Picturesque St-Sauveur domain was inspired by Nantucket Island charm - stainless steel natural gas grill

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Picturesque St-Sauveur domain was inspired by Nantucket Island charm  -  stainless steel natural gas grill
When building your dream home, construction experience from building materials to craftsmanship is a valuable asset.
The new master.
Of course there is no lack of expertise in English style housing.
Francois Maher is the founder and former owner of the innovation center chain, with 17 locations in Laval, Monterey Ji and laurentiz.
He is now retired in the territory near St. .
Su Wei after the sale of hardware store.
It is no exaggeration to refer to it as an area, as the house is located on four acres of land with Rivière-on three sides-à-
Simon can see spectacular waterfalls surrounded by spectacular gardens.
It is difficult now, if not impossible, to find such a splendid land, not to see the neighbors, but close to all the goods provided by the prosperous region.
But Marcil had the insight and good luck of buying it more than 30 years ago.
In 1991, when the cottage attached to the property was burned down by a fire, he seized the opportunity to build a home he liked.
The house has a charming look and color of the seaside villa.
When asked where his design inspiration came from, Marcil mentioned nantuket from Volkswagen.
Western cedar wood such as doors and window frames are used for walls, roof tiles and almost everything else.
Marcil is proud to point out that there is no place in the house where square-inch Gyprock or gypsum board can be found.
The exterior wall was stained with a pale gray.
Blue imitates the bleaching appearance of wood exposed to sea water and ocean air.
10 years ago, an extension seen on the right was added to the studio upstairs --
Marsier's wife, Suzanne, is a painter. and a garage.
This gives the ratio of the house to a narrow length (12 m x 23 m ).
Inside, the two parts are connected through a corridor with irregular tiles. size slate.
In the main section, the first floor is an open area of public space, kitchen, dining room and living room.
Here the floor is very unique as it is made of exotic hardwood flooring teak from Southeast Asia.
However, since the wooden board was salvaged from the former Indonesian military camp, no trees were cut down.
You can call this high-Class recycling.
The wood is very beautiful with warm tones in different shades.
Although the grain and texture look rough on the eyes, it is almost as smooth as silk.
The spacious kitchen will attract the envy of any professional chef, whose stainless steel cooking series is made by French manufacturer La Cornue, top manufacturerof-the-
Line cooking tools.
It is fueled by natural gas, with several stoves and two ovens, enough to create a storm, and owners often do so for their large family.
The counter extended from the range is also made of stainless steel, as are the range hood and all cabinets.
The breakfast counter and the top of the nearby island are made of 8 cm thick black walnuts.
Walls and ceilings are made of western cedar wood and painted white.
The dark beam that makes up the frame of the room adds contrast.
The lighting is provided by a series of recessed pot lights on the ceiling.
The design kitchen is usually commissioned to professionals, but like everything else in the House, Marcil is designed by himself and draws inspiration from his inspiration.
In the dining area, the huge and elegant dining device with linen chairs is made of recycled wood and purchased from refurbished hardware
Furniture manufacturer.
The "Bird Cage" chandelier in the living room was bought from the same company, but half
Strangely, the moon mirror above the window came from the fire station.
Found in a local antique shop.
Although masil's wife was a painter, his daughter, Josia, drew a portrait of the horse hanging on the fireplace cover.
It's a bit unusual to build a fireplace in the corner next to the big window, but when the fluffy snow falls outside and the fire burns warm inside, it makes winter a magical scene.
Let's add a deep sofa and a good movie to the big screen TV, you have the perfect environment for cocoons.
In general, the decoration of the house is bold and has a certain masculine temperament.
A perfect example is the main suite.
The bedroom has a dark custom.
Make the furniture match the color of the stained pine flooring.
Because the neighbors are far away, there is no need to hang the curtains on the window above the King --sized bed.
In addition, the room overlooks the wooded area with the century-old pine trees.
The connecting bathroom matches the color of the bedroom and the bright appearance, the same as the beautiful view of the forest.
The black cabinets are made by the same local artisans as the bedroom furniture.
The sides of the deep bathtub are decorated with two bronze statues of men and women.
To amuse his eight grandchildren, masil built a picturesque tree house in the woods.
It covers an area of 10 m, 5 m in the air, supported by four strong pine trees.
It is equipped with a suspension bridge, a swing and a large tube, which turns into a water slide when using water.
The kids just like to slide down, says marsier.
The country staircase to the tree house is also made of pine trees and harvested on site.
This tree house has electricity, and six people can sleep comfortably.
While not entertaining the grandchildren, masil was busy with his garden.
He pointed out very well that it was not surprising to learn that he designed it himself, "without the help of a professional"founded pride.
It is very grand enough to be presented in Canadian gardening, Flores plants and garden making magazines, including in coffee --
Table book "private garden in Quebec" published by Broquet Inc"
From 5 to September, the garden is open to the public every Saturday and the owner acts as your private guide.
The tour lasts two hours and the entrance fee is $25.
All the proceeds went to the Association for Alzheimer's in the Laurentians.
To see pictures of the garden and ask about the visit time, please go.
Definitely worth a visit.
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