Quick-Fix Welding for a Broken BBQ Grill - gas plancha bbq - 2 burner bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
Quick-Fix Welding for a Broken BBQ Grill  -  gas plancha bbq - 2 burner bbq grill
A few weeks ago, the metal plate at the bottom of my grill broke down.This piece distributes the heat of the burner.Without it, the grill is useless.The blue propane flame is only the cooking part of vegetables, fish or meat.I like to fix things, but I don't like to list things to fix.For this kind of problem, I usually order the $40 part and finish it.However, there is no replacement part at all.This manual will detail how to solve this problem using basic metal processing technology.The electric tools I use are the sandmachine, the horizontal belt and the MIG welder.This is a quick and dirty way to solve this problem.After all, it's the bottom of my grill.It took less than an hour for the repair.All two pieces of steel in the grill: an inner circle board and an outer ring suitable for the grill shell.These were originally held by eight thin labels as a whole, and after two years of moderate use, they suddenly fell off.I decided to find some scrap steel and cut eight replacement tags and big nailsWeld them to the plate.The width of each label is about 1/2.It is much easier to weld steel with the same specifications (thickness.I found out with calipers that the BBQ plate is 1/8 steel.I found a matching scrap for the label.I measured and marked several 1/2 intervals by hand.There are more accurate ways to do this, such as using steel blue, scribe and some sort of square.But it was a quick dirty fix, so I used a piece of metal as my ruler and shark.Horizontal band saw is the best tool for this work.The 1/2 "block does not allow enough space to accommodate a fence with a vertical band saw.I cut 10 pieces (I cut 2 more just in case ).I didn't spend much time making sure the cut was correct, so some pieces came off a little.Once again, there is time for perfection.This is not one of them.These parts are too small to be used safely on a Sander.I put them in the vise.To remove sharp burrs, file each one.Time: 5 minutes.All surfaces need to be cleaned before welding, and a layer of viscous gas is covered on the BBQ board.Using the sandblasting tool, I cleaned up the area to be welded.I verified with a magnet that this is indeed steel, not other types of metal.I tried this before sandblasting, but all BBQ g stopped the magnet from working properly.Yes, it's made of steel.Phew.I used other scrap metal sheets to support the metal sheet on the welding table.Because the shape of this barbecue board is curved, it is difficult to clamp.I will do some fixing fixtures if I pursue perfection, but it doesn't matter.I tack-The first label on this piece was welded using the settings on the 1/8 "steel welding chart.I don't really have a way to practice other than running beads on a 1/8 piece of steel (which I did.How did you weld it?Take a look at this popular note.When welding, you usually want to weld on the opposite side rather than in a circular pattern.This will make it more likely that your two pieces will be aligned correctly.There are more staples for each piece.There are some gaps, but I am able to bridge them without difficulty.This is the finished product.This is not very beautiful, but the weld has proper penetration.There are some extra pieces of metal on the top of the plate, from some arc.I cleaned this up with a brush.Done.I hope this is helpful!For more information on my actual art project, you can find me here: @ kildall orwww.kildall.
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