portable disposable bbq grill Where Are The Worst Barbecue Chefs?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-24
portable disposable bbq grill Where Are The Worst Barbecue Chefs?
This is the annual pilgrimage, usually held on the second weekend of June, and is considered the greatest British sporting event in a foreign country.Thousands of completely rational Brits (and some ladies) squeeze a small amount of items into a classic or performing sports car and drive south.At this time of year, goods on cross-Strait ferries are actually more valuable than the ferry itself.
Many locals lined up and watched the steady march down to the venue known affectionately as La Sarthe.If you haven't solved it, I'm talking about Le Mans city, 3 hours from the north coast of France, where they have the most famous racing race on earth, called Les Vingt Quatre Heures Du Mans.If you don't speak French, it's the Le Mans 24 Hour endurance race for you and me.
I go every year and the first thing I pack is my portable grill.There is a wonderful atmosphere in the crowd, there are many barbecues, Cork, fireworks explosion and a full range of party atmosphere when qualifying and competitions are going on.Food is an important part for me, probably because not only does my classic car look good, but it's also very practical.
The space for many fans is so small that when they get there they buy their BBQ barbecues that can go from those disposable bbq BBQ trays to a full kettle Barbie doll.Regardless of the style of the barbecue, it's common for all the friends and neighbors in the camp to have one thing-they don't know how to cook.So I decided to prepare my own list of Le Mans BBQ recipes to make sure I set a good example.
One of the menus for this year, I will start with full English and for this I have to bring bacon with me because the French bacon is not the same but has said I can't wait to put some French sausage.The last sausage is meat, not crumbs and crumbs.The biggest challenge of doing all English is, of course, eggs, and to be correct, I fry them on a charcoal grill with a homemade foil tray.
A little homemade BBQ sauce is the perfect way to start the match day.I have expressed the joy of tasting the French sausage again and there are a lot of other sausages such as Meggs (spicy) and Toulouse (Herbie and garriki) this will be great for a delicious barbecue on hot dogs.Don't eat sausage called andouillette unless you like a tripe!For dinner, I will keep my Le Mans barbecue very simple, with a bone lamb on my shoulder, sprinkled on the pepper, and roasted with a red pepper salad on fire.
I hope my Le Mans BBQ recipe will appeal to my racing fans ........Let's just wait and see
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