it will not stay forever because of the heat.So, this is a fairly temporary addition that will impress your guests in the first few uses.
All that's left to do is let the fire burn!
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