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readers\' guide: london  -  6 burner bbq built in
Lonely Planet writes that whether you are pursuing culture, history, fashion or entertainment, you will find it in London.
Some cities are naturally great;
Others have a lot of pressure on them.
In the long history, London has successfully achieved these two goals.
Although this large metropolis has naturally grown into a global behemoth, it has always shown its ability to endure in adversity.
Although it is one of the world's most tenacious root plants, London is also so far together --
Achieve tradition with a vibrant modernization.
Imagine that the hugely successful Tate Modern is facing St Paul's Cathedral across the Millennium Bridge, imagining postcard views of the world's oldest elected Parliament through the spokes of the London Eye observation wheel, or looking at sci-
From London's medieval tower through the River Thames's fi town hall-
Shows a confident 21-
Century London has gained a foothold beyond its famous tradition.
London's wide influence has earned it the title of "a city's world", but the place has a great depth.
Of course, this is not just a popular attraction such as Westminster Abbey or Victoria and Albert Museum;
There are also small and quirky gems like the Wallace Collection and the old theater museum.
The spacious, neatly trimmed Royal Park is complemented by noisy, chaotic street markets;
The cozy Victorian bar blends into a stylish cocktail bar;
Everything was calm from Clerkenwell's nightclub to Brixton's revelry to the shopping of Shoreditch and high brow theater on the South Bank.
Such a complex geographical environment, coupled with its vast expanse, may make London seem scary at first.
However, whether you are there for a few days, a few years or a lifetime, the trick is to accept that no one can really "know" the collection of villages that make up this mega city, and find a suitable position for yourself. So, breathe in.
It's time to start exploring the many possibilities of this fascinating, foreverchanging city.
Essential to London
Stroll through Hampstead Heath
Parliament House-
Ride on the London Eye
The Great Court of the British Museum
From Tate Modern to St Paul, London from Lonely Planet (5th edition)
Sarah Johnston, $32. 95.
According to people who have been there, your popular attractions in London.
Visit the super tour of Westminster Abbey, led by a tourist. It costs ? 5 ($A12)
In addition to the entrance fee, it also provides a wealth of information to take you to places that cannot be reached elsewhere, such as a shrine containing the tomb of St. Edward's confessor.
The Super Tour lasts 90 minutes, after which you can stroll through the monastery in your leisure time.
Peter Robinson, you can really understand the story of London from prehistoric to modern at the London Museum (
Not the British Museum
Near St Paul subway station.
There are wonderful interactive displays, including a fire in London in 1666.
You can hear the true story of how Londoners went through this tragedy and see some 17 th
Century fire equipment.
Last check-out by Mary Adler
The TKTS stand in Leicester Square offers a minute discount for the West End show.
TKTS has two windows, one is the matinee and the other is the evening show.
Christopher ojalast March is in London and we think it is a good idea to buy tickets in advance to avoid queuing. We pre-
Buy tickets at the London Eye Ferris wheel's main travel office "flying" at four o'clock P. M. , but still have to queue up for more than half an hour.
However, we do avoid joining a separate queue at the ticket office.
Melinda Dawson we can recommend a walk in London.
Are we on foot in Greenwich?
It took more than three hours.
You don't have to book-
Appears at the designated meeting place.
The website is Margaret holzwoz, and after Heathrow was the National Express bus to Victoria station, we found the most convenient way to go to London.
Good location and good room.
We spent a week in London in July.
We chose the apartment. theapartments. co. uk)
Chelsea Plaza de la Cott
There are five adults here, modern and clean, and most importantly close to Sloane Square station.
This week's Jo higinstip gets your bearings from the top of St. Paul's Cathedral (not the Eye).
Spend the day strolling through the cobblestone streets of literary Bloomsbury, where Yates and Virginia Wolff walk daily.
Don't miss seeing the stunning Rosetta Stone and Elgin marble at the British Museum and the nearby British Library, as well as tons of work from the Magna Carta and Shakespeare to the Beatles.
End the day with a glass of red wine at Queen Larder Bar in downtown Bloomsbury, Queen Square.
Is there anything to add to Lynn Green and Patrick Hannan in the London guide?
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There are a few dark moments when I question the wisdom of using a budget carrier.
I usually sit in a crowded lounge at London Gatwick Airport and fight for the lined elbow room as I prepare to rush for a decent seat on my dirty jet.
Really, there are a lot of things to complain about when it comes to Ryanair, Jetstar, or any one that is 20 square feet low
Air Asia.
It would be a nightmare if they didn't assign seats.
Service usually goes from bad to bad.
You have to pay extra for a damp egg sandwich.
No entertainment.
The buck party behind you has been throwing empty beer cans in your seat.
These are valid reviews, but as far as I'm concerned, budget airlines are the biggest thing that has happened since Lisa Robertson's international trip. (
By the way, the other night I spoke to the crew manager of a very large airline and he told me that this kind of thing is much more than most people realize.
Why are all the fun for first class travelers? )
Anyway, come back to the topic.
Living in a place like Australia, the best thing about cheap airlines is that we can get to a foreign country.
For example, spend two weeks in Japan, or a week in Vietnam, or even a few days in Phuket, you don't have to take the salary of the Mac Bank.
It opens up a whole new market for long trips
While it's not always a good thing when you consider some knobs that are now running in various tourist destinations.
For trips like me (
And most readers of this blog)
, It's great to know that I don't have to save years for an amazing holiday.
After a few months of hard work, I am going to Osaka.
In a few months, I'm going to London thanks to the oasis in Hong Kong.
The shortcomings that trouble others have not really affected me at all.
I don't care about a little less legroom.
If that means I can fly cheaply, I will put up with this discomfort.
I don't care if the food is junk-
In any case, it's on most major carriers.
I don't care if the Jetstar flight to Melbourne feels like they 've landed somewhere near Canberra.
I don't care if I can't watch the replay from my friends.
I don't even care that the local football team is lined up in the back so they can spit in the toilet.
Most likely, I only spent about 20 squid from London to Prague.
You just can't say that.
The best thing to do is close your eyes and put some headphones in your ears and think about the first pints of pearner urquire.
However, there is one aspect of budget airlines that is worrying, and unfortunately the tragedy in Thailand last week has drawn attention.
Great budget travel-
But do some airlines also adopt a "budget" approach to safety?
I'm not an expert on Air Asia safety standards, but last week's incident did make you think. And worry.
I don't know about you, but to know that an airline is taking all possible safety precautions, I won't complain about spending a few more dollars on my ticket.
Here we almost take the safety of the airline for granted, but either way I get extra tension --
The engine airlines I took in Asia had a bit of turmoil. Low-
Travel expenses are one thing.
But I will pay any price to make sure I get to the other end.
Do you use a budget carrier?
Is there any horror story? Or do you think this is a way?
Hope you like backpacker blogs.
There will be a new era. com.
Au every Wednesday, to make it a little easier for you, remind you why you go to work at the beginning: save enough money to get out of here!
If you think I missed any good travel topics, please write to me at bgroundwater @ fairfax. com. au.
Miss Snow, all of this and her minions have been looking for the best snow in the Australian ski resort this season.
The first best prize for the 2007 Snow Award is not about who likes Miss Snow.
Miss Snow, it's all acknowledged that while the winner may be her personal favorite ski-style mountain or resort or may not be her personal favorite mountain or resort, but they are.
Based on her and her minions experience across Australia in 2007, these awards are just Miss Snow's choice.
Can't award everyone or they won't, just ask Tom Cruise.
This year's snow kiss is for those who have made the list but have not taken the loot home.
Please note that Miss Snow, it all costs thousands of dollars for treatment, so the best Winners of 2007 snow winners are final, really. . . .
Best snow land Award winner in Australia: Super trail in ThredboThredbo, the longest ski race in Australia has something for everyone, from green to black, in one race, you can choose where to go.
Snow kiss: the combing of Falls Creek, the expanded terrainBEST snow award won by NZ sher Blue on the terrain of piste, New Zealand winner: cardronaCardrona's super-decorated open run is true self-skiing, remain in the original state.
If you can't get down the mountain like a ski God, then you might consider a new sport.
Snow kiss: The high-pitched egg roll spread Lafir meets Pett's treat in the Saddle Basin. the beginner terrain of coronet Peak has improved. Turoa's Snowbird and Broadway and small bowl running are opened by the new noon high-speed cable car.
Winner of the best skiing Award at piste accessible ski resort, Australia: the hottam Mountain Extreme area, which includes Mary's slide and the ridge of goticah, mixed with steeps, trees, narrow and surprising Creek side crossing, it takes speed there to cross the stream without falling into it.
Snow kiss: best ski Award at Buller Hill and ThredboBEST ski resort, NZWinner: craigieburncraieburn club field, even in a poor snow year, this rope drag can also be used to ship goods with unadorned slides, ridges and open bowls.
Snow kiss: winner of the outstanding finger slot, Motatapu slot for treble cones, Whakapapa spires, south face of Hutt Mountain, snow break river Award for Australian terrain park: it's hard to beat four terrain parks and a super pipe that's worth the opening of Burton.
Snow kiss: Waterfall Creek is the winner of the New Zealand terrain park best bus in the snow Award: snow park.
Snow kiss: Cardrona, because it is FIS Superpipe, Remarkables snow park technology, designed "snow kiss" for non-skiing or Panshan activities"
Winner of Australia: hotamsno snow kiss snow cat sunset champagne tour: pipe city in Perisher, trip to Falls Creek beautician, snowshoe summit in Buller Schnapps due to non-skiing
NZWinner: at the tranquil Ridge Ice House Megaplex in Whakapapa, the six-room Summit Ice House hotel experience includes sunset views from the summit ice house, three courses
Snow kiss: ozone pipeline for RemarkablesPlease please note that this category of criteria means that this activity must be provided by the ski area of the snow sports school improvement program in Australia: a 7-hour private course this season, video analysis and lunch snow kiss: Mim Sodergren Women's Weekly Falls Creek, Thredbo Super Sessions, Buller's youth snow sports school improvement program best snow Award New Zealand winner: Big mountain ConeSnow kisses by Jeff small treble: switch College in TC and snow park, New Zealand snow girl, Treble Cone ASAP project, Burton freestyle project in Remarkables, best snow award in family Hill-
Australian winner: Children's Project at Waterfall CreekFalls Creek, beginner terrain in theme park style, three Milo wonder carpets including a fully covered Pro
Label children's daily Development Update, child care center, ice house, trendy Fox Trail through magic snow gum forest, and "piton ".
"Pete has attracted record crowds, has his own CD and a range of promotional outfits, and his Peter Dragon shows the swing of the kindergarten.
Snow kiss: best snow Blue Award in family Mountain-
NZWinner: There are four children's centers in CardronaCardrona, including an independent littlies children's development center and a 4-
8-year-old and another independent pre-8-year-old children's club
Electronic entertainment for children aged 14.
Along with the innovative children's ski school program, Cardrona is a clear winner in New Zealand.
Best snow scene for holiday sites-
Australian player: www. hotham. com.
Best resort sites in snow-NZWinner: www. nzski.
2007 ski sports or towels make the mountain the best.
If the guests are smiling, they are also smiling.
Wish everyone a happy life!
Australia: Falls Creek Wines, New Zealand: best winner of Snow Peak Award for Australian mountain restaurant: Carrera Hute, thredboA consistent cuisine, favorite is The Mountain deck in the middle, it's easy to get stuck in the afternoon.
Snow kiss: Koflers sunbathing PerisherBEST's Nuo award for mountain dining, New Zealand champion at the time of death at Bulle, Mountain House sredbo, base 1720: treble ConeA daily replacement menu with fresh produce, and provide thoughtful dining options for health conscious, family and hangover.
Snow kiss: Cardrona's noodle bar, coronet et Peak, the wool restaurant in SnowPak, really started this year, almost through a comprehensive overhaul of their basic restaurant services and cuisine
Rumors say that next year will only get better, miss the snow and all the hips can't wait.
Best snow winner at country restaurant in Australia: Daman Trebo.
This restaurant is opened by itself this season.
Innovative and unpretentious dishes focused on taste.
Snow, all the big gun restaurants have tried and few people are close.
Kiss of snow: Grimes Bulle Hill pension in samitric Falls Creek, white room in Dinner Plain Tsubo Hotham, Cabin restaurant in Charlotte Parth best, real dishes in amisfield honest, designed to share with others through chilled wine.
Amisfield itself is safe in restaurants that try to impress.
Snow kiss: Crowne Plaza Wai 360, Australia apres Bar best ski Award Winner: Oishi Go, green tea cocktail named after Japanese history class, geisha girls taste beer from xurri and yakuri at five o'clock P. M, serve mustard wedges and samurai.
Snow kiss: Yate vodka bar is in falls, read the reading bar of Denman ThredboBEST in the snow Award, New Zealand champion: the House of eichardt BarApres is traditionally when the elevator is closed, so what we call the House bar at Eichardt because it has burning fire, Lake sunset view, cubic leather
Any time later than five o'clock P. M. , this is the public competition of 120 franchisees within one square kilometer of Queenstown.
Snow kiss: The bunker is the best lychee martini in Queenstown, but the bar doesn't open until very late, which excludes it.
Methven's forest cottage is a valuable competitor, a season when the Austrian ski team's entourage called it their drinking hole, the rest of the time the ski time was recognized
Ohakune will be a bar crawl if it is not a super smooth projection room.
Hotel Cardrona offers a drink of wine on your snow boots.
Best snow award for Alpine spa-
Australian winner: Dinner Plain Hot Spring Resort & SpaSnow kiss: Alpine spa Award-Endota Spa at CreekBEST Huski falls
New Zealand dollar: milbrooks kiss spa-
Le Spa at body sanctuary and Sofitel Queenstown, Queensland best snow village accommodation Award, Australian winner: Production store HuskiWith, Endota Spa and uber luxury interiors.
New Zealander chic snow village accommodation best snow Award Winner: SpireIt started service last year, but returned to the podium with impeccable attention, hotel room guests did not want to leave, staff five steps ahead of the guests.
Snow kiss: Sofitel Queenstown, private hotel in Eichardt, Whare Kea Lodge.
The season will end in Australia and New Zealand in the next few weeks, and now it's time to look north at powder playgrounds in countries like Japan, Canada, the United States, Europe, etc.
This is a great season for all seasons, and the ski resorts in Australia are planning to make more improvements during the summer heavy snow, all of which are already looking forward to 2008.
Do you agree with the best award for 2007 Snow Award?
Who do you think should win but not?
Lonely Planet wrote that Istanbul is a melting pot of culture, an ancient city with a modern style.
The main city of Turkey is like a juicy sugar
Just waiting for a sip of the swallowed lokum.
Rose water, pistachios, almonds, cinnamon and more
The richness, sophistication and tranquility of the exotic East
But its packaging is different, reminiscent of the fine boxed food sold by Paris's famous food shops, Buddha or London's Fortnum and Mason.
Food is a proper analogy when discussing Istanbul, not only because the city offers a confusing and consistent array of excellent taste buds temptations, but also because Istanbul is a banquet even if you don't eat.
You can marvel at the greatest examples of Byzantine art and architecture in the world, immerse yourself in the world of seralio as you cross the palace, or lose yourself in the maze-like Grand Bazaar --
On the first day.
The best way to explore the city is by foot.
As you walk, you will hear the muezzins duel sound at the top of the tower and ferry --
The speakers and sound systems of the House and shops, each of which is covered by constant and infectious laughter and lively dialogue.
The history of the city seems to be magically displayed in front of passers-. by.
You will see the Byzantine court-style reservoirs and churches, the Ottoman hamams and mosques, and the 19 th
Century decorations blossom everywhere.
On any street, there may be a traditional Turkish meyhane packed with noisy family groups, a bistro offering international fusion food to Prada --
A couple in a suit, an ay bahesi (cafe)
Full of drugs.
Men and cappuccino in Anatolia
Cafe that provides catering services to headscarf customers-adorned women.
Despite their education, income, interest, religion and (sometimes)
The language may be different, and each of these people is truly Istanbullu.
Together, they made the city a friendly, inclusive, exciting and wonderful place.
Will not less
St. Sofia Cathedral, the most famous monument in Turkey
The most magnificent Ottoman mosque, Suleiman KamiKariye Muzesi (Chora Church)-
Kadesh (
Independence Avenue)
Fourth edition of Lonely Planet from Virginia Maxwell. $32. 95.
According to people who have been there, your top TIPSThe attractions.
SeeIstanbul is full of history and culture and beautiful architecture of the Ottoman Empire, but one of my favorite things to do is go shopping in Grand Bazaar.
Try to relax in the Turkish bathroom when you need a break.
The great bazaar and spice market is full of color, vitality and history.
However, in order to emphasize that Turkey is a contrasting country, both ancient and incredibly modern, tourists should also look for modern shopping centers, especially Kanyon (kanyon. com. tr).
This is an extraordinary architectural miracle of futurism.
Bernard chapmanmaris is an awesome island of culture, beaches and the hustle and bustle of the Mediterranean.
Locals go to the beach until nine o'clock A. M. and then sleep until five o'clock P. M. because it is easy to reach 45 degrees of heat.
After that, at the market and the seaside restaurant, life started, dinner was served from ten o'clock P. M. and the children could run all the way until two o'clock A. M!
Daniela hebushdo missed the underground reservoir, built in AD532, the largest Byzantine reservoir that survived in Islamabad.
See Istanbul from a different perspective.
Jacqueline GardinerThe Grand Bazaar is a must-
There are only less than 4000 stores.
Just a few steps from the fair is the Blue Mosque located opposite the cathedral of St. Sofia.
It was a great day trip to the Prince Islands by boat along the Bosphorus.
If you want to see some real mosaics, it's $1.
50 take the bus to Edirnekapi, get off at the penultimate stop and follow the nearby sign "Kariye Muzesi "(Chora Church). A 300-
Within a metre walk you can reach the church, one of the best churches in Turkeykept secrets.
Where's Tim Renault for us-
In its 1960 s, the timer for traveling from Europe to the east, the pudding shop in Islamabad is a mandatory stopover.
Car Deals, hiking, making friends and enjoying food.
This restaurant is located in the center of Sultanahmet and has been upgraded but still has the same atmosphere.
See the pudding shop. com.
Traditional Turkish fares (inclusive)
Including hot bread in the oven
You can't walk past the Four Seasons Hotel Mette in Yeni Yildiz.
Follow your meal with some apple tea, BBK games (tavla)
And puffs on water pipes (narghile).
David GyorkiGo goes to the Galata Bridge on the Bosphorus to eat a fish sandwich.
People on the starboard side of the boat catch fish and cook a barbecue at the port.
For $1, match onion, green pepper or lemon juice in a hard-skinned white roll.
In February, I came to this beautiful city for the fourth time.
I recommend this hotel.
It is close to Tasim square, a busy and important part, surrounded by cafes, bars, shops and restaurants.
Dean sheheh, who lives in Sultanahmet district, allows you to walk to many must-go places
See sights: Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque, St. Sofia Cathedral, Arena, Topkapi Palace (above)
And an underground reservoir.
The main street, Divan Yolu Caddesi, boasts first-class kofte house, coffee, Turkish cuisine and souvenir shops, and restaurants abound.
John and Nella Turnbull are staying at the Orient Express hotel and enjoy the views and sounds of the magical city from the rooftop bar at dusk.
It is within walking distance of Blue Mosque, St. Sofia Cathedral, Yerebatan water tank, covered market, Topkapi Palace and spice market.
Nielsine OxenfordTaxisBeware taxi driver's "broken" meter.
Make sure they are at the beginning of the journey.
Go out if they start knocking on the watch.
Most taxi drivers are honest but unfortunately some are unscrupulous.
We found some drivers pretending we didn't give them enough money.
You give them the right money, tip them, they will trick you and tell you that you gave them a five lira note instead of a 50 lira note!
Then they want you to pay a little more.
In order to avoid this, count the money.
If you forget, we find that getting the police involved will allow them to quickly change their story.
I stress that this does not happen very often, and usually the Turks are the most generous and charming people.
Does Bernard ChapmanTip take a bath or not for a week?
Located near the top of the Great Bazaar, Cemberlitas on Divanyolu Street is an authentic hamam.
Upon entering you will get a key that will be placed in your private locker room where your belongings are safe.
My advice is not to massage some people look bad
Determined to make sure they bring some pain while enjoying their happiness.
They always hope to get a tip afterwards, which can be awkward.
It's best to enjoy the hot weather just by paying about $12 for the entrance fee.
Does Robert Beatty have anything to add to the Istanbul guide?
Post your comments below.
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Miss SIA met an Austrian ski coach who was once called Mueck.
Well, anyway, that's what she called him, and it sounds good to yell "mushi mueck" at the wind on the Hill.
In the real Austrian ski instructor style she will ask him if it's hot and he will answer "Yes I'm hot and I'm hot "(
When he spoke English, he couldn't speak clearly, or did he speak lithp? )
A serious and serious style.
Miss SIA asked him about his conquest during each ski season in his native town of Tirol, and how he managed to take care of the women who undoubtedly fell under his feet.
Munk replied, "I told her this is the thimble --
I love you, but I love you.
"When the snow melts and the classic break-up line comes up again, I can hear the heartbreaking voices across Australia.
The pain is not just the person who loves, Miss SIA and her own melancholy, known as PMS-
Back Mountain syndrome
If this season is a lover, then Australia is definitely a man and New Zealand is a woman. . . .
Like male conquistors, Australia has performed strongly this season, reaching its peak in early June, dropping by more than a hundred centimeters, reaching its peak again in July and reaching third again in August.
Since the second half of August, Australia has spent it, but just as it seems that snow has disappeared forever, like an unstable lover, he came back again last week for some mini love, laugh at us with some spring moves that we know will never last.
The whole season in New Zealand is moody and takes a long time to get started, with a slight amount of powder purring from time to time, with artificial fake stuff on it.
She took the time to reach the peak, but when she did it, she performed well and produced a truly spectacular collection of snow piles in late August and early September.
Men or women, it looks like they have all spent and are ready to sleep because of their efforts to perform for their loved ones.
You know when you spend more time on tussock than on white stuff, the season is over, and when you need snorkeling and flipper, when the sun is high, when the number of tourists drops, you can talk to tired barmen, tired lifties smile.
All good things must be over, but those who are addicted to snow live in a cycle of revelry and washing.
Miss Snow, all of this has been touring for ten weeks, overeating on pink snow in Australia in July and dry dumps in New Zealand in early September, inhaling apres lifestyle like Labrador, facing the open food cabinet door.
When people ask, "How long have you been traveling?
She will call five kilograms.
"Living in a suspended reality is very high.
Snow Town is a fantasy town designed to make visitors forget their real life and enjoy a great time.
Miss Snow, it's all written before her faith that the ski industry attracts the submitters, The Drifters, who can't sit still in a season's time.
She realized that she might be writing about herself.
For Miss Snow, the whole day of the season is August 4, in love T-
Pure dry calf powder snow fresh line bar.
She couldn't believe it was Australia.
After visiting the snow fields of Canterbury, New Zealand, she thought her season was over until she arrived at the best terrain in New Zealand, and the Arrowsmiths of Bolton's favorite arven Heli Skiing thought Christmas was coming early.
All the days before were eclipsed (
Even the Waterfall Creek day when I ski with Prince Steve Lee)
In September 6, when she boarded a private helicopter with three partners and a personal ski coach Simon Wilkinson, she boarded the Star Island Guide.
There are also mysterious people Tarn Pilkington and heli Ski Guides on the helicopter, three SIA teammates and a helicopter pilot from Heli, South Lake.
On September 4, a snowstorm in the Southwest hit the south pole, bringing extremely thick dry snow and a lot of snow to the Alps in southern New Zealand.
Next is the super Frost of 36 hours, when we get to the top of Jane, there is not enough water to keep the snowball, and there is no other soul.
This day will be in history.
Miss SIA knows that when all conditions are consistent, this is a problem at the right place at the right time.
She knew she had missed some epic days.
If she goes to Arrowsmiths after the perfect storm, not the South Alps, then that day of the season is there.
If she is skiing at the McKay Mountain in Falls Creek at the end of July after the legendary dump, it will be there.
It's not always about the snow situation either, it's about who you ski.
There are too many Apres nights this season to choose from.
It is playing a homemade Jenga game "extreme tumbling Tower" with a complex set of rules designed to ensure that nudie is in the burn area of the remote Craigieburn Mountains
Maybe dancing in the bar at Queenstown bar, watching rugby in someone's garage stands, or doing my moves on the floor at Keller bar?
My love has left me, and this time next week I will squeeze the things left by the Spring Festival in Mount Hutt.
October 1 will be the time to look north, I hate infidelity, but when the South no longer sends girls to other places to stimulate.
What is your magical moment of the season?
Do you like skiing or snowboarding best?
What's your highlight?
Did you love and lose, or did you find love for life?
Which resort excites you and which makes you cry on your pillow?
Share with Miss SIA.
The best snow wins will be announced on Monday, September 24.
Queenstown in New Zealand is built for Miss Snow, not just for four ski resorts.
Figure 1 120 certified enterprises within square kilometers are within swilling distance from each other.
It's enough to hide her liver.
Miss Snow, it's all the first to say she likes a drink or twenty, so imagine being a World Cup winner with a cocktail of under 42
Related to her travel date on Island.
Well, imagine if they didn't. . .
Then imagine miss SIA massaging her itinerary to make sure they have the same dates.
Skiing and drinking like tequila and salt, vodka and gold without stirring, oysters and champagne, germest and Red Bull, dancing and midnight like beroc
My name is miss snow, I only know the 12 steps from the bar to the taxi, it is not a straight line. . .
The first time you encounter the infamous apres scene in Queenstown, it is likely that you will need a holiday home at the rehabilitation center.
At first glance, it seems that the whole drinking scene is brought to you by the letter "B.
Boiler, bar code, Brazil, bamouda, Besu, bunker. . . .
You see.
The fact is that other members of the alphabet are represented by surrealism, Monti, 12 bars, yacht clubs, etc.
In a small town, harmony is important, where everyone speaks with vowels at midnight, and only others who have also cashed their vowels in the bar can understand.
In just the past week, the motto is "Eat deception", 42 bartenders from around the world compete for the grand prize of bartenders and become 42 cocktail manufacturers below the World Championship.
For those unfamiliar, the following 42 are New Zealand-branded vodka, which was sold to Bacardi in 2006 for $0. 138 billion.
This is a very impolite marketing for a product driven by viral events and trendy public events, with the slogan "below work" and other brands that make you smile and create unforgettable.
Is the taste good?
How do you know when 42 cents of alcohol is mixed with pineapple, mustard, lychee, cinnamon, cream, etc?
To put it bluntly, it's more like "Hello, I'm here" than I'm talking to you "?
In any case, the bank manager of founder Jeff Ross is happy.
The bartender is a gorgeous vocabulary of barman.
The extra two syllables take them to the iconic position with a matching attitude.
It is no longer possible to get gin and tonic. it must be Bombay Sapphire with organic lemon peel in it. it is placed in a cocktail glass full of Mandarin. there are some strange things outside the Cup.
Little Miss SIA prefers her straw to put in there, where she can suck things outside of the air.
Cocktails can make people.
Martinez defines James Bond, and Shirley Temple has a virgin named after her, even Miss Snow.
The name says everything)
On the drinks menu at the tip of the tower
The celebrity bartender, who has surpassed celebrity chefs, now leads the field with Angus Winchester, whose Alconomics company supports the "combination of spiritual science and entertainment business ".
"I'm not the only journalist looking for a cocktail hour in Queenstown.
The following 42-year-old enterprising marketer invited more than 40 international journalists to cover the incident and provided them with business class tickets, bottomless bar labels, trendy down jackets
Then they took the bartender and they won their country's cocktail match and threw them in front of reporters while shaking cocktails with a helicopter at the Remarkables ski resort, A jet on the boat and a bouncing chord on the river bridge.
Bartenders were given luxurious digging and jackets but did not get a business class ticket, which was traded for glory.
In Barbados, Miami, London, and Paris, mixojournos, along with the famous French bartenders, wrote the article for their web page and became a magazine publisher, stephane Picaut of cocktailzone fame caused a stir for hosting the rugby nation and supported his national cocktail team, who put on the French flag to provide a more beautiful woman
You have to love them because of their accent and thank Argentina for not joining the team.
Most popular is the Australian led by Ryan Martin at the Bunker Bar, but I have money on Bezu's "North Asia" just because the rest of the world will be in Hong Kong, A city with a newspaper called the South China Morning Post is considered North?
The eclectic team from Hong Kong, Macau and Japan mixed mustard cocktails.
The final of the Week was held in the city center Lakeside Park, in front of a bucket of celebrity "industry" judges (
Read "big in the wine world")
A soprano is followed by a hip performance from the same funky "dub reggae funk" band "Black Seed. Who won?
Despite Australia's tiki-style cocktails on the stage, Las Vegas received first-line honors.
They were robbed, sorry, I mean they were burned.
Picture: The Australian team mixed it together, a two-part cocktail with a frozen chocolate cup and sweet potato, 42 Maple syrup lower than pure vodka, Navan, bourbon, chocolate Granpa, port, Lecce, Ovey and egg yolk.
Even the French are impressed.
Stephane Picaut said: "This is an absolutely crazy performance, how brilliant the final it is that they distilled spirits on stage and poured liquid nitrogen frozen strawberries and chocolate as decorations, "Although I can't treat his accent fairly
Miss SIA Zhou champion: resident Baman Ramsey's lychee martini in bunker, there is no syrup here, just a clean taste of fresh lychee's alcohol barmuda's rose and creamy martini style work, it should be provided in the tube with toothbrush: Miss Snow, it's all a ring, sorry to say she's not on the official invitation list.
Instead, her door crashed in the last race, which is why she didn't wear a trendy brand down jacket or order room service in a luxurious place, but the 42-year-old boys below are mentioned seven times in this column.
A responsible point: snow all this can't tolerate excessive intake of alcohol the main image: cocktails shake on notable diseases: at least in my experience it's a very romantic concept, it usually ends in disaster.
In fact, things tend to go wrong whenever you put your normal travel habits and add water.
All this sight about the days of lying on the deck drinking ice beer and swimming occasionally seems to be far away, when you are fighting with the broken motor and trying to get out of the sand, or, worst of all, try to get rid of a coma that is under anesthesia.
Then there's the cruise ship, which sounds as interesting to me as drowning.
I found that it is best to keep the height dry when you are on the road.
I'm from a bunch of sailors, so I have the wrong idea that I can handle my own things at sea, and it doesn't matter if I'm color blind, I can barely float a military knife.
My boating disaster was varied during the trip and not all disasters were completely my fault. Close to home (
Of course it was my fault)
It's an annual houseboat accident.
A group of my old friends rented a houseboat from Kumara near the Gold Coast every year for the weekend and almost always went wrong.
We ran aground in the vast waters of the shallow Gold Coast more times than I thought, the capsize was tender, and due to the poor anchorage, we almost drifted to the sea a few times.
We also succeeded in breaking these three golden rules. don't drink-
Drive, don't drive at night, don't go to the dock)
After several rough and short times, I picked up some late friends from the dock in the middle of the night.
We ended up stranded in desperation behind the pier, dangerously close to some very expensive boats, and I asked anyone who would like to hear in front of the steering wheel: "Is the flashing light red or green?
"Overseas, I took a trip to Europe, which included four days of sailing in the Greek islands, and you have to admit that it really sounds very good.
Until you realize that drunken idiots you 've been running around for the past three weeks will be in charge of their own yachts. Of our five-
The yacht fleet, two stranded, one engine failed, refused to start again, and the other tore the sail.
After four days of sailing, we had only one fully functional yacht left and a very high blood pressure Guide.
Anyone who has been to Kho Phangan in Thailand will also be familiar with their "magic" boat trip there, which is just magic, as operators seem to magically escape the purpose of transporting tourists, let them be thrown stones.
Laughing boaties the more joints they reach out, the less everyone seems to care about where they go, and after about three hours we stop on the beach and everyone gets stuck in a jarinduced daze. "Hey!
Shouted our guide.
"You get off now!
"Another boathouse trip, this time in Lake carriba on the Zimbabwe/Zambia border, when we decided to do a fishing trip in tinnie, the result was completely wrong (
As described in the previous article).
Just then, we found the joy of mixing unreliable African engineering with unreliable African hippos.
At least we caught a fish, though. . .
I also woke up the next day after doing these things. you-can-
On the Zambezi River, the boat is covered with bruises.
I still don't know why.
To be fair though, I have done several boat trips and the results are not bad. The two-
My day trip to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam was great-
It's not so much an incredible view as our excellent guide, who makes up for his lack of sailing skills with free red wine and sharing some stories.
I also spent four days sailing through the Croatian islands, and if you ignore the old people who insist on sunbathing on every beach, they are one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
I will never forget that I am standing on the top deck of the ship, ready to dive into a bay and look down from the completely clear water of about 20 metres. Paradise.
My cruise in Lake Titicaca earlier this year was also quite calm --
This is not a bad thing considering my experience.
So, I have to admit that it gave us a tour of the big cruise ship I 've never been on.
I never even thought about sticking to it.
Why would anyone want to spend a couple of weeks in a floating hotel with someone completely new to me is a mystery to me.
What would you do if you decided not to like it?
Let the helicopter pick you up?
There may be some dirty hostels on land, but at least you can take a taxi out of there if you don't like it.
This is the main problem with all this crazy water
Based on activities.
No matter what happens, no matter who you are with, no matter what goes wrong. . .
You're stuck there.
Have you had any misfortune on the high seas?
Did you pay for your loss?
Will you take a boat?
Hope you like backpacker blogs.
There will be a new era. com.
Au every Wednesday, to make it a little easier for you, remind you why you go to work at the beginning: save enough money to get out of here!
If you think I missed any good travel topics, please write to me at bgroundwater @ fairfax. com. au.
Special note: While not cool enough for MySpace's corporate world, backpackers have entered the FaceBook world --
At least in the sense of an agent.
Reader Kath has set up a "home Blues" group for all ex-boyfriends
Shot so FaceBookers are free to join in and share the pain of going home.
Walk into the village of Whistler Blackcomb Mountain and discover Canadians.
Like many international ski resorts, Whistler relies on seasonal staff who fly from around the world to spend the winter.
You are more likely to hit the Australian dollar than Canadians because Australia's powderhounds work in elevators, look after bars, change sheets and teach you to ski or board.
Japan's Niseko is known for its Australian team, as thousands of anti-podeans descend on the rising sun in November.
It even has its own INSKI retail store in Australia, and until recently Hanazono elevator was supported by the Australian dollar.
Vail resort regularly sends delegates to the Australian ski resort, hoping to recruit people who want to spend a season at the Dream Resort, ski or board during the day, and work at night.
Australians are known for their hard work and play, and their needs are high.
With the end of the Australian season, it's not too late to consider heading north this summer.
It is still possible to find a dream season job and let yourself have a white Christmas.
You just need to know what to do. . . .
Seasonal Life is good.
Of course, you have to say goodbye to friends at the end of each season, probably not settle down at a family base, and it's hard to stay in the same place for more than a few months.
But lifestyle is an exciting lifestyle filled with white powder snow and lifelong global friendship.
If your job is right, then the job in the skiing industry can be a career.
Graeme and Paula Thomas spent four months in Queen's town, four months in Ville, and four months at home on New Zealand's North Island.
He is the ski coach of Coronet Peak and Beaver Creek, and she is the ski guide for the ski Express.
It is a way of life that they will not change, especially their 7-year-old son Baxter, who is a ski champion and spends more time on skiing than on skiing.
Nigel Mills, director of the ski school at Hotham, spent his northern winter in Vail.
Chris Hawking works as a photographer at Falls Creek every winter and has worked in the Department of activity in Park, Utah for three seasons.
Talk to most people at Thredbo, Perisher, Buller, Hotham, Falls and Charlotte Pass and you will find that they also work in the northern season.
Some people find their favorite resort and stick to it.
Half of the ski schools in Charlotte Pass work in Silverstar, Canada, and people in Craigieburn, New Zealand trade in the Rockie Mountains in the Sunshine Village of the Southern Alps.
It's easy to work your first season.
Just contact the HR department of the resort where you want to work, request an application form, or check their website and download the application form.
Each resort has its own process. most American resorts will apply for a visa for you, but contact them in advance, the sooner the better, because you should give yourself at least six months to start playing.
Canada issued about 5000 visas a year around February, and some of them relied on age, and they quickly received their first one-year visa.
For more details, please contact the Canadian embassy or check out the Canadian work website, which lists jobs and visas that are still available for the next season.
There is also a Canadian ski employment program at the Australian launch pad.
The United States offers two types of visas, one is the J1 visa for the summer vacation, which is very suitable for university students to rest and H-
2B visa, valid for up to six months for those who want to work throughout the season.
Starting from 2008, it is possible to obtain a gap annual work holiday visa in the United States. Please check the overseas work holiday website.
If you like Europe, then Australians with UK work visas can work for UK companies in EU countries, no problem.
This works well for Australian couples who operate cabins and cabins for the British market at many French resorts such as Val Deisel and Chamonix.
Heidi Fletcher has set up a new recruitment agency, especially for those looking for jobs during the overseas ski season.
Her big planet placement company listed job openings on its website.
Currently, she has work in Beihai and Honshu island in Japan, and in Les Arcs and Tignes in France there are resort, cabin staff and cabin work.
Like most industries with benefits (ie snow)
Wages are not always short-lived, and time can be long, especially in Canada-30 degrees below zero when you are working on an elevator, but it's a great way to improve your skiing or boarding to meet some like minded people and see the world.
Have you worked in the ski season?
Where do you suggest to spend the winter in the north?
What is the best job?
Any suggestions on how to find a job?
Share your story with Miss Snow.
From Wine to Water Sports, sailing city has everything you need.
Auckland region and prosperous metropolis (
Makaurau in Maori)
From the southern hills of Mumbai to the whangaparpeninsula peninsula in the north.
It revels in a wonderful climate with a clutch of nature and humanity-
The city sits on a narrow strip of land between Whitehorse and the port of manucau, surrounded by more sandy beaches and beautiful islands than it looks fair.
There are green parks and terraces that Maori once lived in.
Strengthen the village)
Gorgeous wooden houses are painted on the steep streets.
The crowded culture and sports calendar shows that the orkelans live a full life.
Visitors can jump off a bridge from a plane or slide off towers and rocks.
Head west to find vineyards, beaches and lush rainforests of the region.
For those who enjoy as many activities as possible, rafting, surfing, cycling adventures and dolphin swimming are available.
For a more leisurely pace, Sail City offers some of the world's best opportunities for yachts and water sports.
A highlight is the Stampede (
Kiwi of jungle walking)
Whether on the mainland or on an island in the haolaki Bay, you can escape.
Menu of all this and multicultural cuisine (
Washed down with wine from the area)
Auckland is a great destination.
At the Auckland Museum, Maori people of Lonely Planet and other polynisia cultures are essential.
Take a ferry to the Hulaki Bay islands: Ranchito volcano, vineyard-
Bin Laden's bird paradise in wyhek or Tiri Matangi.
Lonely Planet from New Zealand (13th edition), $39. 95.
According to the people who have been there, the most famous scenic spots.
Visit the Antarctic tour of Kelly Tarton and the underwater world.
Watch a replica of Captain Robert Scott's cottage and ride a snowbike through a live penguin colony.
Looking at their antics, you can imagine you are in Antarctica.
Lee Brown Devonport (and affordable)
Auckland Central Business District day tour.
Take the ferry across the port of Whitehorse and enjoy the views of the city skyline and the island of ranchitoto.
Collect flyers at the Victoria Road visitor center for a walking tour to visit the former naval battery and the Victoria Hill Reserve.
Andrew DyeGet is located on the Devonport ferry at the low end of Queen Street. After a 15-
You will arrive at Devonport, a scenic "classic" harbor location.
See the local community FM station with studio on the pier.
Before returning to the pier and taking the bus to the Takapuna store, you can also see the shops and restaurants, and another bus returns to Auckland on the Harbour Bridge.
Trevor GrahamWhere to atsky Tower Revolving Restaurant offers delicious food and amazing views.
Nerita lebih op for lunch or lunch
Enjoy breakfast at Kohi's Cafe, an award --
Kohima on the Internet cafe-
On Rama beach, you can see the lamgito volcano at each table.
Take the ferry for 20 people
Minutes trip to Rangitoto Island and climb to the top of the mountain 360-
Degree landscape in city and port.
The hotel is affordable and close to transportation and shops.
Liz and Barry Williams never take a taxi to and from the airport.
They took the longest road and refused to use the highway.
Take the airport bus.
Weekly Leeds and Barry Williams tips make sure you book for at least a week in this amazing city of Auckland.
There are all kinds of activities and adventures throughout the family.
Try the Tower of the sky-incredible!
Auckland Museum is essentialsee.
Have you been to these places next week in London?
Send a tip to travellerguide @ fairfax about the best restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, attractions and events. com. au.
Keep 150 words or less and mark your email "Istanbul" or "London" in the theme bar ".
We will post the best response in travelers and this week's tip will win the Lonely Planet guide.
Even before we arrived at Kisoro on the Ugandan border, we heard rumors of Chinese travellers chatting.
Congo is on the brink of civil war and it is a bad idea to cross the border into the neighboring town of Goma.
The trouble is, we just spent $300 on the freshest notes of our lives --
See mountain gorillas walking through the jungle-
We will not walk away if there is a chance to finish the trip.
I didn't worry about going into a country that was touted as "dangerous" before, but that day, when we crossed the border that still had the "you are entering Zairian now" sign, I began to think it might be a bit too dangerous. . .
The real "danger" of the destination is often in the eyes of onlookers, and everyone has their own parameters.
The day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was my first Test.
It turned out that I found the people there very friendly despite our guide in the Jungle (see pic)
Carrying large machine guns-
Not for the gorilla, but for the guerrilla threat.
We were told that the area was packed with Hutu people when it fled from neighbouring Rwanda.
This is a dangerous moment, wandering around in foggy fantasies.
But that night, we returned to Uganda without accident, spent the night at the local camp, and returned to Kampala the next day.
We do not know that two days later, the same camp will be packed with kanggen refugees fleeing the fierce fighting that broke out in Goma shortly after we left.
It's a great reminder that despite the time you 've spent your life on the road, the real world is still around you and sometimes it's a terrible place.
It also reminds me of how dangerous is the destination before you refuse to go there?
Last week, a blogger announced that he would not visit anywhere he has not experienced a civil war at the moment (
I think there is a tongue on the cheek)
Some travelers will definitely think so.
I once interviewed the owner of the escape, Sorrell Wilby, at some point, and remember she told me that if DFAT did not warn a country, she would not bother to visit.
For her, travel became more exciting when there was a war threat in the air.
I'm not sure I think so, but I will never refuse to visit a country just because our government thinks your wallet might be stolen there.
So far, I have found that from reading the stories in the newspaper, most countries are much more friendly than you think.
For example, I heard all the stories about violence against white farmers and was very worried about going to Zimbabwe, but upon arrival it was found to be one of the friendliest places I have ever been.
The same is true for many South American countries, which you usually associate with random kidnapping and drug trafficking, but which are full of very friendly people.
I heard about Iran, too.
When you cross the border into a new country, there is always a fear of the Unknown (
I used to think that anywhere without English as the first language is terrible)
But that's the fun of traveling, right?
You're there to get out of your comfort zone.
You need to weigh the pros and cons of visiting potentially dangerous countries.
In the case of Congo (Kim), I think it is worth a day in Congo (Kim) to see mountain gorillas.
There are a lot of travelers who spend much longer there than this.
Despite sporadic violence, I would be happy to visit places like Nepal.
So is Sri Lanka.
On the other hand, I cannot see the value of traveling in many West African countries, such as Angola.
They are very dangerous and as far as I know there is a lot to see there. But, while war-
The torn country may not be worth going, the previous war
The torn country I have been to is awesome.
Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Croatia. . .
All of this has the best destinations in the world, and their recovery can only be helped by the tourist dollar.
One thing I don't quite understand is that because of the political system or beliefs of certain countries, this idea of "resisting" these countries.
While I can see that not visiting Zimbabwe is a form of passive protest because you don't like the way the country works, I think it's a pointless activity.
I am certainly not a fan of Robert Mugabe, and I think what he has done to a once great country is shocking (
But if you read Bob-jokes)
But that doesn't stop me from visiting Zimbabwe.
Of course, the people of this country will benefit from the tourist dollar, rather than seeing your visit as some kind of tacit agreement with their government.
I 've also heard of calls to boycott places like Myanmar and China, but I don't see any wisdom in it.
There is enough reason not to go to many countries.
Don't make politics one of them.
What prevented you from going to a country?
Too dangerous for you?
Have you resisted destinations for political reasons?
Hope you like backpacker blogs.
There will be a new one on Smh. com.
Au every Wednesday, to make it a little easier for you, remind you why you go to work at the beginning: save enough money to get out of here!
If you think I missed any good travel topics, please write to me at bgroundwater @ fairfax. com. au.
Special note: While not cool enough for MySpace's corporate world, backpackers have entered the FaceBook world --
At least in the sense of an agent.
Reader Kath has set up a "home Blues" group for all ex-boyfriends
Shot so FaceBookers are free to join in and share the pain of going home.
This is official, Miss Xiao Xue. this is a mouse, a terrain park mouse.
The terrain park is new black in the snow world, none of which is complete, and some even have four ski resorts.
They can climb over the mountains, there are more young ex-snowboarders in the park for the freestyle instead of the boarders on your hill for the GS race
Miss Xiaoxue, it's all for those rich dads who are willing to hand over dosh to prepare the final list of "must do" terrain parks to risk their orthodontic work. . . .
The world's first All Terrain Park Resort, Snow Park in South New Zealand, has a freestyle coach, which is not Jeremy Jones's work.
Miss Snow, it could all be like DC, Burton, Volcon, 686 wearing separate clothes like their friends, she may even fantasize that she is up to date on the K2 Nancy twin tip, but that doesn't mean she can ride a switch (backwards)
Or punch in (jumps).
Spent two hours with my freestyle coach, Alli Beattie, and I know that despite taking out thousands of dollars in cash to see the section that miss SIA's terrain park is badly lacking in fashion.
First of all, the crotch of my pants sits on my crotch.
I stood up like a 40-year-old in a terrain park with a 20-year-old.
Don't say a word.
It looks like my crotch should hang between the knee and the underwear I wear as a coat.
The latter I can do because I'm wearing grandma's pants, if I'm having an unfortunate encounter with a severe mammoth nerve-shaking half tube.
Snow Park is a terrain resort for Burton crew, DC riders, and world's top skiers, such as Travis Rice, who has purchased his own Slope apartment.
Olympic athlete Sean White celebrated his 18 th birthday here. the Quicksilver European train is here, burton International, FLOW, Armada and DC join the national teams of Germany, the UK and the United States in Switzerland and Japan.
Add some pumping music, sun deck, DJ's rotating discs to the swankier restaurant and greasy spoon-style cafe Thursday and a series of activities, including Burton open and some shows from the best music stage in New Zealand, you also have snow park.
New Zealand's Snow Park is a terrain park. for mice like lemmings, they will throw themselves away one by one.
Some people come out alive and some go straight to surgery.
The world's first freestyle resort, with an area of 100% square meters for terrain parks, is an ideal for those who want to play with their backpacks without getting in the way of annoying alpine skiers
With the resort closed in September 30 and a few weeks to play, the spring pass costs only 49 NZ dollars per day and $299 in spring (September 8 -September 30).
Volcom peanut butter track jam is in September 22 and snow girl New Zealand jam is in September 23.
For those of you who like to mix on powder and Pez, you need to look for a resort that suits both.
Thankfully snow all this has done research for you, in the middle of a traditional ski resort, the ultimate ten snow resort has enough adrenaline to build a terrain park so everyone can get it sorted out.
For those who know: Snow Park technology, psychological precautions (
Although they have worked together, it has nothing to do with New Zealand snow Park)
At present, it is a landscape park designer who wants to be impressed by snow domain.
You should be happy to find a ski resort with these.
Similarly, Burton Progressive Park is a great way to learn about terrain parks and develop skills before getting vocational trainingsize terrain.
You will find them in the hidden Bird Mountain, Tahoe Polaris, etc.
Snow this is the top ten terrain park choice, there is no special order: 1.
Key resorts in Colorado
The A51 terrain park is equipped with a flame thrower. 2. Snow Park, NZ -
That's enough. 3.
Polaris Hotels in Tahoe, California
Six terrain parks with stairs, super plumbing, dog cases, jumping and adventure terrain park for children. 4.
Echo Park, Colorado-
Yes, it's like snow park, and it recognizes the impact. 5.
Park City, Utah
It would be enough if Torah Bright could train in, it would be enough for you. 6.
Yanaba of Hakuba, Japan-
The champion of the World Ski Championships is a Japanese player.
For good reason, Yanaba is just one of them. 7.
Laax in Switzerland
At the home of the Burton European Open, there are three and a half piepes and two terrain parks, offering the novice a mini boarder crossing track. 8.
California, California
Fun with over 75 acres of terrain park with super plumbing, super Duper tube and mini plumbing.
Work with progressive tracks, boxes, and jumps. 9.
Snowmass buttermilk Aspen, Colorado-
ESPN's home game of Winter X. 10.
Mountain Creek, United States
Yes, it's in Jersey, but for those who want to know how the private guide to the terrain park of Miss SIA is going on, don't put it in the whole mountain park. . .
Okay, let's say she hit a 90 while trying to pull an 80.
Please continue to pay attention. she must have been fascinated and may still get those three or sixty. . .
Do you agree with Miss Snow? These are all top 10 questions, or do you have anything else to offer?
What's good about terrain park?
Let me tell you, miss SIA's ears are open.
Photo source: Director of Snow Park Broto Gray rode for our northernmost capital, burden Darwin, retaining his charm, wrote Lonely Planet in the heart of northern Australia, thanks to Darwin's young, eclectic and cosmopolitan population, it has a unique high-end atmosphere (
Close to 110,000)
Its history and geographical environment are somewhat turbulent.
Darwin, which is close to Asia, has long been eager to become an important city for international trade, which could be achieved given the recent railway connection with the southern capitals.
The future looks bright, but there are lessons and legacy from the past.
Since settling down in 1869, Darwin has undergone several radical changes, thanks to a devastating whirlwind and a string of Japanese bombs.
After decades of reconstruction and rejuvenation, Darwin has developed into a multicultural center, and because of its small size, it maintains a close relationship because it is far away from most of Australia's population, the atmosphere of the border was also preserved.
Darwin's main asset is close to Australia's most famous natural landscapea less-
Endless views, fascinating native culture, postcard landscapes and the land where amazing wildlife is trampled.
So hang around, feel the atmosphere, and explore the backyard-
Famous national parks in Kakadu and Lichfield, with rugged landscapes, waterfalls and wildlife --
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