portable camping bbq Propane Vs. Butane Stove

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-24
portable camping bbq Propane Vs. Butane Stove
The combustible fuels extracted from oil are propane and benzene.According to Michael Hodgson, author of camp for Dummies, they are often used as cooking fuel, especially in portable camping stoves."While there are many similarities between these gases, there are also subtle differences.Choosing between propane and Ding benzene stoves is largely a matter of personal preference, but you should consider similarities and differences.Contrary to the concept that propane burns hotter than benzene, the thermal output is the same.Both fuels provide the same BTUs (UK heat units), according to the expedition network, so neither fuel is hot.One person will not boil water or cook food faster than the other person.According to David saueber of caravan, by volume, the energy of propane is 12% more than that of propane.This means that you can cook it longer with a bottle of zhengbutin than with a similar sized propane bottle or medicine cartridge.Compared to the propane furnace, the ConnectorsButane furnace is usually more convenient and easier to connect to the fuel container.According to Thornber, this is because the propane container has a clipStyle connector when there are screws in propane containeron connectors.This distinction applies only to larger stoves-Smaller stoves use cartridges with the same type of connector.Boiling Point cooking fuel must be in a gas state before being used with the stove.At 31 degrees Fahrenheit, the standard n-alcohol is boiling while propane is boiling-The expedition network says it's 43 degrees Fahrenheit now.This means that if you cook in cold weather because it will remain liquid, dinates will not work very well.You need to heat the container before it is used in cold weather.Many modern camping and portable stoves with mixed fuel can run on propane or benzene.According to the expedition network, there are propane/benzene mixed containers in the United States.However, the advantages of mixed cooking fuel are questioned: tests conducted by the MSR Laboratory show that propane will burn out first, and then benzene will be used as cooking fuel until the container is empty.
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