outdoor fire pit b&q How to Build an Easy Backyard Fire Pit

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-15
outdoor fire pit b&q How to Build an Easy Backyard Fire Pit
By adding a fire pit to your landscape, enjoy your yard later in the fall and earlier in the spring.Sitting around a fire there was an original "caveman" satisfaction.With less than $200 and easy weekend work, you'll be able to create a focal point in the yard, a safe and attractive place for fire.
Check out local regulations for restrictions on outdoor fires.You need 36-42 wedge landscape block.The quantity depends on the angle of the block.Twelve, thirteen or fourteen blocks will form a complete circle depending on the brand and style.
People in the product profile or home center can help you determine the full circle number.The height of the three dishes is very attractive.You need a few more bags of sand.As for the tools, you need a Mator, a shovel, a flat head, a mallet, a landscape painting, a steel pile and a rope.
Set up a whole circle near the area, but not if you are going to build your own bonfire.Measure the diameter.Rounded to the nearest 6 inch and divided that measurement by half.Drive a steel pile in the exact center of the place you pick for the fire pit.
Join the loop at both ends of the string, adjust the length to match the measured value calculated at the last step.Keep the landscape paint at one end and the other around the center pile.Take a walk around the center pile and draw an outline for your excavation.
Clear the turf with mattock and shovel and keep the level of excavation as possible.Check one level in all directions.Always adjust by removing the material.Do not pile up material on the low side.It will settle down over time and your fire pit will tilt.Add a thin layer of sand to the entire surrounding area where you will lay bricks.
Carefully place the block in the bottom row and check the relative level between each block and the block.Add or remove sand as needed to level each block.Make sure you don't add too much sand under the block.
You want to put the blocks on half an inch or less of sand.When the first course is completed and fully upgraded, most of the work is done.If you are careful with this part, the rest is as simple as using children's blocks.
Offset the second course, in the first course, start directly from the middle of the block above the seam, and the lips overlap behind the block.Repeat the third course.The Rake around the fire pit is cleaned and then placed in the small fire and the larger dry firewood fire.Enjoy drinks with friends, family, smores and your favorite.
Try it, it's easier than you think.
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