Ozuna, Cardinals power past Reds 9-5 for split in Mexico - 3 burners

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-25
Ozuna, Cardinals power past Reds 9-5 for split in Mexico  -  3 burners
Monterey, Mexico
Marcell Ozuna hit two home runs, and Matt Carpenter hit a broken iron drive on the seventh inning of sending St.
Cincinnati Reds 9-Louis Cardinals
The two of them are separated for five Sundays.
Series of games in Mexico
Tyler O'Neill is also a saint. Louis.
Yasir Puig made his first battle for the Reds, and Jesse wink made his second appearance at the Monterey Bibo Stadium in two days.
After winning the game, the Cardinal paid tribute to the fans and presented the hat.
Houston astronauts and Los Angeles Angels will play two games at the stadium earlier on the 5 th.
Major League Baseball has been committed to introducing
The season will take place in Mexico until 2021. It was 4-
When Carpenter used his second home run of the season to play Game 7, he tagged Amir Garrett (1-1).
Osuna flew a single game against Jared Hughes and Jose Martinez.
Two people run a game.
Make it 9-4.
Osuna played three-
Running Homer and O'Neill adds a separate drive as Cardinal takes 4-
Anthony descarfini led 0 in the first game.
The Red Army united by a score of 4-1
Fifth mile from Micolas.
One mistake with Carpenter at base 3 was that Michael Lorenson and Winkel's three bases set up an RBI double
Run driver tie.
Winke has played four home runs in the last five games.
Puig did 9-in his eighth speech-
The Reds filled the base, but Hicks retired.
Kill Kyle Farmer on a rolling ball and run away.
Hicks closed for the third save. John Gant (3-
Cast a game.
To please the local audience, Puig and Reds teammate Joey Voto changed the way they walked --up song.
Puig removed Kungs vs cooin's "This girl" On 3 Burners of Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez's "El Rey", while vocoder skipped the "Paint It Black" on the Rolling Stone, he used Selena's "Como la Flor" instead ".
Next Cardinal: RHP Dakota Hudson (0-1, 2.
From Milwaukee.
Liverpool: Puig went back to dodge when Cincinnati started playing on Monday.
Louis Castillo (1-1, 0.
The 92 era) began as the Red Army-
He played at least eight times in each of the first three games of the year and gave up no more than two. ——
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