outside gas grill How to Protect Vinyl Siding From Melting Near a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-25
The gas grill on the rear deck can be turned on or off to generate enough heat to melt the vinyl siding at home in extreme cases.At best, the heat will only color the vinyl and cause it to buckle down.The worst-The Case scenario is an expensive home repair involving the removal and replacement of most of the siding.
When the backyard chef focuses on the barbecue, some basic precautions can protect the safety of the house.When cooking, remove the grill from the side of the house on the deck or terrace.The grill shall not be used under eaves or awnings to avoid overhead damage caused by high temperatures and fires.
Generally, if the grill is under any prominent part of the House, the grill is too close to the house.Roll the grill to the edge of the deck or terrace or move the equipment to the backyard.When closed and cooled, it can roll back to the storage point near the house.
On rainy days, make a heat shield to protect the vinyl siding when the grill absolutely has to stay near the house.Set a sheet metal of 5x5 on a fire piece of the same size-Resistant to drywall and drill through metal in drywall in four corners.Connect the metal to the dry wall with screws.
Pull the grill off the exterior wall and insert the heat shield between the grill and the Wall, placing the heat shield upright between the two slag blocks.Let the heat shield and grill cool completely before moving
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