Playing with fire - charcoal and gas grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Playing with fire  -  charcoal and gas grills
This is the 20 th anniversary of the barbecue Bible and wildlifeSteven regellan took us out again.This time, however, 2018 courses at his Barbecue University were inspired by his new book, Project Fire.Although these three are not for everyoneday, $2,400-per-Personal Affairs (where you can get a diploma and graduation photo with the author, as well as a luxury stay at the Cheyenne Mountain Inn ).What is the fourth beginning?of-In July, home entertainment in the backyard turned into a bang, and Raichlen was touted as the father of the barbecue.But even if you can't go to Colorado in May, there are a lot of tools, techniques and recipes on his website to help those who want to start.Closer to home, Weber, the person who makes the grill used by both professional and amateur, has a fourTheir Weber BBQ Academy has an hour-long weekend course in two centers in Delhi and one in the center of Bengaluru.You will understand the different ways of grilling and learn to go beyond paneer tikka.The price is 795 and cost and content is approachable for family lovers.Starting with some fire, you don't want your barbecue to resonate with the national anthem of "We didn't start fire, there you call the local ironing staff to help "it's the trickiest part of the Novotel Hyderabad convention center and the executive chef Gaurav Malhotra of the Hyderabad International Convention Center laughed.He knew how long the fire would last.At home, he will start it a few hours before the guest arrives."The purpose is to make the coal red, not blue or yellow;It should be a little gray on it.half-He said.Controlling the temperature is the key (you want to be at 250-300 °C), the commercial establishment will use the ash from the previous day if the coal is too hot, but at home, you can make sure there is halfThe foot gap between meat and coal."If the heat is too high, your meat will be cooked outside for raw inside or belowHe said.Malhotra uses cloth with dried shavings on it to ignite coal.Now, however, most people use coconut shell charcoal coal balls.These are considered environmental friendly.friendly.The wood can also be used, but will produce a subtle taste."The light wine complements it, while the heavier wine works well with charcoal," said Sandeep Kalra, executive chef at Gurugram .".There is also an electric grill and a gas grill."Although charcoal brings you an authentic barbecue experience, the electric version is plug-and-playand-It's easy to play with a small house, "said Manish Khandelwal, general manager of Weber --Barbecue products in India.Their biggest seller is the gas grill, and the price of charcoal is also rising.Then have a drink and exclude anyone you don't want to spend more than an hour on a barbecue from the evening, which is long fun about the fun of the process and the pleasant companionship, people cook together and drink slowly.So you have to enjoy the spirit.Beer has traditionally been-and-Barbecue Society, but Nikhil Kher, catering manager at Trident, said it would be better to mix and inject rum.He likes the combination of coal and rum."Take about a handful of spices or fresh herbs you want to inject and put them in for a month."Then get nervous and enjoy," Kher said .".When you start with a drink and grill, spread the grill out."There must be at least one starch, whether it's potatoes or bread."You can put a few slices on the grill," Kalra said .".With potatoes, do it in the oven at 170 °c for about 30 minutes, then finish on the foil, just close the top of the foil for a few minutes.A salad can be considered: potato with mustard mayonnaise, or Greek salad or coleslaw."There are a few handy dipping sauces: BBQ sauce, Schezwan dip, and even aglio e olio.The taste and aroma of the dirt enhance the taste of the barbecue, so once the meat is ready, consider dropping the minimum amount of truffle oil on it, "Swasti Aggarwal, food strategist at Delhi Food Hall"Smoked Himalayan salt, smoked chili and 100% maple syrup will bring you the perfect umami," she said .".Gradually put the food at the speed of the night, which requires you to slow down and let people participate in the barbecue process dripping on the charcoal, adding a special flavor to the meat on it, "said Rishi Khaduri, culinary manager of Bhopal barbecue national company.But, he clarified, you don't need to do just meat.Place the vegetables next to the meat and even end with fruit (such as pineapple rubbing with dry ginger, apples sprinkled with cinnamon, peaches and peppers) and a brownie that will be sweet.For marinade, you just need to keep the meat at room temperature and marinate for 30 minutes to an hour, if you don't use it immediately and then refrigerate.But before you put the meat on the grill, be sure to bring it back to room temperature so the interior is not cooked."Remember a simple recipe with marinade is to combine olive oil with fresh herbs, tenderers (any acidic elements: wine, white wine, lemon juice), sea salt and cracked pepper, kara said.Therefore, add olive oil, basil and balsamic vinegar marinades to shrimp, chicken or mushrooms;extra-The lamb chops have virgin olive oil, whole elephant garlic, rosemary and Baili sp, and Merlot is sour.Want to show off?Orange peel with lemon juice and dill or fennel with fish.Usually, 100 ml of oil, 4 teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, and 90 ml of red wine.The more full-The less body the wine is, the less quantity it is used, down to 50 ml.Add mustard to the marinade?Reduce alcohol content in proportion.The biggest myth is that the meat must be constantly oily so that it does not dry."This meat has its own oil and helps with protein cooking," said Gopal Jha, executive chef at Mercure Bangalore ."."If there is too much fat on the grill, it will burn and attract black soot --"Unhealthy, nightmare to clean in the future," he said .".He also talked about the dangers of insufficient meat cooking.You might want to invest in a thermometer, he thinks.Remember, the core temperature of poultry should reach 63-65°C, 64-The temperature of the fish is 67 ℃, 72-Red meat is 74 °c.
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