outdoor smoker grill Modern Man And The Barbecue Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-23
outdoor smoker grill Modern Man And The Barbecue Grill
Two customers complained today that one of my suppliers did not provide the quality of the materials I needed.In short, "in the office" is a tough day.I was a little frustrated, but as soon as I got home, my heart got up.My child greeted me with a desire to tell me all about their day and there was a wonderful culinary smell in the kitchen.
I hugged my wife and asked her, "Hey, what are you doing?Roast chicken thigh in olive oil roasted vegetable bed tonight.A ciabatta bread is being heated in the oven, and there is a bottle of merlot on the kitchen table that can breathe and finish it all.What better way to start at night?I know that without any further examination, my nose tells me it smells good just because my wife has years of experience and she loves cooking so she knows the subject well.
Okay, so I might be able to get this to the extreme, let me point out before you guys start yelling, I iron, clean the bathroom, so I have a way to go from "Neanderthals" to "modern people.I am sure we have a lot of people and I sincerely hope so.My point is, given all these talents my wife has and all her experience in cooking, why is it me who is responsible for the barbecue at the time of the barbecue?Man in the house!What qualifications do I have?What experience do I have?.
........Zip!I can't even follow the most basic recipe for smokers barbecue.If I apply for a job as a car mechanic, which garage in their mind will hire me?However, with the most shocking food resume, I am sure I will not poison this family and if that is not enough, we sincerely invite our best friends to come and believe I will not poison them!Have you been to the barbecue shop that cooks hamburgers and freezes in the middle?I am sorry that while we may have taken a step towards the modern people in charge of housework, we are still thousands of miles away in terms of BBQ or smoking.Now I have to say that it is definitely a man's job to order a barbecue.
Those guys who don't like to play with fire?So how do you eat safely knowing that you will live to tomorrow?I have a simple barbecue tip :-Give him matches and kindling, but don't give him any food-at least 45 minutes if it's charcoal, and at least 15 minutes if it's gasoline.Believe me, if you take it out early, it will be a cremation, not a barbecue party.The secret of barbecue food is mild cooking, good heat and bad flame.
The fat dripping on the coal produces smoke to season the food, but the same fat causes flames if the coal is not allowed to precipitate.In a word, coal should be hot, not flame.If there is no padlock and chain on the refrigerator door, how do you keep your man away from food?Give him a beer ...... Or two!After all, I'm a man!Resources: simple barbecue recipesFree BBQ recipes and cooking ideas for meat smokers in gas, charcoal or electricity.
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