Outpour of support for 8yo black girl after white woman calls police over her selling water (VIDEO) - charcoal barbecue london

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
Outpour of support for 8yo black girl after white woman calls police over her selling water (VIDEO)  -  charcoal barbecue london
The video released by the girl's mother on Saturday started when she claimed she could see white women on the phone reminding police that the girl was selling drinking water.
As she approached the woman to photograph her face, the caller squatted behind the wall trying to find cover.
The woman did not want a little girl to sell water.
She's in an 8-year-Little girl. . .
"You can hide everything you want," the girl's mother said in the video . ".
When the two faced off, the woman who was still on the phone said: "illegally selling water without permission", the quarrel continued, and the mother argued that the girl did not violate any laws because she sold water at home.
The mother, known by local media as Irene Austin, said she did not believe the girl lived in an apartment building near AT&T Park, where the Giants played home games.
The video was widely liked and shared on Twitter and Instagram, and most commentators defended the girl and accused the woman of racial bias as an example of white privilege.
The girl's cousin posted a tag # PermitPatty on Twitter, calling on people who sympathize with the girl to humiliate and abandon the woman.
This post was reprinted by many celebrities including American actress and activist Gabrielle Union.
The cousin wrote on Twitter that the girl's mother may file a harassment complaint against the woman.
Some commentators blamed US President Donald Trump for the incident.
While support for girls has sprung up, some have pointed out that girls are still breaking the law.
The cousin was rejected on Twitter by @ _ ethiopiangold, claiming that there are a lot of white men selling goods and tickets in the area, but the woman doesn't seem to care if they have a license, but chooses to call the police.
Thanks to all the people who sent messages of encouragement to girls, she posted a video showing eightyear-
A cart full of bottled water.
"Allow Pete" is compared to another white woman who called two black men for a charcoal barbecue on Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, nicknamed BBQ Becky.
Last month, a video of her alarm surfaced, re-sparking a debate about race.
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