portable camping bbq Altoids Portable BBQ !!

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-15
portable camping bbq Altoids Portable BBQ !!
I love BBQ and when I decide I need to grill anything anywhere I create this pocket --sized grill.For example, this little Grill will be very useful if you go out fishing, you can catch some small fish and then have lunch with a grill!The possibilities are endless..If you match this grill with one of the many hunters/gatherers, you may have a recipe for free delicious food that is perfect in this unstable economy: Don't click on the link, otherwise you will forget to read the rest of my lovely!!:D Catch Fish !Catch a hamster!Catch a Mouse !Grab a Wabbit!Catch a turtle!Catch an Eel !p.s.I don't forgive killing animals at all: first, we need to cut the hangers into smaller sticks as a grill.If you are using altoids tin then the bar segment needs to be 10 cm long and if you are using any other type of tin then just measure the length and add 5mm so the end will reach out to the side, this prevents them from falling down while cooking.I suggest you do 5 sticks but the quantity depends on you.Now we have cut the rods we need because they can be very sharp.Just use a file to remove any pointed bit, which is very simple: Now that we have done the work of the rod, we can drill holes.First of all, hold the tin on your vise, don't be too tight, or you'll crush it!Now find a drill 1mm thicker than your stick.Mark with a pencil where you are going to drill.Now all you need to do is drill holes and check if the bar is appropriate and do that on both sides.Congratulate you on the barbecue!!, For more information on fuel, storage and customization, please read on.As fuel for a barbecue, as long as no toxic smoke is produced (no plastic!) I use some sticks and some paper in the garden as fuel in order to better place the fire.To put the fuel in, just take the stick out and put it under and don't pack it too tightly or it won't ignite!.............Wow, rhyme!!!!For my mini-Bbq I wanted to make it look more "wild" so I took some medium sized sandpaper and took the design of the Altoids lid down.It was simple, but it worked well, and I was also worried that the design would burn out in the heat, which didn't look good at all: the PI had some hanging lines left, so I decided to make a small stand to lift the lid up, the supported cover acts as a windshield to prevent the fire from going out.This doesn't have a specific design, I just randomly bend the wires when I come up with it: PBelow is a sample image of how you wrap it, I don't have a lighter, so I included some matches and I also found iron cans in the matchbox: Now you can go out and do whatever you want!!I decided to make a sausage roll....Very adventurous: Unfortunately these photos are not very good and for some reason I don't have a fire: Sorry about this, hope I will get some soon!It's over!Hope everyone likes the new BBQ!Thanks for reading!Don't forget to score, vote!\/Leave a comment!!
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