pergolas: ancient garden structures are getting updated - freestanding gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
pergolas: ancient garden structures are getting updated  -  freestanding gas grill
The pergola has long been part of the family garden, but they are getting some modern upgrades due to trends in backyard reserves and entertainment.
Historically, the pergola is a simple overhead structure used to protect the garden walkway.
Gail Hansen, an associate professor and extension expert in landscape design at the University of Florida, said they are characterized by long linear shapes.
Nowadays, the sheds are customized for outdoor terraces and exquisite entertainment areas.
"Many homeowners like to spend more time outdoors, the ease of outdoor entertainment is more suitable for our lifestyle, less formal entertainment," Hansen said . ".
The backyard shed is usually attached to the house, or, if it is separate, close to the indoor kitchen for easy access, she said.
"Homeowners are updating their outdoor entertainment area with fully equipped kitchens and luxurious patio furniture," Hansen said . ".
"In addition to the traditional gas grill, almost all of the kitchen appliances have been converted into outdoor use," including the sink, refrigerator, wine cabinet, grill, ice maker, pizza oven and she said.
Stainless steel is the preferred material.
"Sheds can sometimes be confused with sheds that are usually arches --
Missy henrickerson says its shape runs the grid continuously from one side to the other
President of Public Affairs, National Association of Landscape Professionals.
"Traditionally arbors shade doors, sidewalks or benches are only a few feet wide, providing the perfect support for climbing plants," she said . ". Both landscape-
The design structure supports climbing plants, but the rattan stands are more complex, helping to shade the whole outdoor space, she said.
Henrickerson said that when the design and orientation are correct, the shed can cast enough shade to make even a hot afternoon enjoyable, or they can install if the homeowner needs extra protection
"We see an increase in homeowner's demand for a cool shed, another example of how people invest in outdoor living spaces to create a" resort Sanctuary, "she said:" Adding sizzle to outdoor entertainment, and personalize their personal home environment. ".
From chandeliers and ceiling fans to string of lights, fabrics, space heaters and sound systems, you can customize your cool shed.
"Add color and excitement to the outdoor space with thriller, filler and Spiller container garden," henrickerson said . ".
"With the perfect planting mix and unique containers, homeowners can add rich colors and textures to the stunning rattan stands.
"Landscape professionals can help you understand the pros and cons of the different materials used for rattan racks.
Options include pressure-
Processed wood, Cedar, vinyl and fiberglass, henrickerson said. Pressure-
Treated wood, if painted or dyed, usually looks the best, she said.
Cedar is an insect.
From the sawmill, resistant, looks great.
"You can either make it not processed, turn it into a soft silver gray, or dye it and seal it to keep its color," she said . ".
Henriksen said that vinyl does not need maintenance, while fiberglass can be painted, can span longer distances without a post, and because of its light weight, does not require the same depth specified by other materials
Online: For more information on rattan racks and other garden structures, please see the fact sheet from the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences: you can contact Dean Fosdick of deanfosdick @ netscape
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