reader recs: worldâx80x99s best street food - the best charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
reader recs: worldâx80x99s best street food  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
As recognition of the "society"'s concern for food for a year, we ask our National Geographic Travel Facebook fans to share the best lip language
Smacking street eats their samples worldwide.
Their answers made us want more.
Want to book a ticket to Southeast Asia).
So, eat some snacks and join us on our world tour.
Jack L.
We started drooling in Nepal.
Steamed dumplings worth calling momos.
These delicious dough pockets are usually stuffed with meat stuffing, as well as vegetables or traditional Himalayan cheese chhurpi with dipping sauce.
Jack suggests taking a plate to share with your companion as this street food is delicious and cheap and enjoyable.
When it comes to dumplings, Anthony O.
Breakfast buns to Chengdu, China are recommended.
He wrote that these spicy dumplings have changed a lot compared to the relatively bland ones in other parts of China, and are good food to wake up on a cold morning.
Thanks to Safia H. , Trinidad and Tobago is on the list.
He talked endlessly about the doubles.
This popular snackand-
A delicious sandwich, or a food explosion (
As Safia said)
Consisting of two fried flatbread filled with curry chickpeas (channa)
Mango chutney, cucumber, coconut and chili sauce are often served on it.
Unsurprisingly, as expected, the street food in Thailand ranked high among our fans. Aaron F.
It is recommended to hike to Chiang Mai night market in northern Thailand, where you can dine at various stalls and sell all the food from Thai green curry to cricket. âx80x9d Julie S.
I agree the night market is a must.
Visit and quote the fresh fruit smoothies provided there as a highlight.
Not surprisingly, our Facebook fans have always enjoyed India. Rajesh S.
If you are looking for the best street food in the country, it is recommended to go to Chandni Chowk in 'Delhi in delhi.
This popular market offers a varietysnacks)
From dahi vada (
Fried fritters soaked in delicious yogurt)
To the flat bread known as the palenta. Juan H.
In Lima, Peru, piccailong's speech has aroused our interest.
Visiting 'plazuelachabuca grand a' will satisfy your desire for what he says is A warm donut made with honey syrup.
It seems that every time we ask about the local cuisine, a dish from the Philippines will surprise it: "balut ". Spacey J.
Praise for hard
Cooked duck egg embryo, its name comes from the Malay word "parcel" and it is recommended to clean the delicious food with a bottle of beer.
While it may be possible to upset some people, Jomar B.
Share Spacey J.
Love of balut, known as the delicious and healthy street food. âx80x9dAna F.
It is difficult for her to pick her favorite street food in Porto, Portugal, so she recommends starting with trying bacalhau (codfish)
Fresh bread and cheese.
To solve this problem, you can continue to eat French sandwiches made of ham, sausage, barbecue and beer sauce.
Do we need to say more?
Do you want pork and noodles?
Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam, to Erin F.
The most popular street food: snacks.
We met a lady in the old town who was barbecuing the best food
She wrote that the smell of pork patties on the charcoal roast made her discover the fun of the barbecue.
We made a list of US and visited Malaya and tasted Agnes O.
All right notes are said.
Agnes said that if the fragrant rice dishes cooked with coconut milk and equipped with various equipment are not successful, Southeast Asian countries will still serve you.
From sweet to salty, from spicy to soothing ,[Country has]
A variety of street food for your taste.
What's the best street food you 've ever had? Where can we taste it?
Leave your answer in the comments section in order to have the opportunity to appear on smart travel.
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