porcelain steel heat plate Home cooking.

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porcelain steel heat plate Home cooking.
CHICAGO-illustration--This year's introduction to cookware and grill reflects the consumer's continued desire to do more cooking at home with the right equipment.In terms of cooking utensils, this year's trend includes entering new fields such as the national market and producing induction-Feel free to respond to this growth trend or add security features.Bakeware continues to see more silicone products, as well as products that are sufficient for cooking and service.The new copper fusion line provides a non-stickcookware.Made of copper plates fused in the core, surrounded by two steel plates, packed in GermanEngineering enamel of IsstickResistant, never fade.It also has a long ergonomic handle to keep it cool and a short auxiliary handle.The line consists of three size frying pans, one for the chef, one for the frying pan, two sizes for the sauce pan, one for the Dutch oven, one for the casserole and one for the pot.It can also be in 7-and nine-piece sets.Mexican Kitchen is a new ethnic dish-Copco $2410, S3001 Rick BaylessRange of cookware and service products.Ceramic and stainless steelIt includes multi-functional chips and steel cookware and tools such as salsa servers, cazuela and bean cans.Copco's Mario Batali series grew up with a9A 7-year-old quart oval braiser5-4-quart soup potQuart Essentialspot in Italy and 12-A frying pan in inches, as well as a small rectangular and oval dish.The new teapot for Copco includes a patented GravityTea kettle-The open mechanism, when tilted and the capacity is 2, it raises the whistle for pouring.5 quarts;There is an open kettle --handled design;The teapot in Windsor is heavy.Rail Steel in five porcelain glaze colors.Cuisinart L12131 Cuisinart pressure cooker provides a new twist in timetestedclassic.A 1,000-watt, 6-Stainless steelSteel pot with lock-The cooker on the lid has variable pressure and temperature settings.It also features Browning, sim and stir-fry, from baking, stews and vegetables to cheesecake and cream freeze, as well as automatic warmth.American Culinary Institute now 1-year-The Old Master series designed by the chef certified by the American Culinary Institute has been extended to include three new straightDouble sided pan with arched ergonomic handle.The 7-The Ply structure is made of pure copper and aluminum with an unparalleled thermal conductivity and can be used on any cooking surface, including induction.New products include a 1.5-Quart pan with lid, a 2.5-Quart pan with lid and 3.5-Quart pan with lid.[Illustration] Emil Henry S2084 Emil Henry introduces two flames-Top grade oven designed for daily use.In 17.2 by 11.3 inch, 15.6 by 10.4 inch, the baking furnace is made of an innovative ceramic technology that is hard and explosion-proof, so it can be used directly on the heat source, whether it is a stove or a grill, then bake or bake in the oven.The retail price of the large bakery inblack is $100, and the medium-sized bakery$70.The company also made its debut 7.7-Hill recommends an inch circular induction plate with a retail price of $60.The Fagor S3425 Fagor introduces a range of future pressure cookers made of 18/10 stainless steel.They feature short side handles for easy space savingCleaning automatic pressure release valve, visual pressure indicator, automatic pressure release system and nonehassleself-Locking mechanism.Made in Spain, they're in 4-, 6-and10-Quart size and sixA set of combinations, including a 4-and6-Quart set pot, high pressure pot cover and tempered glass cover, no bracket-Steel steamer basket/food grinder and "elegant low pressure" recipe.Not only for dinner, the pressure cooker will also make desserts, and the Fagor will also introduce a new 7-Pudding, flour, cream cake, cheesecake and other sweets can be made.The set includes a brochure with more than 20 original dessert recipes and 8Inch diameter silicone baking tray, no bracket-Steel baking tray support frame and four separate silicone custard cups.Feisler S3621 is the leading cooker company in Germany, and now he has come to the United States.S.market.Its Intensa line has 18/10 stainless steelSteel appearance, ascratch-Matte interior, highHigh quality melamine resin handle and temperature Star temperature indicator are built into the lid.The series consists of two casseroles, one cooker, one high cooker, one sauce pan, three high sauce pots and two serving pots, and one nineand 11-pieceset.Other cookware range includes its black cast aluminum ingotStick, original Pro stainless steel and pressure cooker.Gibson overseas S201 Gibson is expanding its presence in the Latin American market through its new Caldera series covering pots.Heavy constructionBusiness giantThe traditional cooking container version of Caldera isGibson is aluminum with maximum thermal conductivity.Available in2-, 5-, 10-and 15-quart sizes.In cast iron, Gibson Hill shows itsCassoulet with enamel both inside and outside.They have red and blue, they have 3-and 5-Round size Quart, and 7-quartoval size.[Illustration] Kaiser bakers S3228 bakers are perfect for combining metal with silicone.Metal can make baked goods Brown, while silicone can help clean up.Collection includes 10-and 11-Inchspringforms, each with two bases and a Kaiser Bakeware buckleand 12-An 11-inch plate of breadand 12-An inch pot and an 8.5-inch bundtpan.[Illustration omitted] kitchen resource L12055 (kitchen resource) S4715 (Lurch) BRK pressure cooker is equipped with a patented pressure cooking cover in addition to other covers and accessories, suitableIt features a pressure regulator with two settings, a safety valve with a pressure indicator and a patented pressure regulatorManually open the system with a security lock.Years of in-depth research and development ensure the best convenience and safety of use.BRK pressure cooker can be used for cooking, frying, pressure cooking, steaming and serving.Optional pasta inserts are also available.The Lurch collection of Europe's most famous kitchen products and gadgets will be launched in the United States and will include a range of silicone baking products featuring its flexi brand.Made of 100% platinum crossFrom the pine pan to the baking pan, there are 20 different molds.Each piece is guaranteed for 15 years, safe and hot for microwave and dishwasherResistant to up to 500 degrees and cold-76 degrees below zero.Hotrikon S901's debut baking pan is made of stainless steel and comes with a colored melamine bowl for heat preservation and can also be used as a service.It has five sizes ranging from 1 to 4.5 quarts.The bowl has three colors: red, blue, black, green, white and orange.The Life brand 12-36 (Pedrini), 12-43 (Sabatier) Life brands introduce cookware in two of their brands: Pedrini and Sabatier.The Pedrini ceramic Bakeware series, made of heavyweight fine ceramics, promotes baking, maintains the heat of the warmth of the food, and prevents cracking and debris.This high-design,high-It can withstand the temperature of the oven, microwave oven, refrigerator and refrigerator.Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, collected in sizes of rectangular bakers, square bakers, rectangular bakers, covered casseroles, side dishes, oval bakers, pie plates, bread, egg cakes, gratin and covered casserole.The price is between $19.99 and $39.99.No one drinks.Steel cookware can be used as 10-Complete or open stock with high polished stainless steelThe steel at the bottom of the fully packaged aluminum core is bonded to the impact.Also equipped with cast stainless steel and silicone cooling handle and tempered glass cover.Known for its itscutlery, Sabatier will make its debut at the show with its cookware, including stainless steelSteel and processed products.[Illustration] Lodge S3218 New Lodge signature series, one line with cool-Touch stainless steelSteel handle including 10-and 12-A4-inch frying pan5-and 7-12-quart Dutch ovenBaking tray in inches and 2.5-Quart covered casseroleThe combination of metal provides the cooking performance of cast iron in the elegant seasoning cabin of stainless steel.Mauviel S1984 USA shows the new chefply stainless-Steelline for pots, including open stock and set.Cast stainless steelAccord with human body engineering of steelCool handle, cooker with no drop RIM, this rim has an innovative design that adds to the stylish, professional shape of the parts.The notice of Meyer S2214 (Meyer) and S2019 (BonJour) will announce its new non-Put a bakers on the show, called a circular bakers.Featuring a completely non-stick system of Circulon, which consists of high/low grooves to prevent wear and tear of kitchen utensils, bakeware is made of heavy-duty-Steel.The oven is safe to 500 degrees, and each item in the collection has a handle of moderate size, which is easy to grab and better control.The scones include a cake plate, a bread plate, a cooker and sheets, a spring plate and a muffin plate at a recommended price of $12.99 to $19.99.Recently launched in Asia-Infusion glass teapot in style, BonJour first introduced a new series with French style called Tres Amies, including handsAdele, Simone and Celeste teapot with sugar and Creamer.Ideal for singlesA cup of coffee or tea, the smart winemaker prepares the drink with three simple steps.BonJour has expanded the coffee category through five new French pressed coffee machines, all of which include the company's patented seasoning filter system.The new model is three new brushed metal finishes-Candy Apple Red, graphite and copper-For the French press of Maximus, and two new pairsWall insulation models for Montano and fiore.Odori series in traditional Asiastyle cast-Iron tea pots include models such as autumn leaves, nails, harvest baskets, tea boxes, hollow gourd and rattan.Nordic vessel S2400 new bakeware includes the Star of David Bonte Pan, Aloha bontepan, the shape of six pineapplesCasting line and shortcake basket pot featuring six basket weaving mould.Cooking range-featured cookware-Top rated kettle, pancake and package kit.[Illustration omitted] Pacific Cornetta s4 62 Pacific Cornetta enters the cooker industry with Melio, the designer series of anode alumina cookwareSticky cooking surface, easy to grasp the edge of the horn, the handle and the appliance holder in the low-key lid.Choose a specialty in Mereo linescater, upscale and culinary.The design features include an integrated double gate, a glass and aluminum cover, and a comfortable handle.The surface at the bottom is much thicker than the outside walls so that food and sauces can be heated more evenly.[Illustration] Asia International Co., Ltd.The thermometer frying pan of Hong Kong Pavilion 7765 Parasia International has a sensor to cook at an ideal temperature to maintain the best taste and nutrition of the food.The pot is designed to prevent excessive food cooking and save energy.It includes a removable display box.Chef Regal Biro and PBS host Marcel Biro's new Biro cookware range will initially include an 8-piece aluminum-core stainless-A set of 2-steel cookwareFour open pan with lid, 3-Quart pan with lid, 6-An 8-year-old quart panFrying Pan in inches and 12-inch saute pan.There will also be a large frying pan with a lid.Stains on the inside and outside of the cooker with magnetic stainless steelSteel exterior working on all stove surfaces including induction and additionallong handles.The Royal Dalton S2236 Royal Dalton collection is the first Royal Dalton collection to enter household items, and the Royal Dalton collection's GordonRamsay includes professional stainless and copper cookware and premiumRamsey is the star of Fox's "Hell kitchen" reality series and a senior chef.Scanpan S4025 this cooker company will launch a new category at the exhibition, including a silicone baking product called Scanpan Bake Pro, which uses a high-quality beige double silicone layerLook from the bodyThe production line consists of 12 different baking forms with temperature safety from minus 40 degrees to 450 degrees and retail price from $19.99 to $34.99.It will also introduce new luxury non-Stickassortment Scanpan Professional is a deluxe version of Scanpan Classic, using its patented pressure casting and ceramics-titanium non-Stick technology.The lid and handle are made up of two partsPolished shades of 18/10 stainless steel.Retail prices are from $49.99 for the 9-The biggest gift set is $699 inch fry panto.New Cookware accessories and kitchentools will also be presented as well as modular merchandise display units.Swiss spring S2236 health kitchen is a collection of cookware and electrical equipment developed in cooperation with Dr.Andrew Wowo, a famous comprehensive health care doctor.Five cookers-Ply bonded 18/10 steeland has specially formulated rolling edges that prevent food from coming into contact with aluminum.A 12-The set will be retail for $799.Swiss Diamond S3610 Swiss Diamond roll is about to launch induction-Ready-made cookware at the show, not by the company's patent diamondreinformedPut a surface on the inside, high-Technically induced design surface in appearance.Its thick pressure cast aluminum 6 mmbody provides excellent thermal properties with no hot spots, the oven of the cooker is safe up to 500 degrees, and the dishwasher and metalware are safe.The size includes four frying pans from 8 to 11 inch and the recommended retail price starts at $79.99, plus a 10-and 11-Inch-covered stir-fry, two covered sauce pans and a 10-Cover pot.In addition, the company is adding a 5.5-Quart oil pan made of 6mm pressureCast Aluminum and auxiliary handle.Its expertiseThe oven at 500 degrees is safe.Vollrath Co.The S236 tribute cooker series is made for family chefs at all levels and is made of aluminum cores sandwiched between stainless steel layers.It provides a non-React to the cooking surface, and even heat from the bottom to the edge, as well as the heatingDesigned to comfortably hold the resistant handle on the user's hand.Vollrath's own steel clothing X3 non-Chinese offering a selection of tributestick coating.Theline includes a frying pan, sauce pan, frying pan, Brazier, Pan, frying pan, pan and lid with natural finish and steel clothes X3.Vollrath cookies are made by heavy-Aluminum with a specification of 3004, reliable strength, with natural finished aluminum or steel skin X3, the handle is located on the short side of the plate.[Illustration omitted] Wilton industrial S2407 is based on Ariel in Little Mermaid, and Wilton's new Disney Princess Collection includes aluminum-Cake Plate in shape and fourThe color set is ideal for reproducing the appearance of Ariel and for accessories such as treatment packs, toast and party hats.The princess cake set allows the chef to design a magical castle that includes four small turrets with a roof, four medium turrets, four large turrets, a large main roof, one door and six windows of the castle can be attached to almost any cake.Silly-Feet!Silicone baking Cup bright color, reusable, oven-Safe toast with feet, including monster to multipleCaterpillar footTinker Bell party products include cake trays in shape, icing on sugar decoration and icing on sugar color.Based on the Nickelodeon exhibition, the backyarket collection includes the Pablo cake plate, icing on sugar, toast, party hat and four-Colorful icing suit, Redding candle and collar bag.Dora's adventure partner Diego on Dora Explorer also has his own route with Wilton, including acandle, toast, icing on sugar, treatment bags and party hatsWMF S3428 two models-Flat pan twolevels has a unique look and can goThe food can be cooked on the lower level and then placed on the upper level where it can stay warm while cooking more at the bottom.Perforated cooking racks can be used to steam fish or meat or put there after roasting.The lid is hot.Also included are quality resistant glass and Cromargan wok turner.World food in stainless steelSteel execution nonThe rod line of the frying pan is the highest in Dupont.The sticky surface is coated with a solid version of alplatinum.It is compatible with all heat sources including induction cooker top and has three sizes.The bain-mariestainless-A steel cooker is a shallow hot bath in which another container is placed for slow or even heating.The stainless-steelnon-The low sides of the bar-shaped crepes pan help to easily flip the crepes and pancakes, and the sense is compatible.The secret of the World Kitchen S2643 Baker is to launch the next generation of metal-utensil-Safe toaster with silicone nonBar coating with enhanced metal injection color, with excellent baking performance.It also has a gray nonSo the bakers don't absorb the excess oven heat.Nestle's fee House recipes include small, medium and large cake pans and sixMini Groove Tube tray, 8-Mini pee shoes, 89-inch square cake plateInch round cake plate, rectangular cake plate and other specialty dishes.
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