rectangular charcoal bbq 7 Barbeque and Grilling Blunders

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-10
We all made the mistake of grilling and grilling.Sometimes we don't even know what they are until we realize that the BBQ and BBQ food you cook is not as good as what you eat elsewhere.A regular backyard chef is not professional in the field of barbecue or sometimes barbecue.He or she does not have a TV show on the Food Network.She even took the box out for a barbecue recipe.With regard to these, no individual is really part of their day goals.No, a person's regular outdoor food fanatics will make extra mistakes through a barbecue more than you think.A variety of meats will eventually become dry and difficult free time for the next period of time, regardless of soaking in a few hours.It's probably the majority of the center, always cheating on the recipe for grilled cranberry sauce for too long.These types of bugs are handmade, and also, since all of your usual backyard chefs don't usually understand any difference, there's some more time left.So he had no mechanical grasp of how to grill.Here are some additional general errors listed, as well as don \ 'ts: 1 formed as part of a barbecue) if you happen to start with frozen beef, make sure that your current variety of meat is unfrozen completely without a doubt.Trying to make sure you prepare dinner in there, though --The suspended portion related to meat is usually not possible without lights outside.2) before using a charcoal grill Grill, try to start a fire without using a charcoal faster liquid grill.The suggested material style will definitely be positioned at any time according to your protein dishes, no matter what method you and your family use to make dinner first.Start the fireplace with your own chimney starter to produce the best breeze.In addition, this means that you can offer a smoked barbecue while also allowing the main coal to compete all the way.3) Don't poke the barbecue with a fork after the cooking begins.There is no doubt that this is one of the most common mistakes and one of the fatal mistakes of the barbecue.When poked with a fork, the juice flows out of the meat and goes directly to the bottom of the BBQ pit or grill.Your meat will dry and tender.Turn the meat over with a long string of pliers.4) reduce heat.In addition to the grilled steak, the grilled steak always needs to be scorched quickly, the cooking speed is slow, and it used to be very low.The cost can be heated in a real way.The lower heat is thought to be easier to control and it will make all kinds of meat soft and juicy.5) Stop lifting the lid to check the meat.Every job you do changes all the hot range included in the barbecue chef or pit.The air generated from your best place. The lid is arranged along the lines of an absolute cloth or sponge, usually combined with the drying of the meat.In addition, opening the lid will increase the possibility of flashups.This is related to food safety mistakes.Don't take the cooked meat back again on the same plate, it may be that the completely original animal product is basically related to washing the item first.Mix a cooked food and all the uncooked food is just to find someone who is sick.7) after eradication I would say chicken is the result of some kind of grill or pit, please refer to 5-10 minutes.Cut back, or it may cut some kind of meat immediately after that, and the yan brought by this heater causes the result of all the attitudes in it circulating on the platter along with their various meats.After all, all of this is usually not the whole error of the discussion, and you see, preparing dinner outdoors in your spare time, but it seems to be some additional common error.But if you will prevent yourself from doing this, you will remove a lot of things that cause a failure in the cooking area.Your guests and family will want to know in what way your BBQ or BBQ food is much better than it is now.
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