outdoor grill industry tries to keep sales sizzling - camping portable grill

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outdoor grill industry tries to keep sales sizzling  -  camping portable grill
This is a summer ceremony, especially on July 4: barbecue in the outdoor.
Cooking burgers, hot dogs and steaks on an outdoor grill is a deeply rooted part of the United States, and the grill is an established feature of the homeowner, 3 out of 4US.
Adults have grills or smokers.
The demand for outdoor grills is also equal, and it is no different from the TV set.
They are everywhere-from the backyard of the luxury Beverly Hills residence to the inner field of the NASCAR highway.
But the fact that the grill is so common is one of the reasons why the new grill has only moderate hiss
Sales of American productsS.
Barbecue and barbecue manufacturing.
This is just a mature business.
In the United States, sales of grills only grew at a low rate.
According to research firm IBISWorld, the market is nearly 20% smaller than a decade ago in the annual Digital percentage. U. S.
Barbecue manufacturersled by Weber-
Signature Weber Grill Manufacturer Stephen products-
At the same time, it also faces fierce competition from imported goods, which now account for 56% of U. S. imports. S.
According to IBISWorld, sales are up from 46% a decade ago.
Grill sales are closely related to changes in the United StatesS.
Especially the residential industry.
So it's no surprise that the grill business was hit hard during the housing crisis and the severe recession.
Since then, with the rebound in the economy, the industry has been gradually recovering, and the United States is recovering every year. S.
Sales of grills climbed to $1.
From $44 billion last year.
According to IBISWorld, 21 billion in 2009.
But that's far below $1.
Sales in 2006 were 78 billion.
"We think we will continue to see stable sales," said Carrie deGuzman, spokeswoman for the fireplace, Patio and Barbecue Association.
Trade groups in the industry.
HPBA said that July 4 is the most popular outdoor barbecue day of the year, and 76% of the barbecue owners plan to light the barbecue during the holidays.
Summer Books for Memorial Day and Labor Day, tied for second place, ranked 62%.
In the latest consumer survey conducted by the group last summer, 37% of American consumersS.
Adults who plan to buy new grills or smokers this year;
56% of the purchase of these products will be used to replace the grill.
In the heated debate over gas and charcoal, gas takes advantage.
Gas grills sold more than 57 charcoal grills. 7% to 40. 1%.
The remaining 2.
The grill of 2% is electric.
Buyers aged 18 to 34
Richard Wachtel, founder of GrillingWithRich, a barbecue site, said that they like outdoor barbecues as much as their ancestors, in part because they watch "BBQ Pitmasters" and other cooking on TVcom.
"People want to bring home the barbecue technology," he said . ".
By the way, the word "barbecue" dates back to the Caribbean word "barabicu" or "barbacoa" hundreds of years ago ", this is the wooden structure that Tylenol uses to smoke. according to some etymology experts
Later, it became a verb for outdoor barbecue. The leading U. S.
The supplier of barbecue is Weber-Stephen, 30
According to IBISWorld, sales by dollar accounted for 3% of the market.
Next is the company Middleby. The Elgin family is sick. -
A company with 16 people.
Share a 6% share with brands including magikitch 'N and Viking.
In last December, middletby bought Donnie.
Based on Tmall Store Inc.
A maker of high-tech
Outdoor Grill including some carefully crafted voice models
Activation, it may take more than $8,000.
Weberby has grown faster than the entire market in recent years, thanks to its brand awareness, product reputation, economic improvement and increased exports.
The Paladin is ill. -
A privately held company that does not disclose financial data.
But IBISWorld estimates Weber-
Over the past five years, Stephen's global grill sales have grown by an average of 10% per year, reaching $0. 235 billion in 2015.
Weber dates back to 1952, George Stephen old.
Working at the Weber Brothers metal factory in Chicago, where marine buoys were built.
He invented a dome.
The shaped grill does not cut the buoy in half to protect the food from the smoke and the taste of the barbecue.
Four years later, Stephen redesigned the Weber grill to make it look more like the grill that is being used now.
The company's product line now includes gas, charcoal and electric outdoor grills, some of which can cost as much as thousands of dollars.
"It's a great product, they have great customer service and sell many different models," said Wachtel . ".
Their traditional kettle grill has stood the test of time. "The best-
Sale of imported outdoor grill
Broil model made in China by 131-year-old W. C. Bradley Co.
A private holding company in Columbus, Georgia.
Bradley moved Grills' products from Georgia to China in 2006.
At the time, Bradley said that in China, production costs fell by 25%, and the company took the initiative to "stay competitive in a rapidly changing market.
"After ten years, a key change in the industry is to adapt to the consumer's desire to barbecue a variety of foods, so in addition to the staple foods such as cleaning brushes, pliers and gloves, the company also provides more accessories for outdoor grills.
One of the most popular new plugins
Pizza, fish, basket and grill.
"They really talked about the culinary adventure and the quality food movement that people want," DeGuzman said . ".
Weber also insists that "keeping ahead of the trend and what our customers want is a huge priority for us," Weber's Kim Lefko-
Stephen's chief marketing officer said in an email.
Webb recently launched the q101 series portable grill, "which does resonate with millennials," said Lefko, in part because they fit into apartment balconies and tailgate parties.
Q101 grills also have young colors, which can become traditional silver-and-
Black grill including purple, pink and green lime green.
Edward Rivera, analyst at IBISWorld, said that in general, if the economy continues to grow, consumers have enough disposable income, and outdoor barbecue sales should maintain a moderate growth in the next few years.
After all, Rivera said, "having a grill is part of the American identity.
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