outdoor smoker grill Kamado BBQ Smoker Lies

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-23
outdoor smoker grill Kamado BBQ Smoker Lies
I bought a Big Green Egg during Christmas.I looked at all the marketing profiles on the brochure, it drew my imagination, I have written how good it is and published some kamado BBQ recipes, but I would still love to learn more about the origins of this versatile cooking device.I wrote an article about it, but since it was published, I have done more research and found that some of my original findings may have been creative in their originsMy preliminary study on the internet found that its origin lies in the Chinese pottery pot adapted by the Japanese hundreds of years ago.
The end result is Mushikamado, looking at the pictures on the Internet, it is clear that this part of the story is clear.What became less clear was that on 1960s, the camador, as we know it today, arrived in the United States.There are a lot of published works that go back to Richard Johnson, a person who founded Kamado said that he brought kamado to the United States and for the first time he called it kamado, and applied for a patent for the name.
Further research leads me to believe that some of these views are incorrect.The first point is that kamado is actually a real Japanese word, not something Johnson made up.The word Kamado is actually part of Japanese, meaning stove, and in addition to that, the word also has many derivative words in Japanese :-Yukikamado -A pot with a stove to carry around the buildingAnother word for a stove built with stones, tiles and clay.
Horse Coolangatta in Kama moreA large range with polished black top, base and Stoxx holes on curved or horseshoe-shaped planes with up to 11 cooking holes.Stone ado Gardo-steel rice cooker inserted into stone frame.Niwakamado -As part of the new year celebrations, a temporary cooking area is set up in the house area on the earth floor, from the first to the January 3.
Kamadodono -A building with a fireplace or stove.Koujinsan-no-kamado -In some areas such as Zuhe county, there is a large range of cooking mainly for special occasions.Karma more in horse SuriJohnson's second claim was that he registered the trademark on the word kamado, but a careful investigation by the US Patent and Trademark Office also proved that the claim was untrue.
So who should we trust, who do we really care about?Looking at how many businesses use the word kamado, and the evidence above about the use of the word in Japanese, some of the claims made by Richard Johnson seem likely to be considered good marketing, not a statement of fact.Having said that, I really enjoyed cooking on kamado all year round, and when I used it as a barbecue grill or meat smoker, I was excited about the results I got, all the smoker grill recipes I use help spread the facts of the Internet
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