rectangular charcoal bbq grill How to make the best, most simple and traditional Argentine BBQ (asado)

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-19
rectangular charcoal bbq grill How to make the best, most simple and traditional Argentine BBQ (asado)
One of the best ways to eat meat is to grill in Argentina.This traditional way of cooking meat is typical in Argentina, and the owner of each house has a special Grill (parrilla ).On Sunday, at noon, you will see the smoke of all the asados that are being prepared nearby.
Please note that Argentina is the country with the highest per capita meat consumption in the world (so far ).Asado is usually a task for male.The tradition was passed from father to son.Unless some salads are prepared, there is nothing women can do here.
But I hope that, with these instructions, women can do the same.But let's keep it for the time being. it's a male task.------Service for guests.As you know, there is a saying about all good practices: every teacher has his own little book.From now on, all I want to say is a way to be a good Argentina asado.
This is the easiest and most reliable way for me.You can then add or withdraw whatever you like.The best thing about asado, Argentina is that you don't need much hardware to do it.
-The place where there is fire.
-Rectangular grill with base for red hot charcoal.The grill cannot be blindfolded like a plate.You must see red hot charcoal from the grill.
The distance between the grill and the base can be changed to make asado faster.-A small square shovel, about 60 cm long, used to run red hot charcoal from fire to the base under the grill.-About 60 cm stick to hold and spread red hot charcoal on the bottom of the grill.
-A long fork and a long knife have wooden handles.-Matches.-After Asado and after all the guests have gone, everything has to be cleaned by this person.-1 pork/meat sausage (sausage) per person ).
-1 Blood sausage per person (morcilla ).
-Short ribs cut in strips about 10 cm wide (asado de tira) and 30 cm to 60 cm long.-Flank steak (vaco ).-Together, the last two must add about a pound each.Another simple thing.You just pat the salt on the meat before putting it on the grill.
Put a good quantity: the meat will take away whatever it needs and the rest can be removed from the surface of the meat later.Put salt on the upper and lower sides.Put salt everywhere.Don't cut the meat.As long as it's from the butcher.Cut it only if you don't have enough space on the grill.There is no need to prepare sausages.The only suggestion if you want is to puncture the pork/meat sausage (not the blood sausage) so as not to get too much fat.
During the barbecue, the fat is discharged from the sausage by puncture.If you prefer to eat fat, don't stab the sausage.Everything is ready..The purpose is to have a sufficient amount of red hot charcoal throughout the cooking process.
So, in order to update the charcoal under the grill, you have to make a fire and keep it.-Choose a place next to the grill to make a fire.-Make a ball with some newspapers.-Put some sticks and some thicker wood or charcoal.
-Light the paper-Pay attention to hearing the cracks.If there's a fire, you hear the crack, you're fine.-Add thick wood or charcoal when the fire gets bigger.
-Keep the fire.
You need it in all the cooking process.
Let it add wood or charcoal all the time.
-Wait for the first hot carbon block in red..-Once you have the first batch of red hot charcoal, sprinkle some (some) on the bottom of the grill ).-Let the grill start heating.-Wipe the grill with some newspapers and take out the old grease, dirt and other stuff as it may pass the bad taste to the party.
.Cooking is made with red hot charcoal instead of a flame.So if you see the flames under the meat, put them out immediately (you can use a glass of water if necessary ).-Once you clean and heat the grill, transfer the read hot charcoal from the fire to the bottom of the grill.
Try making a bed covering the same surface covered by meat and sausage on the grill.-Put the pork/meat sausage in first.This is the first one to be served.A few minutes before serving pork/meat sausage, wait to put the blood sausage at the end.-After a few minutes, place the ribs and bones on the grill and side steak.
The meat must have been pickled.
-Maybe it would be nice to know that guests prefer good meat.You can adjust this by simply putting the meat pieces on the grill before or after the grill, so you can serve everyone at the same time with different levels of cooking..-Put your hand on the meat and don't touch it.
You have to feel intense heat without burning your hands.You should check every place where you have food on the grill.If you can't feel it, add red hot charcoal from the fire.
-See if the red charcoal under the meat is still red.-Because there is fat melting off the hot charcoal, you have to see the smoke.You need more red hot charcoal if you can't see the smoke.
-Hear the whole grill with food.
You have to hear the broken sound and the sound of food cooking.If not, add red hot charcoal.-If you notice that there is too much hot charcoal in red, because there is too much heat, the meat will burn, just raise the level of the grill.Put your hand on the meat and check it out.
.-To keep meat and pork sausages from burning, check them.-Take their time to make an even cooking time.-Always be alert to the temperature.-You should have a good glass of red wine when you cook.
What I like most is Syrah, cabernet sauvignon or Malbeck.Any other good drinks are also welcome: beer, Scotch, Martini, etc.-When you see that everything reaches the level of cooking, put the blood sausage on the grill.
It should not be more than 10 minutes to complete these tasks..-The chef asador must serve ).-Asado may have dinner at the table with other guests, but if he wishes, he is also authorized to eat next to the grill (along with some of the exclusive selected guests are also authorized to keep the best work for himself.-He must be alert to the guests and their meat needs.
-If so, the salad must be ready at this time.They are served by women.-He should put the two sausages on a large plate for a couple of guests to visit: a meat/pork and a blood sausage (this is known as a "married couple" in Argentina"You can also make a sandwich with meat/pork sausage and bread (this is called "fluff ").-When the first round is over and no one likes to repeat any sausage, the second round of ribs begins.
One or two bones must be cut for each guest.Similarly, guests must serve the guests.Because some people like meat more than others, the clever asado asks the guest to serve himself from the plate in order to choose the meat that best suits him/her.-The third round is the turn of the flank steak.
Guests should cut it into pieces and then follow the same procedure as the previous point to serve the guests.-Until you or they are fully fed.-Continue to chat and drink, tell stories, and more before everyone is ready for dessert.How about this?-By the end of everything, well-educated guests will ask for Apple from aplausos para el asador and they will thank you very gracefully.
This is it.
The whole process (from the beginning of the fire to the supply of the first batch of sausages) should last for about 2 hours.The fire will go out on its own, and the rest of the red hot charcoal will go out.After the guest leaves, you just need to clean the rest of the charcoal and wood.
The Grill will be cleaned before the next asado.I hope these instructions are useful
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