propane gas grill with grill cover Sear Thy Steak, Not Thy Neighbor

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propane gas grill with grill cover Sear Thy Steak, Not Thy Neighbor
Suzanne hamlinmay 21,1997 took it and all the people who were on the crazy edge of Memorial Day: don't want to have a barbecue there.No, that is, if your New York City terrace, garden, yard, deck or roof grill is less than 10 feet away from any combustible surface, material or building.You may already be in trouble if you are using propane gas.If you're an old manTrendy and witty New Yorkers Grill on fire exits and you should hand in your hiachi now."A lot of people just don't know the law," says Edmund Cunningham, director of the New York City Fire Department, who oversees the enforcement of fire regulations.A person who violates the barbecue regulations can be quoted for violating the rules, or for more serious violations, obtain a bench appearance ticket and be fined up to $10,000.However, Chief Cunningham acknowledged that "this is an almost unenforceable law" because there are not enough people in the fire department to check every backyard and highHigh rise terrace of the city.In fact, Debra Ferrand, the law enforcement director of the fire department, said, "in the two years I 've been here, I don't remember having issued a subpoena for violating the barbecue.But the department will investigate (718) 694-2540.Propane tank can be confiscatedIt can be ordered to stopfire.The same is true of the park department, which has its own strict rules and regulations prohibiting any barbecue except in the designated areas of each district.Do New Yorkers even care about advertising?Many seem to agree with 27-year-old Johnny Simon Neti.year-He said he lives somewhere on West 23d Street."The first is rent control. now it's barbecue ."Simonetti said.When will it be taken-aways end?He added that despite the rules and regulations, he would continue to grill on his fire exits.A recent survey of several barbecue shops found that many local urbanites seem to know nothing about fire regulations or do not want to know.On Saturday, at Astor Place in Kmart, two young people discussed whether to buy a gas grill for a friend's terrace on 14 th Street.They were told that it was illegal to bring propane gas into a building in New York City, and they were skeptical and refused to say anything more.At Zabar's, an older Upper West Side couple is buying barbecue gloves.They speak only without using their name, acknowledging that for 20 years they have been in their 5-by-eight-foot ninth-floor terrace.''Why not?'' Mr.Asked Grillmaster."For the rent I paid, you can bet that I will continue the barbecue.Shops do not ask questions;They just sell it to potential sniffs.Over the weekend, parks along the Hudson River and the East River were packed with illegal barbecues.Along the Long Island highway, many high smoke emerges from illegal grills.Terrace apartment.Willfulness and lawAccording to the sick Naperville barbecue industry association, law-abiding New Yorkers are part of the national barbecue craze.This is a trading group that represents most manufacturers of grill and accessories and has been following the purchase model since 1977.1987, 68% of households in the country have grills.With at least one grille, the number of people is still rising.The actual number is 1.Donna Meyers, on behalf of the group, said that three grills per household range from $20 to $4,000."Now the barbecue frenzy on the whole land is fantastic, and the outdoor chef hosts 2 barbecues.Madam, there are 7 billion barbecues every year.Meyers says 64% people cook outdoors all year round.The electric grill accounts for only 4% of the total, and the natural gas grill accounts for about 6%.Over the past decade, the ownership of the propane gas grill has risen to 55% of the Grill owner, almost equivalent to the long-standing most popular charcoal grill (56% ).But in New York City, a gas grill using a propane tank is a problem.Buying and selling propane gas in a tank, and not using propane --Grill in a big wellOutdoor ventilation area.But bringing a propane tank into a building in New York City is illegal to refill a propane tank anywhere in the city, or to transport a tank of propane weighing more than a pound through a tunnel or bridge.Air a tank of propane up high.Director Cunningham said anxiously that rise race was legal."But why are you doing this?'' asked Ms.Department executive director Ferrand barbecues with charcoal outside her home in Queens."A can of propane has the power of four explosives.Even an empty can has enough gas left to blow up a house.According to the fire code, all barbecues must be carried out 10 feet or more away from any combustible surface (including building walls, floors, doors and windows.The top and back yards may be legit, but the porches and terraces under the hanging structure are not legit.Barbecue is illegal on any fire passage, regardless of its size.Fire escape should be away from obstacles at all times.Roof grilling is allowed as long as the roof surface is on fire-Flame retardant (unqualified tar) and 10-Follow the foot rules.Anyone who cooks outdoors must have a quick way to put out the fire.The fire department says the best equipment includes a hose attached to the faucet, a bucket full of four gallons of water and a fire extinguisher.Of course, children and small animals should stay away from the barbecue area.The Grill in use should not be left unattended.Tie the rope of the apron."People should not wear beautiful shirts," said director Cunningham .""Wait until the food is cooked and take out the paper tray and tablecloth.Although the fire department did not list the number of fires caused by the barbecue as a form, director Cunningham said, "it did happen."The park is a fortress for outdoor dining celebrations. how about it?Speaking at the park department, Steve McQueen said: "There are a lot of illegal barbecue activities outside ." He said the park law enforcement patrol issued a subpoena and fined $50 to $200.Each municipality has a designated legal area for barbecues, provided that persons aged 18 or over are barbecued, not under or within 10 feet of a tree, or in open or ground firesIn Manhattan, there is a designated barbecue area in the St area.Nicholas and Inwood Park and Ward Island.New York City get a list of sites for each municipality by dialing (800) 201-7275 kilometers from the city.For those who are truly determined, they simply cannot resist the dry friction of the grill, pliers, forks, gloves, charcoal fire appetizers, sauces and packaged, not to mention the call of urban wildlife this street is always there.Most public sidewalks are legal places for barbecues."As long as you obey 10-Rule of foot, the grill is not under the tree, it is O.K.Said director Cunningham.But the danger on the sidewalk, while not so dangerous, can be equally serious.Panting dogs and the owners of their omnivores may be as difficult to calm as a fire.We are constantly improving the quality of text archives.Please send feedback, error reports, and suggestions to archid_feedback @ nytimes.com.A version of this article appears on page C00001, country edition, May 21, 1997, with the title: burn your steak, not your neighbor.
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