premium activated charcoal Advertising:

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premium activated charcoal Advertising:
By PHILIP H.DOUGHERTYMAY 1971 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes.com.In Japan, Eastman Kodak is trying to gain a bigger share of the amateur film market from the dominant Fujifilm photo film, and Fuji is here trying to do the same for them.This is international marketing.To help it fight hard against companies that own more than the US market, Fuji turned to the institution founded by Jerry Dela Ferina about a year ago, he is also the author of the famous advertising book, from The Good People Who Gave You Pearl Harbor."In the third month, a team of five people (later joined by Mr)Della Femina herself) on behalf of Della Femina, Travisano & Partners traveled long distances to the client's home country and filmed three advertisements, two in Tokyo and one in the Caojin ski resort.On Friday, at the agency, they showed the finished product to the customer (60 seconds, 30 seconds and 10 seconds for each item, respectively ).The ads include Wendell Lewis, Yasuharu mishiro, akihaba and James L.Zhong, when the attraction was given a double break, they looked at it quietly with great interest.The advertising is the same as the commercial advertising that the agency produced here last year, and the theme is almost included in this line."Because the Japanese are probably the most sensitive eyes to color in the world, they have developed a more sensitive color film ...... The color this movie gives you is as natural as beauty."This statement may be overturned immediately after showing the sights, as neither of the gentlemen hasMishiro nor Mr.What do Mr. Akiko have to say?Chung, a Chinese, commented, "the Fuji movie box looks a bit yellow --Too much red.All three were executives at Fuji photography.S.A.The subsidiary also imported industrial and amateur photography products that Japan was concerned about 36 years ago, but only sold industrial products.Mr.Lewis works for the Ehrenreich photoelectric industry, camera importers and marketers, and Fuji film marketers.Although the film is OK,In all 50 states, Lewis said, receiving print ad support in national photography magazine, television had been used, but until June 1970, in Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston, and Cleveland, where will the new ad be released on June 1.Chicago and Detroit are also expected to become TV markets.Lewis—Compete like he and the giantNot only on the details of the plan, but also very cautious on the advertising budget.However, he did say that the market sales of the first TV show being used to raise brand awareness and recall rates were in good shape.Driven by the intermediary, he added, "it's really good.Advertising Jim Travis, Dick laboui and Bob Giladi form a team of visiting agents to Japan (the other two are directors and his assistants) the professional spirit of the Japanese crew left a deep impression on them.Mr.Giraldi even declared, "This is the best condition for filming commercial ads.By the way, over there.The title of Dela Fermina's book is Madison Avenue murder.Ted Bates & Co.Leaving the current Fifth Avenue block to become the largest agency in Times Square, it will be lightly installed.This is because it will destroy the large amount of paper that advertising agencies have accumulated in 30 years.But don't worry, your client.All the information is saved through the miracle of micro-shooting, micro-shooting, together with the information retrieval system, is supervised by Naremco Services, which is said to understand such things.The American doctor, who may be the most advertised person on Earth, will get another message --And some education and information from the Ayres Lab department of American Home Products.Only those in the field of anesthesia will be the initial beneficiaries of this project, which will produce some electronic video tapes on technology and issues in the field in the coming year.Of course, the name and product of the sponsor will be mentioned.The first box of tape will involve beta adrenaline blocking, which is not the legend of Errol Flynn.The water promotion American brand is putting a lot of advertising into its current water filter premium promotion for tyreton cigarettes.Not only did the company appear in newspapers in coastal areas, it also appeared in expensive magazines such as Life, Sports Illustrated newspapers and the United StatesS.News and World ReportsThis week, it has a back cover on the TV Guide.The ad provides a specially designed water filter, just like the cigarette itself uses charcoal, but it is not like the cigarette is attached to the tap.“This $12.99 value "is only $5.00 and two tarryton wrappers."The title (created by Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn) is" to filter the taste of Tarleton with activated carbon."And, according to the customer, it was designed to take advantage of the current anger in pollution and ecology.What happened recently, because when Herb Maneloveg returned to the world of full service after a year of absence from an independent media service company, people were very interested, may also be interested in what happened to that company.Well, Walter E.Staab, who has served as chairman, was selected as the vacant president of SFM Media Services.Advertising and marketing in the NetherlandsV.It is a new name in the Dutch advertising industry.It was established in Amsterdam by Gray advertising and its international partners, replacing the offices of Dolan and gray Brussels, starting with the five accounts of the office.Accounts of municipal bond companies Accounts head, Jackson, Inc. and LebenthalWarwick & Legler, Inc. kitchen products, United States of AmericaSwedish blockmaker Kembels provides services to dangerous advertising companies.PeopleJames E.Mortensen has been appointed to a new position as manager of Young & rub Nikon, New York.Robert C.Wes was re-elected President of the Transit Advertising Association.J.Jeremiah O'Brien was appointed as the publisher of The Journal of Business Management, a publication by Crowell Colliers and Macmillan.Herb Ballinger was appointed editor/publisher of world coffee and tea magazine.R.Eugene Eddy was appointed vice president of marketing services for RCA consumer electronics.A version of the file was printed on page 47 of the New York edition on May 10, 1971 with the title: Advertising :.
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