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How to not Grill at BBQ school: In case you open the doorCooking in the air means burnt sausages and tough burgers, helping to show that the last dinner I made on the grill was very successful.First of all, I actually managed to light the coal before 10 in the evening.Also, after I removed the actual sausages from the gas grill, the sausages were cooked not only on the outside, but on the inside.It seems to me to be a victory and the idea of millions of others in the UK.Finally, what do we all know about cooking?For the most part of the season, we were never near the oven except to fry some bacon.Next, as soon as the sun comes out, we are forced to make fire and burn large pieces of meat like primitive humans.This is a strange phenomenon and an expanding phenomenon.Manufacturer Landmann currently has a barbecue market in the UK 50 times that of a decade ago, and a barbecue cooking school was launched later this summer.This explains why it's time for men to learn to use these damn things correctly.Thankfully, help by a talented, energetic chef known as Steve brmer.Bulmer is the former director of Le Manoir aux Quat \ 'saisons Raymond Blanco cooking school, who runs his own school with his wife Jo in Winslow, buckin County.In addition to the Italian and oriental food and slaughter classes, the couple are also male throughout the summer (and of course female) offering barbecue cooking classes they want to expand their collection with chicken legs, burgers and sausages.One working day, Bulmer teaches members to cook a lot of dishes.From Quail to slowRibs-Not only does this taste incredible, but it is very easy to achieve.Our first dish was grilled pork with basil and parsley.\ "Have you ever hired ham sausage at any time before?\".Bulmer asks.He moved a dish with fine white lines to me.\"Er, no,\".I say.\ "What will it be?\".\ "Lining of pig stomach ,\".He said happily."This is good," he said ,".I say.It was really wet and had no smell, and once I took it out of the plate, it was like a scarf that my babysitter used to wear.After leveling the pork medal, we applied the filling to protect the cream cone inside and make it into a spring roll.Outdoors, this is a typical British barbecue condition (cold and threatened with rain ).The chef took me to the giant cooker behind their garden and he called it the "Beast "--Slow smokersBake the meat with the fish, and in more than three hours, inject all the meat into the smoke.Bulmer put four shelves of ribs in it and rushed back in the kitchen."Well, chicken quail eggs cooked," he said ,".he says."Well, cut off its head, and then we're going to break it, and we're going to butterfly it.\".Although it may be a tough job as long as you can see through the blood, it is not particularly complicated.We stabbed the goose qu with a skewer and added the marinade.Then he took two big chicken breasts and we used a heavy metal bucket to flatten between two transparent plastic pieces.Bulmer clarified that you don't need to worry about whether the chicken is cooked whenever it's actually so flat.He baked on the grill for 10 minutes while cooking, bending the actual meat, cutting it into strips and inserting it into a green salad.Tasty.He also showed me the best way to roast duck breast (remove a lot of fat to make sure the barbecue doesn't burn too much );Get the squid ready (make sure you cut off your mouth and it's too chewy );He made Meggs sausage with my favorite spiced sofa.In addition, grilled mackerel fish, steak, home-Naan bread, grilled vegetables and various salads were made.Eventually, Bulmer stopped jumping and sat at the table in the restaurant with Jo.She spoke when he was eating.\ "If you want to know how to roast steak, you can check it on the internet and it will explain how to handle it ,\".she says.\ "What a person benefits from here is the talent of the chef, which takes you further.\".Bulmer nodded and agreed and drank some wine.I don't think he can do better himself.Chef's perfect barbecue cooking technique: create your "hot spot": high, medium and low, make you brown meat, cook evenly while keeping warm.For a charcoal grill, the hotter the coal, the hotter the part of the grill.For large joints, use the method of "indirect cooking": do not cook directly on the fire when the meal is cooked by the fire.Put charcoal left and right on the rectangular grill with a gap in the middle so you can cook the meat thoroughly without burning.For finer cuts, Cook directly at high temperatures.Use gas to create hot and cold areas by switching the burner to hot, medium or low.The typical mistake is to allow food to stick to the barbecue.To avoid this, use a brush (above) to disinfect the grill once you remove a little bit of food and oil cloth so that you can wipe the actual tray every time you put on the food.Keep moist with apple juice or keep half a metal carrierThe coal is filled with water to release steam.Please make some meat from your current Butcher, just like butter lamb leg.Necessary equipment: Long-Utensils for handling;Carving knife;"Chimney launcher" (above), which supports the correct amount of charcoal coal balls, allowing you to cook food evenly in about 20 minutes;Create a charcoal Separator/basket of three cooking hotspots (provided by the Garden/DIY store ).Gas and charcoal?Purists prefer a charcoal barbecue in terms of aroma and taste, although gas admirers think that certain types of flavor bars will do the trick.Add extra flavor to fresh herbs (in a charcoal BBQ ).Maybe green tea is very useful for fish.Ideal wood for smoking: apple, pecan whiskey-Pieces soaked in the whisky bucket.12-marinade24 hours: garlic, pepper, Baili and fennel.
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