outdoor fire pit b&q How to Build a Fire Pit With a Metal Barrel

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-15
outdoor fire pit b&q How to Build a Fire Pit With a Metal Barrel
Nothing is more enjoyable than a summer night filled with stars, a good conversation and a passion for outdoor entertainment.Although there are many ways to build a fire pit, it is very easy to build a fire pit using metal barrels.There are only a few tools and a little effort between you and the comfortable fire.
Cut metal barrel with cutting torch.
Most barrels have three ridges and divide the buckets into three ridges.You want to cut along the ridge of the bucket so that the third one at the bottom can be used for your fire pit.Grind the edges of the cutting barrels to smooth them and reduce the risk of cutting and scratching.
Measure the diameter of the barrel and dig a hole that matches the measurement.The hole should be only 6 to 9 inch deep as you want your bucket to stick out some of it from the ground.Fill the hole with gravel.The gravel will allow any moisture to flow better into the ground.
Drill holes in the bottom of the barrel with your drill bit.Seven or eight holes are enough.Barrel cut with flat paintblack, heat-Paint resistant.Most of the time, BBQ paint or engine paint will work for this.
After 8 hours of drying the first coating, paint the bucket again.Dry for another 8 hours.Put the bottom of the metal barrel into the hole.At this point, your new fire pit is ready for its first fire.
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