propane grill with searing main burner How to Roast Beef on a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-26
propane grill with searing main burner How to Roast Beef on a Gas Grill
Roast beef on the gas grill adds a wonderful smoky flavor to the roast beef.Cook the outside of the barbecue with high heat, form a delicious shell, and then cook slowly with indirect heat to ensure delicious, tender and juicy results every time.Usually, when the fat in the meat drops onto the hot rock above the burner, you get a smoky flavor, but when you do a big cut with indirect heat, the rock is not that hot, there are fewer cigarettes.Solution?Add the soaked pieces of wood to the grill to ensure it is more smoky.Prepare and remove the grill from the refrigerator 60 minutes before the BBQ time.This keeps the barbecue warm at room temperature.Soak two cups of wood in cold water for 15 minutes.Drain the potato chips and put them in a metal wood chip box, which can be bought at the place where the grill is sold.Instead, you can make your own wooden case with heavy aluminum foil and fold it up to make a 6-Square inch boxSeal the box with aluminum foil.Punch holes in the lid with a fork to let the smoke escape.Preheat the gas grill to a medium height for at least 15 minutes and the lid is closed.Pat and dry with paper towels.Rub the entire surface of the barbecue with salt, fresh ground pepper and any dry season you want.Before the grill, rub the entire grill with oil, including corners and gaps.Scrape the grill clean with a grill brush and wipe oil on the grill with a paper towel.Place pieces of wood near the hottest part of the grill so there is room for the grill.The gas grill places the grill in the center of the grill, scorched on both sides and roasted on each side for two minutes.When you turn the baking tray, avoid poking holes in the baking tray, because this will promote the loss of juice.During the roasting process, close the grill cover, open the grill briefly, and turn the grill only.Turn down the main burner to medium and turn off other burners.Move the grill to the cooler part of the grill with the fat side facing up.Move the wood piece directly to the burner.Push the meat thermometer for instant readings into the grill so that the tip is in the middle of the grill, away from any bones.If you have one, put an oven thermometer on the grill.Close the lid and cook the barbecue for about 15 minutes per pound or until the meat thermometer reads 120 to 125 degrees, which is medium rare.Transfer the barbecue on the grill to the plate.Cover it loosely with aluminum foil and let it rest for 15 minutes before engraving.Slice the harder roast meat.
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