Peru’s Chicken review: This pollo inspires passion — and justifies a drive - charcoal grill price

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
Peru’s Chicken review: This pollo inspires passion — and justifies a drive  -  charcoal grill price
Sitting at the table in the Peruvian chicken, oneLocated in la brasa outlet center, Mitchell Ville, MD, polllo.I am discussing the issue of herbs with myself.Am I trying Baili on my bird? The juicy little guy's skin, brown and black, is almost erotic.Or rosemary?Or could it be a herb from Peru, Hua Kaitai?No, wait. it's a cow.Must be a cow.My internal debate is a bit of an academic nature: I have decided on this bird and I will be a lifelong friend no matter what brand of herbal perfume it uses.Don't get me wrong: I know I'm in the middle of a crush.Now, there is nothing wrong with this chicken.Meng Wang and Nestor Via Y Rada are unlikely teams behind Peruvian chicken, a practical yam-The colorful space in the mall has a distinct multicultural personality: a few steps away, you can get an insight into the lives of Chinese AmericansFrench fries, Jamaican patties, even red.Some hot wing in Anna, Louis.based chain.The owner of this Peruvian chicken shop is very suitable: Wang is from China and Y Rada from Peru.They combine their talents and save each other from the unsatisfactory labor life of the hospitality industry."There are too many Chinese restaurants now, so we are looking for another one," said Wang, who has a history of running Chinese restaurantsAmerican restaurant."The chicken restaurant [Peru] is very popular in Maryland and Virginia."If Wang is the entrepreneur behind Peruvian chicken, then Via Y Rada is the culinary spirit that inspires the place.Wang found the cook making charcoal.Supply the fuel oven at Sardi's location and then learn through Y Rada that he is looking for a partner to open his own joint venture with polllo la brasa.Business mind, your name is luck.About two years ago, Wang and Via Y Rada opened up the chicken from Peru, meaning I was about two years late.I ordered my signature roast chicken every time during my five visits-Hey, a crush can hurt my judgment and motivate me to drive 30-Plus a few minutes, I can get a dish in my own zip codeEvery time a bird rewards me for my dedication.Since I opened my first flap container at El polllo Rico more than ten years ago, I have never felt so strongly about Peruvian charcoal chicken.Unlike many masters behind Peruvian chicken, Via Y Rada does not treat his recipes as confidential documents.Freshness plays a vital role.The herbs he used in the marinadeIncluding hundred miles, rosemary and oregano.It's all fresh, not dry.He also put colorful black mint leaves into the mixture, although they will be frozen in the winter.However, the chef's secret weapon is an ingredient that I have never encountered before in la brasa polllo, at least not on purpose.Sweet through Y Rada, halfHe lit moskado wine in his marinade, and an Italian intruder entered his Peruvian recipe.The chicken is marinated for 24 hours through the carbonated mixture of Y Rada and looks like it can absorb any heat and smoke without shrinking into a leather-like corpse.The chicken itself provides more than just vanilla food in the supermarket.I also detected cumin and garlic.The level of salt can be close to obscenity, but I agree.I'm not serious about sodium.I even appreciated the chicken's oversized breast, 2 inch thick, juicy and smoked like its legs and thighs.The bird hardly needs any sauce in a small plastic container, but I still like to use my standard doubleFirst dip in the aji amarillo yellow sauce and then dip in the Mexican chiliGreen sauce.If I knew through Y Rada that he made his own mayonnaise for the white sauce, I might not treat it as spam.Given the chef's dedication to his craft, maybe you won't be surprised to find another chicken on the menu that tastes as delicious as the pollo a la brasa.A bird through Y Rada debone before soaking the skinOn the mixed meat, including the mild AGI Panka pepper from Peru and more moskado wines.Took a shot on a traditional charcoal grill.Not the hypnotized spinning barbecue shop behind the cutting station-The character of Pollo parrillero is sweeter than its famous brothers and sisters, with fewer cigarettes.Peruvian chicken is the equivalent of a Penn brother: an easy-going singer-Songwriter Michael Payne.The volcano superstar Sean Payne, both of whom are hard to ignore.Once you leave the bird land, you will begin to see where the kitchen is tense.My lamb chops are bitter, mostly dry, as if someone forgot to marinate before throwing the bones on the grill.Lomo saltado watered down the link between the dish and China, offering juicy beef strips with red onions and tomatoes so soft and condensed that they seem to be stewed instead of stirringfried.What I should pay attention to is that my taste is not concerned;I put that halfChina Peru plateEviche mixto mixes shrimp, squid, octopus and bay scallops with limeAlthough there is no rocoto pepper bite I like, the preparations in Peru are heavy.It is learned through Y Rada that the side is not a filler.His fried Yuka.Its crisp look allows it to be located inside the soft cream --Ranked among the best specimens I have sampled.Fried plantain hides a slight sense of acidity in the sweet caramel flavor.Black beans, delicious-The fully experienced shovelworthy.Coriander rice with light acidity should be your choiceThere are grains at every turn here.The question I have to ask myself over and over again is: is this place worth a special trip to Mitchell Ville, thanks to the rich Peruvian chicken shop in the DMV?(There is a second position in Lanham, I did not go.) The answer is clear, but it's hard for me to accept, as if a cheap restaurant would never be a destination: Yes.Yes, thousands of times.
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