propane gas grill with grill cover How to Make a Wind Shield for a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-09

The gas grill allows year-round barbecue and tailgate cooking.In order to keep the flame active and consistent when strong winds appear, it is recommended to use a wind shield or shield.If you have a gas grill with no windshield, make one yourself.The key material of the project is sheet metal.To save extra work, let the hardware shop cut the sheet metal into the required size for your grill.Almost all hardware stores offer free cutting service for sheet metal.Hold the 2x2 metal sheet square with a pair of pliers and hold one side with a glove.Bend the sheet metal to form a half circle.Walk around with pliers and grab the edge of the square.Use your hands and arms to apply pressure to the square and bend the metal.When you mold semi-finished products, use pliers levercircle.When you are ready to place the curved metal plate near the gas grill, cover it with aluminum foil.Foil protects the metal from grease and flame burning on the metal.Insert the bottom edge of the guard into two or three metal clips to make the guard stand upright.Use the side of the grill as support, keep the shield standing and protect the flame on the grill.Reposition the shield when the wind changes direction.
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