portable grill gets rid of the drudgery - camping portable grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-26
portable grill gets rid of the drudgery  -  camping portable grill
Is the return on camping or picnics worth the hassle of participating in planning and dragging a bundle of food and equipment?
This is the beginning of fun for those who love adventure.
But for those who like to eat in a restaurant or eat fast --
The food basket and all its utensils seem to weigh a ton instead of packing for a picnic.
You began to doubt--
Why don't they make a cooler with wheels?
Most importantly, there is a grill.
If you made this heavyweight monster greasy and dirty during your last trip, can you stand it?
Don't even consider cleaning up and returning, otherwise you will never take off.
You can choose to have a barbecue in the public park.
But can you handle the dirty grill bar full of grease and the old taste of other people's food? Some High-
"Every time people leave home, everyone leaves with a cooler, and if they're going to have a barbecue, there's always a premeditated decision," says Paul W . "
Hait, who invented the fireworks outdoor cooking system,
Technology portable grill furnace collapsed into an eight-flat-Square inch cushion
Our patent pyramid.
The shape system is scientifically designed and is more efficient in cooking than other systems.
It takes less than half the time to reach 500.
It uses only 10 charcoal coal balls.
American free barbecue (from $49. 95), Pyromid allstainless-
Steel folding portable barbecues are neatly packed in tote bags or modern plastic black minimalist boxes, which is simply the neatest thing for new barbecues --
Boating, horseback riding
Door party or backpack trip.
Hait emphasizes that the product is sensitive to the environment.
The Pyromid one-time FoilLite (
Can replace heavy foil)
Line the inside of the inverted pyramid.
This accommodates charcoal, which can be neatly dumped after grilling, eliminating any confusion of dust, afterfire and grease, and also eliminating the worst of the grilling cleanup.
Every barbecue lover dreams of lighting the fire.
There is no need to use a volatile liquid starter with a fireworks Grill, which uses a small starter fuel sheet called fireworks and can be ordered separately.
The most important question is: can a small grill like this perform?
We are pleased to find the efficiency of steak, ribs, burgers and frankfurter sausage.
Two of our favorites are kebabs and pesto, which are cooked very quickly.
We also like shrimp, scallops, mushrooms and cuts.
Heatvegetables did not fall out of the patented heatgrill, which was designed to replace the bar with a small round slot.
The unique design of the inverted pyramid and the heat
Heat is generated on the reflective surface-and fuel-efficient.
The foldable hood allows you to bake, smoke or protect your food from the wind and rain.
The unique shape of Pyromid has adapted to many portable stove and oven models.
Hewitt is a graduate of mechanical engineering at Stanford University. his basic idea is to be on a deer --
Hunting tour about seven years ago
Under the challenge of a fuel shortage in bad weather conditions, he built a wind generator
Resistance pyramid gadget for energy saving and heat concentration.
Insisting on improving the grill and getting 9 patents, proving Hait's athletic spirit, he won the gold medal at 1960 Olympic Games in Rome and broke the current world record for the breaststroke.
Grill perfect for tail
According to Hait, go for a picnic at the door.
He is very excited. The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland A have officially recommended the grill. gate barbecues.
There are three series of American free barbecues, 8-, 12-and 18-
Square inch size.
Other models are available from the folded pocket stove to the Pyromid range of 5x4x1-
Inch package for large Tomahawk cottage stove, collapsed to 24x13x4-inch package.
In addition to charcoal, other forms of fuel such as Sterno or mesquite, alder and hickory forest can be used, and even ordinary old branches.
Pyromid country kitchen shop in Glendora, a selection of Gelson markets, extensive barbecues in Tarzana, Torrance and Sante Fe Springs, Esprit de Cuisine in Pasadena, kitchen in Del Amo Mall in Torrance shopping Mall and kitchen corner of La Canada.
Please call for more information and order (800)824-4288.
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