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Plain sailing in Croatia | Adelaide Now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0A0871E9-1636-49F4-9041-2E36E2BB5333 burgerIco  -  best fish grilling basket
Stone's historic stone wall stands high, a daunting 5 km fortress guarding the Croatian town for more than 500 years --
This will challenge the survival of the fittest. man tourists. It is mid-
Morning on the crystal
On a blue day with a temperature of up to 30 C, our eight Australian teams sailed 11 days along Croatia's rugged and spectacular Dalmatian coast for two weeks. An hour-
We will travel long distances to the ancient summit of stone.
From the top of the mountain, we can see panoramic views for centuries.
This little Croatian port's old salt belt, as we booked lunch at one of the many affordable restaurants that made the drop easier, these restaurants are one of the many affordable restaurants
Better yet, our lunch venue
Small pavilion of Stagnum ~
Provide a cool courtyard and some of the best fish that we will taste in two weeks.
Chef of the restaurantcum-
The owner shows his barbecue skills by using a shabby hair dryer
Heat coal in his open airair barbecue.
Neil Perry, eat your heart.
Despite the recent history of chaos
After the death of 2008 Australian backpacker Britt Lapthorne, it attracted negative news --
Croatia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
We spent most of the year planning for two years.
Sail along the Adriatic coast for a week, hiring a Lagoon 440 catamaran from one of the many companies offering "light boats" sailing.
That means we have to drive the ship ourselves, but luckily Jeff, a good friend from Sydney, is a water master.
Our water adventure begins in the historic city of Split, where the local marina is packed with expensive yachts and cruisers, in Monaco or some other fast European port, these yachts and cruisersOur 13.
The 4 m catamaran was waiting for us on time, although we had to endure hours of paperwork before getting the necessary permission for the port captain to leave the mainland.
Split's busy opening offers a fresh boat of food
We set off from the mainland to a small bay on the island of Salta.
The water is a charming shade of blue and green, absolutely clear --
It was a surprise after scattered waters around split pier.
We picked the tail on purpose.
The end of Croatia's summer tourist season means that most of the bays and bays we sail in are quite empty.
Make sure you don't make a fuss when looking for an anchor location.
The next day, with the help of a wonderful navigation app downloaded by Jeff, we went to Brac Island and passed a series of "naturalists" beaches along the way.
A secluded bay close to the gorgeous village of Vrbroska provides a quiet anchor location for the evening, and the only "frustrating" is to buy some local red wine, these wines are adversely compared to some of the cheap wines we consume as reckless teenagers.
It could be cheap wine, but it was also a disaster for us to leave Vrbroska, and some sloppy crew work caused our boat to lose the tank and two oars.
Thank God we got them back.
This small incident also made us realize that we are fully responsible for our Lagoon 440.
Yes, it means it's very economical to sail off the coast of Croatia (less than $200 a day, a couple including fuel), but with this budget travel style, responsibility comes --
There are many more.
Thankfully, we were wary of the upcoming storm and booked a two-night berth at one of Korcula's docks to learn about the only bad weather we 've had on those two nights --week cruise. The two-
Stay in this historic town for a day and have some decent sightseeing on land, including riding a motorcycle on the island.
After seeing the storm-
Absorb local culture through convincing "sword dance --
It is back on the water and continues to sail south to the island of Mljet with a population of just over a thousand people, but it offers majestic views, including the 12 th.
Century Benedictine abbey is reached by a short boat ride through inland lakes.
Really great.
This is also one of the reasons why Croatian sailing is so perfect.
The waters are usually easy to navigate and there are endless opportunities to explore the islands and towns on foot, by bike or by scooter.
On the island of Hvar, a scooter takes us through several small villages from the coastal town, and the roads along the sides of the stone walls that look centuries old are getting higher and higher.
Perhaps the only real disappointment these two weeks is that the lack of wind has limited us to several hours of sailing every day.
Our Lagoon is 440 spacious with great privacy.
Although there is a slight stench at the bottom of the cabin, the ship is in good conditionputting.
Still, the lazy days of sunbathing on the deck
Or plan our lessons while drinking an ice beer or a white beer and play the football final through ABC
More than make up for it.
Just like our last day, sail to the majestic fjord that surrounds the World Heritage city of Coto --
Listed cities in neighbouring Montenegro. --* Go2-CROATIA--
Emirates flies to Frankfurt and Rome, where you can get in touch with Croatian Airlines.
Ph 1300 303 777 or see Emirates.
Com/auEtihad flies to several European cities where you can connect with Croatian Airlines.
Ph 1300 532 215 or see Etihad. com--
Sailing thereMyriad provides light boat rental services in Croatia, including Sun sails, berthing and light boat holidays.
The dreadnought, Concorde and Buyo also offer sailing holidays for the crew.
MORE: Croatia.
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